Miken Freak USA Review


Inaugurating the 2020 Miken Freak USA Border Battle Slow-pitch Softball Bat! Miken’s recent, creative technology that is integrated with the Freak USA renders this bat something you must possess for ASA play. This bat is getting on to be for the slow-pitch player needing that additional end-load to maximize length and power capacity. This Freak USA furthermore lands with a monster 14″ barrel, offering you an additional long sweet spot that’s game prepared from day one. Crazy breakthroughs in technology permit the inner core of the Miken Border Battle Freak Maxload to enable boost contraction (barrel flex) to insane degrees, providing you with an enormous sweet spot and improved durability. Get your 2020 Freak USA Border Battle today, right here at to read more reviews and buy

about Miken Freak USA Review

The Miken Freak USA Border Battle ASA Bat MFKUSA is eventually here. This bat incorporates a blended barrel with a stiff alloy grip, providing the ball max distance and entrance speed. This supermax end load offers you a half-ounce of load at the stop of the bat to provide you with an exceptional mass at the point of reference.


Fresh slow pitch softball bat from Miken for 2017. An unusual four-piece, totally amalgamated building combines with the creative technologies that Miken has to deliver to develop a one-of-a-kind model. The Tetra Core technology uses an internal tube that enhances contraction for outstanding responsiveness on the ball. All the time, the outer core gives improved flex, an enhanced sweet spot, and tremendous strength. Not to note, Miken’s 100 COMP material utilises 100% aerospace grade fibres to convey applauded execution at the plate. Furthermore, if you’re nervous about encountering sting in the hands then you are required to stop. The Sensi-Flex technology transfers energy from the grip to the barrel which boosts swing speed through the zone while eradicating all unfavourable vibration in the hands. The best aspect of this is that these Miken slow pitch softball bats are proudly created right here in the USA.

2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

14.00 Inch Barrel Length. Endorsed for Play in ASA alone.

100 COMP offers 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Composite Fibber’s For incomparable resilience.

Tetra-Core Technology employs an internal Tube to Maximize the Sweet Spot & Improve Durability

Sensi-Flex Technology transmit stamina from Handle to Barrel For curtailed vibration

Designed with comfort in the USA

Supermax One Ounce End Load

Four-Piece, synthesized softball bat

2017 border battle sequel.


Anytime you use this bat, it feels amazing in your hands and appears good, the ball bangs off the bat straight out of the wrapper.

It is an exclusive edition 1500 Bats

100% Composite structure

It has 14″ Barrel

5 oz. Maxload End Load

Tetra-Core Technology

F2P Performance handle

100Comp execution composite

It’s created in USA

Authorized for ASA Play

1-Year Warranty.


No cons, it’s a great bat.


What is the warranty like?

1 year manufacturer, put tag on original sales receipt, 18-year producer warranty, customer requires to keep removable label and sales ticket from store, to receive return approval for weak bat.

Is this bat good for 44/375 balls? Which bat would be adequate for whacking those?

The nicest choice for 44/375 balls would be a USSSA authorized prototype, not the Miken Freak USA Maxload ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat. MFKUSA. Stability could be a problem with utilizing those balls, but for ultimate performance, you will want to utilize the USSSA endorsed models.

Does it come in 30 oz?

For the Miken Freak USA Maxload ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MFKUSA it only arrives in a 34-inch 26 oz. size.

Is this exact bat as the Miken Freak Primo Maxload?

Yes, the Miken Freak USA Maxload ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MFKUSA would be the exact bat as the Miken Freak Primo 14. Maxload ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat. MPRIMA. Both prototypes accentuate a 1/2-ounce end load, sensi-flex technology and a completely composite technique.


The Freak Primo is back for the 2020 season with optimized execution. Not manufactured for people below the age of 2 Years. We propose maintaining the shave spec to level 2 to protect durability. 

The achievement of Miken Sports has been propelled by two forces invention and an enthusiasm for providing what players request. An all-new multi-wall two-piece layout and fresh new exhibition of Miken technologies appear jointly to carry your game to the next phase.