Mizuno Performance Sock Review


Mizuno’s Performance OTC Sock is the successive generation of athletic socks, giving incomparable detail and satisfaction in a wide range of team colours. Contoured and captioning a gripper top and Y-heel to conserve sock in place, while giving an improved fit.  A padded footbed expands another sheet of satisfaction and arch aid to compel the Performance OTC Sock the precise choice for athletes. 

Yea, it’s rarely shorter for some people. The thing people don’t comprehend that Mizuno was especially a Japanese brand. That’s why when you attempt on the baseball pants it looks like little shorter and certainly retains a thinner cut. The shoes will ride barely tighter too. One of the customer’s sons is only required to wear the team cap and shirt. Anything else like the pants, socks, shoes & and lot more can be our choice as long as convince the colour prerequisites. So, he is barely shorter and thinner than most kids and all the Mizuno gear fits him better. It’s not only the fit, quality is very considerable with Mizuno.

One thing you can’t withhold is Mizuno make considerable quality merchandise. This might slightly smaller/shorter but relatively satisfied and great socks.

If you or your daughter is playing softball, no qualm you pay entirely a bit of time and money on earning the proper gear, because no matter how nice you are at the game, amassing the right device still makes a vast difference.

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Features of the Mizuno Performance Softball Socks

Mizuno performance softball socks possess quite a comprehensive list of characteristics, but let’s begin with the gripper which will stave off your socks from dropping, and there’s furthermore built-in ankle assistance so you’ll be eligible to play the game further smoothly.

A near look at the G2 will similarly indicate that it has Y-heel bolts, which according to Mizuno guarantees the socks stay in the same position when you play.

One of the most significant characteristics of softball socks is the padding because all the running and pivoting is getting on to plop a lot of strength on your feet.

There’s padding here all right, and according to Mizuno, this will create a huge difference in times of how satisfied you’ll feel during the tournament.


These socks have demonstrated to be prominent and for several reasons.

Extremely comfortable

Staves off pressure from accumulating.

Amasses arch help.

Gives enough padding.


While these socks do draw a lot to the table, they’re not without disadvantages.

Some people will disclose the socks a bit short

The weaving of the Mizuno badge on the sock’s threads may not be to everyone’s appreciation, but this is only an aesthetic problem.


Are These Socks Necessary?

Yes, they are.

Socks look similar everywhere, but if you search the inscription and the way they’ve been developed, you’re going to be amazed at how numerous they are from each other.

If you examine the characteristics on the G2 above, you’re not going to discover those on other socks, and for a good reason, the G2 was evolved mainly to assist with your game, be it softball or baseball.

Almost like there are precisely designed cleats for softball, so there are fitting socks.

If you haven’t put on these once you won’t understand what you’re missing, but once you wear these, you’re not going to come to terms with anything less.

While all socks give some grade of safety and convenience, it’s not the same when they’re manufactured for a certain purpose like the Mizuno.

The padding for one, the cushioning and solace the G2 gives is better distinguished to what you’d receive with regular socks, and the ankle aid ensures they don’t become beaten up, and that your tendency and motion don’t get entailed.

If you’ve worn ill-fitting socks once, you understand how hard that can be in stints of bestowing your feet space to move, what more when you’re playing strong softball?

Even if you’re just rehearsing, wearing mainly designed socks like the G2 is excellent both for improving execution and improved comfort.

Are These Women’s Softball Socks Comfortable to Wear?

Not all women’s softball socks are put together equally, and some are further pleasing than others, and this is where the Mizuno socks gleam.

The G2 are slightly close the first time you put them on simply like all socks, but once you earn a feel for them after a pair of times, they’re going to become very comfortable.

Particularly helpful is the gripper top as it functions as endorsed in terms of maintaining your socks on top.

Abundant has similarly been explained about the padding and suffice to announce that the praise is justified. When people speculate on padding, the first thing that arrives in mind is the cleat, and that’s only normal.

Nevertheless, your socks give the first line of aid for your feet, and all that running, swivelling and halting on a dime is going to take its price.


If you glance at the Mizuno Performance Sock it might not look like that distinct from other socks, but make no error about it, these do formulate an effect on how you play because they just make you feel further comfortable.

If you’ve been playing softball by putting on just regular socks, you’ll instantly discover the variation when you try these.