Wilson A2000 Softball Glove Review


Your Gloves are important as a catcher; it is one of the most significant things you should worry about getting every now and then. If you don’t already know this by now, you shouldn’t be doing anything around Softball. You may not have the best jersey or outfit for a game, but your glove and cleats are always important because only then will you stand a chance to become a better player and win different leagues.

Surprisingly, you may not find it difficult to get a softball glove, but the problem lies in picking the wrong type without proper findings. You may need to consult websites and resources so that you can lay out the factors or features you hope to see in a glove of your choice. One of those resources is this Wilson A2000 Softball Glove review, and it hopes to be as comprehensive as possible.

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove


If there is Wilson, you should only expect something more than the incredible from the several products in store. This brand always stands tall, as it combines excellent performance with top-notch durability to ensure athletes get the best of use. Since they are known for superior quality gloves, you may have trouble picking a choice all on your own.

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Wilson A Series is a popular collection from this brand, as it comes with several sorts; one of them is the A2000. This Fastpitch Softball Glove is extraordinary and a bit different from others in the same series. However, like most Wilson’s gloves, it is an ideal choice for outfielders.


Material Construction: Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove is a professional mitt made of Pro Stock Select Leather – a unique, superior quality material from the brand, made out of Steerhide. This glove’s material offers an excellent feel with enhanced comfort and top-notch durability.

Design: This glove is remarkably known for its patented design, as they come in three folds. First, it has either an I-web or H-web design that guarantees softball players better visibility, especially when it has to do with catching pop-flies and pocket flexibility and strength. Secondly, this catcher’s mitt has a Honeycomb Cell Padding design that offers good hand protection and prevents hand-sting from balls flying at a high velocity. Finally, it uses a Rolled Dual Welting design as shape-retaining ability as the years go by.

Closure: A unique attribute of this glove is the drawstring closure system to ensure it is adjusted to wrist size; hence, it is custom fit and easy to use.

Guarantee: 100-day Guarantee


Available in two different designs – I-web and H-web. The former is for middle infielders, and the latter is for outfielders

Made of superior quality brand leather material for excellent durability

Comfortable and Lightweight

Optimized for a fastpitch game

Strong pocket

Retains glove shape even after many years

A highly reviewed glove line




How is the Wilson A2000 Any Different?

Wilson A2000 Softball Glove isn’t any ordinary glove; it is one of the highest-reviewed glove lines. It is a desperate choice for mid-infielders and outfielders, as it comes in two web design versions – I-Web and H-Web. Therefore, it isn’t only a special glove for fastpitch softball, but it is professional-grade and efficient.

Wilson A1000 or Wilson A2000?

If you are confused about choosing between the Wilson A1000 and Wilson A2000, you shouldn’t be. People get like this all the time, but you may be a little at peace with your option when you discover the significant differences. First, the Wilson A1000 is perfect for outfielders that need to improve their skills at higher levels, while the Wilson A2000 is designed for a mid-infielder and the average outfielder. The materials make another difference in their durability and strength – Wilson A2000 is stronger.

How Comfortable is the Wilson A2000 Softball Glove?

Based on the amount of comfort the Wilson A2000 Softball Glove delivers, the Honeycomb Cell Padding is a telling feature. It provides great comfort and performance and creates a “No Sting Zone” under the pocket for hand protection. Indeed, it is a worthy investment.


After reading this Wilson A2000 Softball Glove review, you should have already made up your mind on the next choice of glove for you. If you were hesitant between choosing Wilson A1000 or A2000, the differences are clear now, so you should pick.