Softball at one time was considered an indoor version of baseball. However, over the years, softball evolved to be one of America’s main participatory sports. When softball became a thing in 1887, it was not a game that invoked much enthusiasm from others. Who wanted to play an indoor game of baseball? That was the attitude about the game back then.

However, softball attitudes changed a few decades later, which was the early part of the 20th century – especially in the American midwest. In the 1930s, softball had a turning point: professional and amateur players took over the ballparks and gained popularity. The popularity of softball continues to expand among women. And some men enjoy playing the game too. That is why Softball Rampage is here.

Softball Rampage is a website which you would call an information powerhouse on the sport. If you are an amateur in softball, you can learn how to familiarize yourself with the game on this site. Whether you are a novice or professional softball player, you can utilize the useful tips provided here. You can also read the reviews on the best bats, gloves, cleats, apparel, and training equipment by reading the categories. Enjoy your stay on Softball Rampage, and we are happy to see you here.


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If you are a novice in softball or are interested in learning how to play, you are in the right category. The same goes if you are curious about how softball and baseball differ, take your time to read up on this category to learn about that. You will learn so much about softball from here that you will be ready to take the next steps in no time.

Useful Tips

If you want to know how to win a softball game easily, this is the right category for you. You will learn more tips here that go beyond advising you never to second-guess your swing, touching every base, using two hands to collect the ball when you can, or swinging with your hips. Utilizing these tips can help you become a softball pro in no time – with practice!


When you are looking for the best softball bat, you want to find the most recommended ones from the pros. This section will learn about the best softball bats for slowpitch, fastpitch, women, and beginners. Reviews of bats for men that participate in softball are in this section too. Read up on the descriptions of reviewed softball bats, which will help you decide on using them for your softball game.


Finding the best softball gloves takes some time and dedication because you want to go for the right one for your needs. In this category, you will read up on the most recommended softball gloves by the pros. Softball gloves for children, women, beginners, professionals, infielders, and outfielders are in this section. Gloves for men are in this section too.


Cleats are a critical component to playing a safe and enjoyable game of softball, and you want to make sure you have the proper cleats. You will find a list of recommended molded, metal, and turf cleats by the softball pros for girls, women, boys, and men right here.


Are you looking for the best softball apparel and uniform? Check out the most recommended brands by the pros in this section. You will find the best softball apparel such as shirts, jackets, sliders, socks, belts, headbands, pants, and lifestyle apparel here. Play softball with style and quality by choosing the right clothing and accessories to play the game.

Training Equipment

When you are an amateur learning to play softball, you need training equipment. The softball pros recommend the best ones to use. You will read reviews on the best fielding aids, base running aids, pitching aids, hitting aids, training balls, bat weights, and more. Other product reviews for equipment such as pitchers’ pockets, nets, screens, radar guns, and batting tees are in this category.

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After having my baby, I wanted to work from home, and I wanted to do something relevant to my softball passion. That is why I established Softball Rampage as I am a serious hobbyist of the sport. Other contributors to this fantastic site are a softball instructor, a sports niche writer, and a softball equipment saleswoman. They are the ones who help make this site awesome.