Worth Legit Glove Review

Description Over the years, most athletes believed Worth to be a brand only interested in softball bats due to the various series and models on the market. Interestingly, the sports brand goes beyond that; it also interests itself in other equipment and accessories like a glove, for example. Even if you are a seasoned player … Read more

Worth Legit Highlighter Review

Description The sports brand, Worth, has never stood in the way of the success of many players because it understands the essence of winning. Likewise, it makes sure softball hitters get a chance at better swings without being compromised in any way. Currently, there are different editions or models of the brand’s bat, in which … Read more

Worth Legit Purcell Review

Description Worth is one of those brands with utmost commitment to make sure athletes, especially softball, get gloves, bats, etc., that is the perfect size or gear for them. It is one of the reasons why the brand has been top-rated for many years. Moreover, according to their signature moves, some of the brand’s bats … Read more

Worth Legit Resmondo Review

Description If anything Worth takes pride in, it would be in their classic and superior quality equipment, especially bats and gloves. It is one of the top manufacturers concerned with great performance and improved skills. Worth has been a foundation for so many other brands in the industry; they have built their products using them … Read more

Sierra Romero Glove Review

Overview Are you looking for the best professional catcher’s glove? Well, you may not have been considering the right factors, which is why you keep coming across cheap options. If you do what’s necessary and check for comfort, durability, material quality, you may end up with the best-suited option for you. With several brands out … Read more

Worth Mayhem Review

Description Worth is a generally approved brand by many leagues in the sports industry – Softball, mostly. Being a world-class manufacturer of bats and gloves, Worth has something available for every player, irrespective of the type of game, i.e., slowpitch or fastpitch. This brand makes sure that whenever you check through its collections, you will … Read more

Brett Bros. Thunder Review

Introduction If you play softball, you would know there are two aspects of the game; Fastpitch and SlowPitch. Fastpitch softball is mainly associated with competitive tournaments, and the equipment used is uniquely designed for that purpose. SlowPitch softball is mainly associated with recreation, and men mostly play it. If you are in the market for … Read more

Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch Review

Overview For the next Softball season, you may not be all that ready for it – there could be a few things you are not considering, and they will be consequential. If you think you cross things off your list, check out your equipment and accessories, especially bats and gloves. You will be surprised to … Read more

Worth Santana Review

Description If you have to list the top 10 softball brands with superior quality products, Worth would definitely be one of them because it offers what most players are looking for. It doesn’t matter what type of product you get, i.e., bat or glove, there is always something useful that awaits every player. That includes … Read more

Worth Storm Review

Description Worth is for both amateur and professional players; there is no discrimination whatsoever regarding skill levels. If you are a young player looking to improve your skills, this brand is one of the best choices on the market. There are currently several Worth’s bats and gloves on the market, perfect for different games – … Read more

Miken Freak USA Review

Introduction Inaugurating the 2020 Miken Freak USA Border Battle Slow-pitch Softball Bat! Miken’s recent, creative technology that is integrated with the Freak USA renders this bat something you must possess for ASA play. This bat is getting on to be for the slow-pitch player needing that additional end-load to maximize length and power capacity. This … Read more

Worth Toxic Review

Description One thing Worth would assure you when buying its products is excellence in quality. Not many brands on the market can offer as much as Worth is; there is so much at stake, especially when there are various types of players with different needs. However, what is quite surprising is that Worth delivers different … Read more

DeMarini Newbreed Review

Introduction The best way to train a young athlete is to play with equipment designed with unique features for senior players. If you have a young budding fastpitch softballer in your care, you should purchase playing equipment designed for game improvement. This Newbreed bat manufactured by DeMarini is one of such products. The bat comes … Read more

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Review

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Shoeless Jane Softball Glove Review

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10 Best Cooler for Softball Tournaments in 2021

Xspec 60QT Quart High-Performance Roto-molded Cooler Check Latest Price RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler Check Latest Price Coleman Steel-belted cooler Check Latest Price Softball is an outdoor game that requires a batter from a team to hit a ball from an opposing pitcher. Each team consists of nine players in different positions. These positions include ... Read more

DeMarini Nautalai Balance Review

Introduction As an athlete, you would have realized that it is difficult to have every aspect of your game on lock. If you are a soccer player, you might be good at dribbling but terrible at scoring goals. The same thing applies to every sport, including softball. If you are a softballer playing in a … Read more

Miken Freak Hybrid Review

Introduction The Miken Freak Hybrid is an important bat that’s going to allow you swing for the fences. This bat possesses a 12-inch barrel, and the formal 2- and 1/4-inch barrel diameter, all assembled utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade fibre for ultimate durability.  The Freak Hybrid is a two-piece hybrid structure, and is compelled with … Read more

Miken Freak 30 Reissue Review

Introduction This bat is competently formulated with Miken’s breakthrough carbonized method employing 100% premium aerospace level fibre for legendary execution and season-after-season stability. It furthermore utilizes Miken’s insurgent Flex 2 Power technology for optimal grip flex to barrel loading. This bat is nifty hot out of the wrapper so you can begin utilizing it in … Read more