David Ortiz Batting Gloves Review

Introduction If you are a softballer and you happen to play in a hitter position, you would need special gloves to perform well on the field. These gloves are known as batting gloves, and they allow you to hold and swing your bat effectively. If you use low-quality batting gloves, you automatically produce low-quality shots … Read more

Combat Avarice Review

Introduction All athletes will have some experience shopping for sporting equipment. After some time, you discover how hard it is to get high-quality products at affordable prices. Even when you come across such products, they might not fit your unique style of play. If you are a slowpitch softballer and play in a hitter position, … Read more

Brett Bros. Thunder Review

Introduction If you play softball, you would know there are two aspects of the game; Fastpitch and SlowPitch. Fastpitch softball is mainly associated with competitive tournaments, and the equipment used is uniquely designed for that purpose. SlowPitch softball is mainly associated with recreation, and men mostly play it. If you are in the market for … Read more

Axe Element Review

Introduction If you are looking to improve your performance in any game, you should concentrate on improving your skills. As you are improving your skills, you should also make sure you are using equipment designed to help you perform better. When you have these two things in place, you will notice a significant improvement in … Read more

Axe Bat Danielle Lawrie Review

Introduction People and athletes, in particular, tend to trust products that authorities have endorsed in that field. The Nike Air Jordans is one of Nike’s best-selling products because it associated those shoes with playing good basketball. This concept also applies to softball. If you want to buy a softball bat, why not buy one that … Read more

Axe Bat Avenge Review

Introduction Two significant factors separate great athletes from average ones; the number of hours they spend harnessing the sport skill and the quality of equipment they use. No matter how good you are, your performance will be significantly affected if you use sub-standard equipment. If you are softball and play as a hitter, you need … Read more

Anderson Supernova Review

Introduction If you want to play softball and perform at your peak, then you should use high-quality equipment. Aside from the playing ball and softball gloves, the most crucial game equipment you would pick out is the bat. The bat is an essential part of the game, and you increase your chances for victory by … Read more

2018 Mizuno Ghost – 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Introduction The Mizuno Ghost fastpitch softball bat for 2018 plays ready and can hit straight out of the package. The Power Ring Barrel Technology produces a springboard reaching layer for a perfect dead spot that lasts forever. For missed strikes, the barrel-to-handle attachment, which makes this Ghost a 2-piece, can minimize unnecessary discomfort in the … Read more

2018 Marucci CAT FX Connect Review

Introduction Marucci hadn’t utilized a new softball bat in a while, so it’s acceptable if many thought they’d given up the field in exchange for baseball. However, this was not the scenario as it played out. Rather, Marucci has spent the past two years working on a modern and upgraded concept for this newest fastpitch … Read more

2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel – 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Introduction For a forthcoming softball game, the Easton Ghost (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat provides an amazing design, feel, and sound. The Easton Ghost softball bat has a double-barrel configuration that provides optimum output without the necessity to break in. The Easton Ghost softball bat has a double-stamped design that improves longevity, versatility, and barrel strength. … Read more

Softball Catcher Drills for Beginners

Introduction The softball game is a popular game that got its root from baseball, so it is safe to say that both softball and baseball have the same origin hence their similarities. The softball game has gained a wide following and popularity since the inception of the game; although the game has been around for … Read more

Fun Indoor Softball Drills

Introduction Softball has nine positions: first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, right field, center field, pitcher, and catcher. All softball positions require skills to perform excellently. Some of these skills include; throwing, catching, fielding, base running, and hitting. Drills are a series of repeated exercises that improve skills in players. Training is … Read more

Demarini cf7 fastpitch review

Introduction The DeMarini brand is a brand that has made a name for itself in the production of kits used in baseball. This brand is dedicated to producing top-notch equipment for players in baseball. The need for quality equipment and kits is a very important part of baseball has; quality equipment help players improve their … Read more

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Introduction Sport kits are essential in every sport; the same can be said for baseball. Baseball kits like the ball, bat, and gloves all contribute to the game. One of the essential kits used in a baseball game is the baseball bat. The bat is used to hit the ball pitched by the opposing team’s … Read more

DeMarini One Review

Introduction Softball is an outdoor game that requires nine players on opposing teams. A batter from a team stands a few inches from an opposing pitcher to hit the ball. Hitting the ball with accuracy depends on the player’s skills and bat the player uses. There are different types of bats, and they differ in … Read more

Demarini vendetta review

Introduction Any lover of baseball knows how essential a bat is in the game. The baseball bat can be referred to as the backbone of the game because, without it, one cannot start baseball. The bat is as old as the game itself; during the early days, bats were of different sizes, shapes, and weights. … Read more

Easton Fs3 Review

Introduction The history of baseball is believed to be dated back to the 18th century; during this era, the game enthusiast played by using homemade or domestic equipment. They play a baseball-like game with their own informal rules. With time the popularity of this new sport grew; in the 1830s to 1850s, amateur clubs sprung … Read more

Easton Ghost Review

Introduction Fastpitch softball is a type of softball that requires a smaller field, larger ball and shorter bat than baseball. The pitch speed of balls in a fastpitch softball is between 50 to 60 mph because a player has to spin the ball before throwing it underarm in a windmill motion. There are specific bats … Read more