Mizuno Franchise 12.5 Fast Pitch Softball Tartan H2 Glove Review


The inquiry for the precise fast pitch softball glove can be a continuous struggle. With so several choices, weeding out the undesirables still vacates cliffs of choices. No one wants to toss money away on a glove that is ill-fitting or ill-suited for the player and her posture.

When a player strides around the area in a utility part, the problems are fused. Gloves aimed at for one or two stances may shine in their calculated processes, but can effortlessly come to be unnecessary when inquired to multitask. And, for central and high school players, small hands can make discovering the best combination of fit and task annoying.

Thankfully, Mizuno has dealt with these issues with its Franchise sequel. The Mizuno GFN1250F1 Franchise Fast pitch Tartan H2 Softball glove is constructed precisely to meet the desires of inexperienced female players. The fit and end of these gloves unravel many of the issues that elite softball players meet in the pursuit of the precise glove.

The Franchise for fast pitch softball is manufactured particularly for the female fastpitch softball player. The Java Leather is pre-oiled plunged leather that is an event available from day one and is long permanent. The Double Hinge Heel for the thumb and pinky develop a centred, wider pocket perfect for fast pitch softball.

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Age- and Gender-Specific Design.

Mizuno manufactured the Franchise series with a lesser hand opening and tighter finger stalls to nicely fit female hands. When mixed with the Power Lock hook-and-loop wrist closure, the Franchise gloves meld onto lesser hands and construct a comfortable fit. More than just an issue of comfort, a well-built glove facilitates players to bring about sure plays, and stumbling transfers evolve to be a problem of the past.

Comfortable Protection

Another advantage of the Franchise series is the assurance that arrives from utilizing a well-built and guarding glove. The Para Shock palm padding removes the sting from hard-lined shots, and solid java leather conserves the glove hand. As an extra benefit, Mizuno pre-oils the leather for a fast break-in.

Any-Position Utility

The Franchise series shines in its usefulness, and the tartan web is well-suited to just about any position. The double-hinged heel provides a large pocket that aids in securing fly balls in the outfield. As an infielder’s glove, the Franchise is equally at home at the middle-infield positions and the hot corner. And, inside the pitching circle, the basket web conceals the pitcher’s hold to resist batters guessing.

Pre-oiled, Java Leather is game prepared and long-lasting

Sure, Fit Foam puts in easing along the back of the fingers for a more custom-made fit

Para Shock palm – Mizuno’s limited palm pad consumes the shock of recounted use, giving extraordinary safety and excellent satisfaction.

Power Lock closure gives the fastest and most safe fit ready.

Manufactured for a women’s hand.


Precise for Infielders

Leather is Premium Quality

Can be utilized by Men and Women.


Controversial Woven Quality

A bit small

Just available in one size


GFN1250F1 or GFN1253? For a 3rd baseman and an outfielder, Are there some discrepancy between that two gloves?

The Mizuno Franchise Series: GFN1250F1 Fastpitch utilizes an increased quality of leather than the Mizuno Franchise Softball Series. GFN1253. For your stances, we approve 12.00 gloves such as the Mizuno Franchise Series.bGFN1200B1.

Is this glove created of light material? As an outfielder who doesn’t like my gloves to be big.

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Series GFN1250F1 is created of pre-oiled java leather. In tasks of stiffness, it will be moderately simple to break in.

Has there occurred any objections that this glove is heavy? Cause we know that it asserts it is easy to break in, but what is the weight of the glove?

Nay, the Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Series (GFN1250F1) should not possess an enormous feel. We do not retain a precise listed weight. If you’d like to notice if they weigh you. The break-in will be relatively simple from the pre-oiled Java leather.

Would this be a decent glove for a 17-year-old accelerated softball player who plays outfield?

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Series (GFN1250F1) would be an excellent glove for a fastpitch fielder. It captions a double-hinge heel and power-lock closure for promoted ball control. Besides, it gives para-shock palm padding for extra safety as well as a pre-oiled Java leather building which authorizes for a low break-in period.


The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Tartan H2 Softball glove is in several mean the precise glove for school players beneath the collegiate level. It is sized exactly for most of them, and its utility procedures are at home for better players who verge to wander from position to position. If there is any problem as to which stance a player will pan out playing, this glove is the clue.