About Us

I have always been a softball hobbyist, and since I was young, I used not just to play the game, but I did so much research on the history of the sport. Softball has evolved so much since it became a thing in 1887 as an indoor baseball game. That is the game that so many women love. Men are also into softball too.

Between my love for softball and being home a lot more because of having a baby, I decided to create a softball information powerhouse. That is why Softball Rampage is here, just for you softball lovers out there. Whether you are new to the sport or a pro, you will love this site as it is highly informative and engaging.

You can learn helpful tips on becoming a superstar softball player and read up the reviews written by the pros on apparel, training equipment, cleats, bats, gloves, and so much more. The reason Softball Rampage is incredible is because of having outstanding contributors. One contributor is a softball instructor, a softball equipment saleswoman, and a writer in the sports niche. Read the bios of the contributors to learn more about them.

Maggie Costello

Maggie Costello was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan. As a child, she struggled with muscle tone weaknesses and had poor gross and fine motor skills because of a genetic condition. To help strengthen her muscles and improve her coordination, Maggie’s parents enrolled her in sports, including a youth softball team. Over time, Maggie gained muscle strength and did exceptionally well with playing softball. Other treatments helped Maggie become stronger too.

Over time, Maggie fell in love with playing softball to the point that she wanted to become a softball instructor; Maggie received training to become a softball instructor just outside of Detroit. Now, she is a full-time softball instructor and is proud to say she is highly well-coordinated and physically strong. She is a fantastic and enthusiastic contributor to Softball Rampage. Maggie is married with two daughters and a cat and enjoys scrapbooking, photography, and baking.

Nadine Russell

Nadine Russell was born in Stockton, California. Her family was very much into sports as they used to go on many sports outings when she was young. Nadine has fond memories of attending baseball, basketball, and football games. Her parents also enrolled her in sports for girls, which included volleyball and softball.

Nadine took an immediate interest in softball and played softball games throughout the time she was in high school. After going to college to take some business and marketing courses, Nadine met her husband from Los Angeles, and she moved out there with him. She worked as a secretary at a dental office for a year until she was close to having her daughter. Nadine gave birth, and since she knew she would be home more, she wanted to do something she was passionate about besides caring for her baby. Her love for softball was the reason she established Softball Rampage.

Softball Rampage is an information powerhouse on softball, as Nadine says, and it gives her plenty of satisfaction. She is the founder and chief editor of the site and loves her contributors. Nadine is also very much into scrapbooking, baking and also likes creating memes and graphics. She is also taking some courses on becoming a VA.

Ken Lyttle

Ken Lyttle was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and was a typical boy who used to collect baseball cards and attended many baseball games. He also had a strong interest in creative writing as well as cooking. Ken attended cooking school in Baltimore and became a cook at a local restaurant where he has worked for several years. He also took creative writing courses on the side.

Ken is now a freelance writer in the sports niche as he is knowledgeable about softball. He has written several pieces about men interested in softball and is a worthwhile contributor to Softball Rampage. Ken lives in an apartment, and is very much into trivia games that involve sports, and loves watching gameshows.

Sarah Miller

Sarah was born in Duluth, Minnesota, and has been very charismatic since the day she was born. Her family moved to Minneapolis when she was nine years old, and she had an easy time adjusting after the move because she quickly made friends. Sarah had an interest in law when she was in high school but decided that law wasn’t right for her, as she preferred going into sales.

Sarah attended the University of Minnesota and went for her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and obtained the degree. She worked in sales in several niches and companies, including a sales position for a digital marketing company. Sarah has been working at a sporting equipment company in sales and specializes in selling softball and baseball equipment. She is an excellent contributor to Softball Rampage as she recommends and reviews softball products, clothing, and other equipment and apparatus. Sarah is married with two sons and a daughter, a dog, and she likes playing sports, camping, and taking hikes in nature trails.