Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch 2000 (SYFP2000) Catcher’s Mitt Review


Some team sports have unique playing positions that require special playing equipment, and you have to use the best products on the market if you want your team to record better results. In soccer, the field players don’t wear gloves because they don’t play with their hands. However, the goalkeeper has to wear padded gloves to help him catch and secure the ball easily. If you are softballers and you play in a catcher position, you need a high-quality catcher’s mitt in your toolbox. This synergy elite fastpitch catcher’s mitt manufactured by Easton is one of the high-functioning mitts on the market, and it comes with many amazing features that will help you on the pitch. We have reviewed this product for you in detail. Enjoy!

Easton Synergy Elite Catcher’s Mitt Review

Key Features

High-quality softball catcher’s mitt

If you are looking to buy a high-quality catcher’s mitt that will help you perform excellently on the pitch, then you should consider getting this product. This product is made to allow you to catch and secure the ball with ease.

Built from oil-tanned leather

This mitt is built from soft oil-tanned leather, and it is uniquely designed to keep you comfortable throughout the playing process. The leather allows this product to stay strong and durable over a long period.

Uniquely designed with Bio-Dri

Most athletes that use gloves usually complain of uncomfortable moisture. However, this mitt is uniquely designed with a Bio-Dri moisture management system that keeps your hand dry and your glove light. This Bio-Dri system works by using fabric-lined-in-the-finger stalls to soak away any moisture from the hand.

Made with a uniquely designed fitting system

This glove is made with a contoured index finger channel that allows for comfort and flexibility. This also gives you the feel and control of a closed-back glove.

Designed with a VRS palm pad

The main purpose of catcher’s mitts is to keep the ball from causing injuries when you catch it. This bat goes one step further by utilizing a VRS palm pad that distributes the ball’s impact so you will hardly feel the effect of the ball.

Designed with deep pockets

This glove is designed with extra deep pockets that allow you to catch and pocket the ball with ease. This deep pocket allows you to secure the ball easily.


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Built for performance

This catcher’s mitt is uniquely built to allow you to perform to your full ability on the pitch. It comes with extra deep pockets that allow you to catch and secure the ball easily.

Designed for durability

If you are looking for a product that will last season after season, you should consider buying this one. This product is uniquely designed with high-quality leather, and it is manufactured under the best of conditions. You don’t have to worry about the product getting damaged anytime soon.

Allows for comfort

If you want to use catcher’s mitts that allow for comfort, then you should consider buying this product. This glove is made from soft leather, and it is uniquely built to keep you comfortable throughout the whole playing process.

Built to fit perfectly

This catcher’s mitt comes with a unique fitting system that allows it to secure tightly around your hand. The fitting system is unique, and it has patent-pending.

Affordable glove

If you are looking for a catcher’s mitt that comes at an affordable price, you should check out this product. This glove comes with immense value, and it is cost-effective.


You might have a sizing problem

This glove is uniquely designed to fit women, and it comes in a small, compact structure. If you are a woman with large hands, you might not be able to use this product. You can check out other high-quality Easton products.


Catchers in a softball team have to use high-quality catcher’s mitts because their performance will generally affect the whole team’s performance. If you are looking for the perfect mitt to buy, then you should opt for this product. This mitt comes with many amazing features and advantages which you have seen. If you are convinced this product will serve your needs, you should go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!