Easton VRS Batting Gloves Review


One of the drawbacks of being an athlete is playing equipment you would have to purchase because high-quality playing equipment doesn’t come cheap. However, when you come across a uniquely designed product for durability and performance, you should consider buying it. If this sports equipment is designed for more than one sport and it comes at an affordable price, then you should know you have hit the jackpot. Easton’s special VRS batting glove is one such product, and it is useful for both softballers and baseballers. These batting gloves come with multiple amazing features, and we have reviewed them for you in detail. Enjoy!

Easton VRS Batting Gloves Review

Key Features

High-quality batting gloves

If you are looking for high-quality batting gloves that will allow you to hit monster shots comfortably, then you should check out this product. This product is one of the best products globally and is uniquely designed for hitters playing softball and baseball. It allows for optimal performance, and it comes at an affordable price.

Built with a VRS palm pad

All athletes hate the uncomfortable vibrational stings that occur when you make an impact with the ball. These stings might also build-up to cause irritation and blisters on your hands. That’s why these batting gloves are made with VRS palm padding that helps to eliminate vibrational feedbacks and keep your hands comfortable throughout the playing season.

Made from multiple high-quality materials

If you want high-quality batting gloves, you should buy them because it was uniquely designed from high-quality materials. This product is made from tacky goatskin leather, flexible Lycra, fused silicon, and molded neoprene. All these products combined make the gloves very flexible and comfortable. You can be sure that these gloves will last you for a long period.

Designed with a power boost heel pad

These gloves are designed to give you support and help you strike with precision. The bat comes with a power boost heel pad that supports the hand’s hamate bone and its environs.

Designed for youth and adult players

This bat is uniquely designed to be used by players of all ages. It comes in different sizes, and it is made to allow anybody enjoys it. If you love color variety, you would be happy to know that this glove comes in different colors.


Brand name



Comes in various colors


Small, medium, and large


Built for performance

This glove is uniquely built for performance, and you can play to your full ability when you play with this product. This bat comes with many amazing features that allow you to strike monster shots comfortably.

Affordable batting gloves

If you are looking for batting gloves at an affordable price, you should check out this product. These gloves come at a cost-effective price, and you can get them anytime you want.

Made for the perfect fit

If you are looking for gloves that will fit you perfectly, you should look at this product. This bat is designed to help you play softball effectively, and you can’t do that if you are using loose gloves.

Designed to reduce vibrational feedbacks

If you are like most athletes and hate the vibrational feedback that occurs when you impact the ball, you should consider buying this product. These gloves are uniquely built to help you prevent vibrational feedbacks, and you would enjoy using the product.

Comes in multiple elegant colors

If you like colors and want to use a product that comes in multiple color options, you should consider buying these batting gloves. These gloves are sold in various colors, and you can easily choose the one you want.


The glove is not very strong

If you are looking for strong gloves, then you might have to opt for other Easton products.


If you have the chance to buy a piece of high-quality equipment that is useful for more than one sport, then you should make that purchase. This bat is designed with many amazing features that allow hitters to gain maximum distance on their shots and designed for performance. If you are convinced these batting gloves will serve your needs, then you should buy them. Cheers!