What is the average softball pitch speed? Who was the best? How can you increase it?


Like all other sports worldwide, the softball game cannot be played without using specific instruments or Equipment. Softball is a game similar to baseball as it is also played with the aid of a bat, ball and helmet. The softball game is a ball and bat game that ten players from two teams play. The softball game is popularly Referred to as the descendant of baseball because of the similarity in both game’s style of play. However, there are some critical differences in the game that make each one stand out on its own; one of the differences includes the size of the ball used in softball and baseball; there is also a notable difference in Bat’s size in both games. The ball used in the softball is a bit bigger than one use to play baseball. The softball game is played with different Equipment that helps the players play the game; some of this Equipment includes Bat, helmet, gloves, ball, and some other equipment. Every Equipment used in the softball game is essential and unique as all softball equipment performs one function or the other, making this Equipment very essential to the game. One of the essential Equipment used in the softball game is the ball itself; without the ball, the softball game cant is played; the same goes for the baseball game.

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The softball game is similar to baseball; however, there are some differences in the game; the game’s significant difference is the size of the ball used to play both games; the size of the softball ball is larger than baseball. Which brings us to our topic what is the average softball pitch? However, before we go entirely into the article’s main topic having a highlight on pitch or pitching of the ball before going entirely into our topic.

What is Pitching in Softball?

What is the pitching of softball? Pitching is the act of throwing the ball; in softball, the technique for pitching is known as the windmill motion. In softball, the pitcher kicks off the game by throwing the ball towards home plate towards the catcher.

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Throwing fast enough is a common question in softball, or is my pitching fast enough? However, as it applies to all Equipment of baseball and softball age and league is also applicable to the pitching. All Equipment used in baseball and softball does not generally have a specific way of measurement without dealing with age and league of players; the same applies to the pitching speed, the age, and the player’s league matters a lot.

This segment of the article is more useful for the starters or amateurs in the game. Getting your pitch right and increasing your pitch’s speed is essential for amateurs in the game, making this article a must-read for aspiring softball professionals out there. There are different ways and techniques to increase your pitch speed as a softball player or aspiring softball player; however, as said earlier, age matters a lot in a softball game as players have a defined pitch speed for their different ages. The ways of increasing pitch speed as a softball player are highlighted below

Arm speed, FB velocity, Spin rate, change up range.

The above-highlighted techniques are ways that a player can use to increase their pitching speed in a game. The highlighted techniques will be further broken down for easy understanding on the player’s part, As the article is dedicated to making softball payers or amateur pitchers become better pitchers in the game.

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  1. Arm speed: The arm speed technique is a pitch speed that uses only the windmill motion. This technique is essential in increasing your pitching speed as a player. It helps check if you are effectively transitioning your full arm speed into their full potentials on motion mechanics. When a player is looking for 15 to 20% increase from arm speed to pitch speed, this technique is the most effective and advisable. Once you can successfully master this technique as a softball player converting your arm speed to pitch speed will come more naturally and will ultimately become more efficient.
  2. FB velocity: Velocity is the most used tool in evaluating pitchers; this represents the top speed of a pitch at any point from its release to the time it crosses the home plate. The Fb velocity is the average fastball velocity for a player by age. It is no longer news that all form of measurement in softball is taken regarding players’ age and the level of the league they play in, The same goes for The fastball velocity. Increasing your fastball velocity goes hand in hand with increasing your pitch speed as a pitcher in the game.
  3. [LIST-N](Spin rate: The spin rate in softball is the average spin of a ball as it moves from the point of release to where it caught. The spin rate in softball is measured in RPMs, That is revolution per minute.
    The spin rate is essential, especially during a match, as a higher spin rate means more break on the pitch, which means more movement on the pitch. As a softball player increasing your spin rate should be paramount to you.)

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  1. Change up range: As a softball player who wants to succeed in the game building and conquering your change up range. Change up in softball is a form of pitch that is slower than the fastball. As an amateur in the game, one must first learn the fastball and understands it. Once an amateur in the game understands the rudiment of fastball, The change up range should be next. Change up range is also known as a slow ball; the slow ball’s sole purpose is to give the batter something different; slowing the pitch changes The style of play for the batter. As a pitcher, one must master softball.


As a pitcher or an amateur in the game, increasing your pitch speed should be of utmost importance; this article’s highlighted techniques will help you achieve your potentials as a softball pitcher.