Wilson A360 Review


The softball game is similar to the game of baseball because this game was coined from baseball. Most equipment used in softball games is similar to that used in baseball; however, some kits used in softball are different from baseball. A significant example of this is the ball used in playing softball; this ball is larger than that used in baseball. The softball game is believed to have started in the year 1887 when a reporter named George Hancock invented indoor baseball. By the following year, the game has gained widespread popularity and had spread to the outdoors. During this period, this newfound game was referred to as kittenball or mushball, but in 1920, it acquired the name softball, which the game is known by today.

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A glove is a protective material worn over the hand to protect the hand from blister and vibration in baseball or softball. Also, the glove helps give a better grip on the bat for players. The glove is one of the essential requirements in softball. The glove can be made from different materials like leather, synthetic leather, cotton, latex, and a host of other materials. The glove used in softball comes in different types with respect to the position the player plays. Types of gloves based on positioning include the catchers’ glove, infield gloves, first base glove, and outfield gloves.

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Softball brands

In softball and baseball, some brand names are quite popular in the production of kits and equipment used in playing the game due to the quality and durability of their products. These brands include Rawlings, Easton, Demarini, and Wilson. These brands have been around for a long time; the primary reason they stand out is the fact that they offer players quality and varieties of kits and equipment to pick from.

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Wilson A360

The Wilson A360 is a series of softball and baseball gloves that are of high quality. There are various members with varieties of features present in this series. Members of this series include

Wilson A360 slowpitch softball glove- 13 inches: The Wilson A360 glove is a versatile infield glove in the A360 series; this glove is excellent and should be strongly considered by baseball players out there as the features present in this glove makes it stand out; the glove boasts of a V lace web, These gloves provide players with the ability to play all over the field. Another interesting feature present in this glove is the Velcro wrist strap that enables a player to adjust the tightness of the bat around their wrist to make the glove more comfortable for use over a long duration.

Wilson A360 32.5inches youth baseball catchers mitt: This glove is a versatile glove that is most suitable for introducing young players into the catcher position. The 32.5 inches help give players a broader reach; This glove will go a long way in helping a player develop and help build their confidence. Some significant features that make this glove stand out include the pigskin palm and web; this helps provide comfort for players and makes it easier to catch a ball. The hook and loop strap is another unique feature present in this glove; this enables players to secure the glove tightly around their palm and adjust the glove’s tightness when the need arises.

Wilson A360 12.5 utility baseball glove: The unique thing about the utility glove is that it enables baseball players to play anywhere on the field, also helps players develop their skills. This leather baseball glove is the perfect glove for amateur players or those that are just learning the game, and should be strongly considered by players aiming to increase their game performance. Another noticeable feature present in this glove is the hook and loop strap that enables you to secure the glove perfectly to your palm during play; the strap also enables the player to adjust the glove’s grip to provide more comfort and also allow players to play for a long time.


The Wilson sporting company is a brand that has been around for a long time; this company has been manufacturing high-quality and performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. The Wilson is dedicated to producing high-quality kits, which can be seen in the A360 glove series. As a baseball or softball player, you should strongly consider the Wilson brand when getting kits and equipment for the game.