DeMarini Steel Review

Introduction Whenever you want to buy any sports equipment, the two things you should look out for are the fit of the equipment and the quality. If the playing kit fits your game style perfectly and is comfortable to use, you will perform excellently on the pitch. However, the equipment must also be high-quality so … Read more

Worth Legit Glove Review

Description Over the years, most athletes believed Worth to be a brand only interested in softball bats due to the various series and models on the market. Interestingly, the sports brand goes beyond that; it also interests itself in other equipment and accessories like a glove, for example. Even if you are a seasoned player … Read more

5 Best Softball Radar Guns in 2021

Bushnell speed radar Gun Check Latest Price NetPlayz Baseball and Softball Radar Check Latest Price Pocket Radar Ball Coach/Pro-Level Training Tool And Radar Gun Check Latest Price In different sports, various equipment and tools are used inefficiently, carrying out other tasks that enable a hitch-free game or tournament. These tools are used because of human ... Read more

What are the Different Softball Catcher Glove Sizes?

Introduction Softball is a modified form of baseball. Softball is played on a smaller pitch with a big ball when compared to baseball. A game of softball consists of two teams of ten players and two extra hitters each. There are nine different positions in a softball team. They are catcher, first base, pitcher, second … Read more

Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Glove

Introduction Akadema’s proprietary Reptilian concept is a marriage between technology and evolution. Many features distinguish this innovative network, pocket, and near-fingerless design from traditional ball gloves. The glove’s near-fingerless nature provides a natural air pocket that serves as a shock absorber for the initial ball effect, allowing for a smoother and faster glove-to-hand transition. This … Read more

What are the different softball positions?

Introductions Softball is a game that involves members of a team taking turns as batters playing against the team of fielders. The game of softball, especially its Positions, may seem complicated for someone who is new to the sport and wants to learn, but don’t worry, I will educate you on the different softball positions … Read more

Demarini Voodoo Bat Review

Introduction Bat is an essential accessory for baseball and softball players. They come in a variety of colors and are made with different materials. Also, bats are produced by different brands, and each brand includes a unique feature to its bat to make them stand out. To know more about bats made by Easton, read: … Read more

Easton Ronin Review

Introduction If you are an average player in any sport, the best way to improve your game and record better results is by using playing equipment uniquely designed to help you perform better on the pitch. Slowpitch softball is not any different, and the importance of using the right playing equipment cannot be understated. If … Read more

Easton S50 Review

Introduction One of the drawbacks of sports is the expense of the playing equipment involved. If you want to play any game with the best equipment, you must be ready to pay good money. This is usually difficult for younger players whose parents or any organization does not sponsor. If you are a young slowpitch … Read more

Easton Sapphire Review

Introduction Most athletes have an aspect of their game that gives them problems. For example, if you are a golfer, you might be good at playing the ball off the tee, but you might find it difficult to putt. This same logic applies to softball and its players. If you are a fastpitch softballer and … Read more

Easton Slate Fastpitch Glove Review

Introduction Athletes usually face a problem with playing equipment when they want to play their game at higher levels. One of the requirements of playing at a higher level is using high-quality playing equipment, and these products are quite expensive. If you play fastpitch softball as an outfielder and you are looking for an affordable … Read more

Easton VRS Batting Gloves Review

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Easton Wonder Review

Introduction The difference between A-star athletes and other players in the starting age. Most successful professional athletes start playing at a very young age, and then they get better as they grow. If you have a young fastpitch softballer in your care, you must get them the best playing equipment that will help to improve … Read more

Evoshield Arm Sleeve Review

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Evoshield Batting Gloves Review

Introduction Athletes are some of the highest-paid people in the world because they keep their fans entertained by undertaking significant risk to their bodies. Most sports require you to engage in strenuous physical activities with heavy playing equipment. If you are a softballer or baseballer playing in a hitter position, you would know the importance … Read more

Evoshield Chest Guard Review

Introduction Athletes put their bodies on the line when they engage in games, and therefore, they require playing equipment that will keep them safe or minimize injuries at the very least. If you are a female fastpitch softballer, there are various playing equipment that you should use when stepping out on the pitch; one of … Read more

Evoshield Leg Guard Review

Introduction All athletes are used to extending all the parts of their bodies, especially their legs. Your legs are crucial, and you should use playing equipment uniquely designed to keep them safe from injuries. One of the best and most comfortable ways you can do this is by using a leg guard. If you are … Read more

Wilson A360 Review

Softball The softball game is similar to the game of baseball because this game was coined from baseball. Most equipment used in softball games is similar to that used in baseball; however, some kits used in softball are different from baseball. A significant example of this is the ball used in playing softball; this ball … Read more

Evoshield Thumb Guard Review

Introduction Any professional athlete will understand that every part of their body is at a potential risk of injury when they step on the field. This is why you often hear of soccer players having head injury or even long tennis players having thigh injuries. For this reason, you have to take precautions to make … Read more