Worth Legit Glove Review


Over the years, most athletes believed Worth to be a brand only interested in softball bats due to the various series and models on the market. Interestingly, the sports brand goes beyond that; it also interests itself in other equipment and accessories like a glove, for example. Even if you are a seasoned player or catcher, the mitt will boost your confidence and make you better at what you do best on a softball diamond.

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Worth Legit Glove is also packed with the Legit series, making it even more reliable and high performing. It is, however, a slowpitch glove engineered primarily for players interested in boosting performance and playing in higher leagues. There is so much news about this glove’s industry-leading performance, which is all attributed to its features.


Material Construction: Worth Legit Glove is made of a superior quality leather material for good durability and comfort. This glove isn’t the regular catcher’s mitt, not only because it is for slowpitch games, but it makes a player competitive. It also features Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces for extra durability and an adjustable quick-release pull strap for a personalized fit.

Design: This glove has a 13-inch pattern and a traditional open back design to make it much comfortable and easier to use. It is also designed with a professional-grade H-web to make catching balls a lot easier. Furthermore, this Legit Glove has an internal silencer palm pad that offers good comfort, hand protection, and defense; it works hand-in-hand with palm and index finger pads for extra cushioning.

Warranty: 1-Year


Packed with professional-quality features

Adjustable with an open-back design for comfort

Delivers an out-of-the-box performance

Maintains a superior feel

Short break-in period

The ideal choice of glove for catcher’s interested in higher leagues

Great impact-resistance

Good hand protection and top-notch durability


Only suitable for slowpitch games


Can You Use this Glove Every Season?

The best thing about this glove is its durability. It features the best glove manufacturing material – leather, alongside Tennessee Tanning rawhide laces to ensure that it stays strong even after months of use. It has a short break-in period and retains its shape after use. Indeed, it is the perfect glove to use season after season.

How Protective is the Worth Legit Glove?

Generally, one reason people use gloves is to protect their hands and avoid coming in contact with anything damaging or hazardous. In Softball, you need gloves to get a hold of your bat or catch flyballs. If you are for the latter, you need a glove with hand protection capability and extra cushioning. Luckily, the Worth Legit Glove provides that with the silencer palm pad and index finger pads.

Who Needs the Worth Legit Glove?

Truthfully, not everyone needs the Worth Legit Glove; only a selected few do. This glove was only designed to meet the needs of professional players that want good performance and need to compete at high levels. Besides, the glove has a similar pattern to those used in Men’s Major World Series.


Being convinced by this Worth Legit Glove review is one step to preparing your mind towards buying a glove that will serve you well. For a competitive play right away, it won’t take you much time to get started.