Worth Legit Extreme XL Review


Baseball and Softball Bats are a bit of a struggle to choose from since thousands of them are on the market from top-rated manufacturers. Each brand promises to be outstanding than the former; however, a good athlete needs more than just words to be convinced on whether to go for that brand or not. One of the best brands that comes to mind is Worth in the search for a good bat.

Currently, Worth has series of bats, different from themselves in quality and performance. One of the best series so far is the Legit. If you are a professional softball player and you’re looking for a bat with great swing speed and good barrel surface area, the Legit Extreme XL is a highly recommended choice.

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Below is a description of the features found in the Worth Legit Extreme XL bat.

Material Construction: Legit Extreme XL is a two-piece bat made of composite material, thereby enhancing durability and strength. It also features a 100% carbon fiber barrel for its best performance and superior feel. Besides, the incredible thing about the bat is that it is a limited edition crafted out of the brand’s patented CF100 Formula to deliver the kind of performance most power hitters need – maximum swing speed.

Design: This bat features two types of technology – 220 Plus Advantage Technology and Flex 50 Technology. The former maximizes the sweet spot so that the hitting surface moves across 360-degrees, making a pop, while the latter enhances the whip through the zone. Additionally, Worth Legit Extreme XL has an ultra-thin handle for a comfortable grip and easy control via the zone.

Barrel Length: 13 ½ inch

Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch

Approved: USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Swing Weight: 0.5 Oz. end-load

Warranty: 1-Year


The ideal choice for power hitters

Durable and Comfortable

Robust sweet spot with consistency in hits

Easy to control

Great performance with superior feel


It is a limited edition


Is the Worth Legit Extreme XL Bat On the Market?

Worth is a great brand with several products online; you could literally find all of their products on many sport e-commerce websites. However, the Legit Extreme XL Bat seems to be an exception, with a few lists of others. The reason is that this bat is a limited edition, so there is a good chance you may not find it all the time but mostly on the brand’s website.

What Makes the Legit Extreme XL Special?

Worth Legit Extreme XL Bat is unique in many ways because it is perfect for power hitters that want monster hits. This bat has a best-in-class performance and superior feel due to the quality of its material, coupled with two distinct technology for efficiency. More importantly, it guarantees an extra whip so that there is more power for these hits.

Can You Use the Bat for Slowpitch Games?

The only place a softball player can use a bat as good as this is in a Fastpitch game. It is not recommended for slowpitch games because its potentials are limited that way.


Worth Legit Extreme XL review is important so that softball players can know what to go for without regretting their decisions. If your goal is to become a power hitter, someday, you may have to use this bat to “up” your skills on the diamond.