Under Armour High Impact Sports Bra Review


You don’t just wear anything whenever you want to play any sports game; sports wears or acceptable clothing pieces are approved, depending on the sport. The reason for having this type of regulation is so that people can be comfortable and convenient while getting so involved in a game. The piece of clothing sometimes doesn’t have to be a sports jersey; most times, it is a sports bra for women.

Sports bras are one of the most fantastic choices for women not only because of their simplicity but also for their comfort. It is of great value, and almost every sport and activity like aerobics, running, etc., approves of it, except only a few. Let’s look at this Under Armour High Impact Sports Bra review and understand how it works.

Under Armour High Impact Sports Bra


Under Armour is another interesting brand you don’t want to go to without checking out their products. They are known for their high-quality footwear and cleats; however, they’ve invested in High Impacts Bra to support different sports and activities over the years. It is not surprising that women players have become more confident and comfortable during any sports activity now.

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Under Armour’s exceptional High Impact Sports Bra is a masterpiece. It is built for comfort due to its material quality, so there is complete prevention of perspiration. It is an ideal choice for female athletes of all stripes, including Baseball and Softball, as it prevents/reduces bounce.


Material: Under Armour High Impacts Sports Bra is made of different sets of materials, including a StudioLux Fabric that works together to ensure top-notch durability, feel, and comfort. These materials include 58% Cotton, 10% Elastane, and 32% Polyester. It is constructed further with a clean, bandeau-inspired front, alongside soft, breathable cups for more coverage and extra structure. Indeed, it is a perfect choice to hold busts firmly to reduce bounce.

Design: This bra offers strategic support so that athletes can get along with field and aerobic activities with ease. It also has a unique open-back design with adjustable criss-cross straps for a better hold to fit into an athlete’s bust size. Additionally, there is a SpeedForm mesh lining to provide extra comfort.

Closure: This High Impact bra comes with zipper closure. It features a full zip front so that it is easy to put on and off. That means when the bra is on, it can be locked into place and a quick push-down mechanism for release.


Versatile and Durable

Suitable for all bust sizes

Flexible and Adjustable

Gets rid of excess perspiration

Breathable, Soft, and comfortable on the skin

Reduced Bounce




What are the Sports and Activities the Under Armour High Impacts Sports Bra Can Be Used for?

If you are one that never feels comfortable with your busts bouncing when taking part in certain activities or sports, a High Impact Bra like one from Under Armour is a good choice. It is ideal for aerobics, soccer, football, softball, baseball, and many others. All you have to do is pick the right size for you and get started with using it.

How Breathable is the Sports Bra?

The amount of comfort you will feel wearing a sports bra like the Under Armour High Impacts is undeniably great. It is one of the most breathable choices because it possesses specific features like the StudioLux Fabric and a SpeedForm mesh lining to maintain a cool and light feel. It is also soft on the skin to describe its feel.

Can You Wear the Bra During Winter?

A High Impact Bra like this is perfect, but you can put it on at specific times, ordinarily. It is ideal under hot weather or during summer because you need something light and cool to get through the day. However, you cannot put it on during winter; instead, you could wear it underneath a sports jersey. That way, you can still prevent bounce.


Under Armour High Impacts Sports Bra review doesn’t only tell you how much you need a sports bra as a female athlete; it also shows you the direction to turn. There is no doubt that you will become more confident in yourself and the game in no time.