Worth Mayhem Review


Worth is a generally approved brand by many leagues in the sports industry – Softball, mostly. Being a world-class manufacturer of bats and gloves, Worth has something available for every player, irrespective of the type of game, i.e., slowpitch or fastpitch. This brand makes sure that whenever you check through its collections, you will find something incredible to buy for the next game season – that’s evidence of its vast number of products.

Worth Mayhem is one of its bests so far; it is recalled as an All-association bat since its approval ratings are fantastic. It is a great choice for power hitters that need heavier end-loads and monster hit performance. Surprisingly, it is also one of the most affordable bats with excellent quality.

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Material Construction: Worth Mayhem is a 1-piece bat constructed with 100% composite carbon fiber with a higher stiff and excellent durability. It is also a reactive and sturdy choice due to this superior material quality made in the United States. Since it is a slowpitch bat, there is a good tendency for an increased pop, power, and speed through the zone, following its weighting construction.

Design: This bat has a 13.5-inch barrel with a robust sweet spot for rocket hit performance; hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about making monster hits. It also features a Tri-Seamless technology so that there is the elimination of seams on the triple-walled barrel. This technology aims to ensure that it is durable and responsive when needed on a softball diamond.

Swing Weight: XL End-load

Warranty: 1-year


Maximized distance and improved speed

Increased pop and ultimate power

Extra stiff and reactive

Excellent durability and superior end-loaded feel

Great handle for control

Eliminates hand stings and wall seams

Consistent with a massive sweet spot

Approved for all major leagues


Only suitable for power hitters


Why Should You Buy The Worth Mayhem Bat?

Your preference in sporting equipment and gears should be based on your skill levels and budget. If you are a slowpitch softball player – a hitter, one of the most incredible bats you can buy is the Worth Mayhem. It is a special gear because of its massive sweet spot, incredible technology, and approval ratings for all leagues. There is no doubt that it would perform extremely well when put into action.

What Other Bat is Perfect like the Mayhem?

Worth is one of those advanced brands that engineers and designs various sets of equipment so that everyone gets a chance at something incredible. If you are a power hitter looking to maximize distance, the Mayhem is a fantastic option; however, if you aren’t for that, others are available. For instance, you could go for the Legit Resmondo or Purcell.

Does the Design Get Any Better?

Another interesting thing about this softball bat is its 1-piece composite design. As it maintains a single piece structure, it is better than others with two-piece or three-piece. Therefore, you should expect more reactivity and sturdiness.

Also, it has a triple-walled design packed with Tri-Seamless technology for eliminating seams. Indeed, it does get better as it is decently responsive.


Worth Mayhem review is one way to be convinced whether to go for the bat or not. If it applies to you as a professional power hitter looking for more distance coverage, you shouldn’t waste time picking it up. However, if it doesn’t, there are other incredible Worth bats available on the market.