Worth Storm Review


Worth is for both amateur and professional players; there is no discrimination whatsoever regarding skill levels. If you are a young player looking to improve your skills, this brand is one of the best choices on the market. There are currently several Worth’s bats and gloves on the market, perfect for different games – fastpitch or slowpitch.

Worth Storm is a typical amateur bat designed for young players to learn how to control their bat and become better at hitting. It is a preparatory bat; hence, it tends to possess some basic features, even while looking fancy and highly performing. There is a good chance you won’t regret buying this bat.

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Material Construction: Worth Storm is a different type of bat following its construction material – Lithium Alloy. This Aluminum material offers a lightweight feel, excellent durability, and trampoline effect when it comes in contact with softballs. It further features a Hyper-Lite construction to make it extra-light for improving speed and ensuring it is easy to use.

Design: It is a one-piece all-metal bat with the best features to help with speed and control. The fastpitch bat is integrated with Worth’s X-tended Sweetspot Technology to maximize the sweet spot, making it larger and better for delivering monster pops. This tech gives it an edge over any aluminum bat currently available on the market. Furthermore, it features a Silencer Grip to eliminate negative vibrations and hand sting for great comfort.

Finally, it is built with balanced weight distribution for ultimate control and batting consistency.

Approval: ASA, USSSA, ISF, and NSA

Warranty: 1-Year


Offers a balanced weight for good control

Lightweight with a superior feel

Eliminates negative vibrations and hand sting

Built to deliver monster hits

Constructed with excellent durability and strength

Robust sweet spot with good pop

The ideal choice for enthusiastic young players


Only comes as a one-piece


Find the answers to some often-asked questions about the bat below.

Can Professionals Use the Worth Storm Bat?

Undoubtedly, the Worth Storm is a fastpitch softball bat designed for improving performance; however, some specific people can use it. The bat is ideal for younger players looking to beat the competition by getting a hold of their bat, i.e., mastering the art of control. It is lightweight but fast, making it only a suitable choice for beginners and not professionals.

How Effective is the Storm Bat?

Following the material construction and design, the Worth Storm Bat is one of the most incredible amateur’s bats. It is very effective, as it teaches control using its balanced weight distribution. The Silencer Grip is another feature that makes it special, as it helps reduce negative vibrations and eliminate hand stings.

What is the Worth Storm Known For?

Over the years, it has been discovered that every piece of sporting equipment has its speciality. As minute as it may be, that unique attribute is what puts it above every other competition on the market. For the Worth Storm bat, the Alloy material and Hyper-Lite Construction are two features that ensure the bat is known for one thing – batting consistency.


Wouldn’t you approve of this fastpitch bat after reading this Worth Storm review? Sure, you would! There is nothing as incredible as getting a simple and easy to control bat for improving skills and consistency while delivering excellent durability and monster pop.