Worth Legit Dedonatis Review


The proudest thing so far in Softball is the emergence of great brands committed to developing and improving the sport. Unlike several other sports or field events, Softball has recorded over 50 brands with products having incredible qualities and performances. Therefore, you may never go wrong with the gears you see around; however, you might have to be careful in selecting the best choice for you.

Worth is one of those top-rated brands with consistency. It currently has introduced different models of gears, ranging from gloves to bats, etc. Each model has been exceptional, making them one of the most reliable Softball sports brands. For instance, the Legit Model is a fantastic choice, where you will find the likes of Dedonatis, ASA, and Extreme XL.

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Worth Legit Dedonatis is quite popular because it was facilitated as a signature bat of the legendary Don DeDonatis. Based on its recorded performance, the bat is swift and incredible; hence, it is only suitable for professionals.


Material Construction: Worth Legit Dedonatis is a 100% Composite Bat with a 13.5-inch Carbon Fiber Barrel enhancing durability and reactivity. It is strong and integrated with a Flex 50 technology maximizing its sweet spot for ultimate pop, improved consistency, and confident hits. Furthermore, it has a 220+ Advantage technology that makes it lightweight, durable, with the extension of the sweet spot across 360 degrees of the barrel.

Design: This bat has a balanced weighting design that makes it ideal for monster hits. This design also provides maximum swing speeds, which is the distinct attribute of Don DeDonatis. Additionally, it features an ultra-thin handle that gets around the zone with comfort and an unmatched whip.

Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch

Approved: USSSA, NSA, ISA, and BPF

Warranty: 1-Year


Packed with some of the latest performing technologies

Offers excellent comfort and more control

The ideal choice for an ultimate pop

The best option for maximized swing speeds and monster hits

Delivers a balanced swing weight

Lightweight and durable

A massive sweet spot


Only suitable for professional softball players


Who is Don DeDonatis?

Donald DeDonatis, born June 23rd, 1957, is a legendary softball/baseball player who played two positions – Second Baseman and Leftfielder. He became known over the years for his swing speeds and monster hits, earning him several titles. He later became the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) CEO until his retirement in 2019.

What Year Was the Worth Legit DeDonatis Built After Him?

In 2018, Worth introduced the Legit DeDonatis into the market to be the replica of the legend’s performance. This bat guarantees a balanced swing weight while delivering monster hits on contact with softballs. Recently, the Worth Legit DeDonatis III hit the market to be an improved version of the former.

Why is this Bat Special?

Apart from the hype about the Worth Legit DeDonatis’s swing weight and softball hits, this bat has incredible features that make it quite special. It is packed with two superior technologies – Flex 50 and 220+ Advantage; both work hand-in-hand to maximize sweet spot and ensure a lightweight, comfortable feel and control. It is indeed every highly-trained professional softball player’s choice.


Worth Legit Dedonatis review is only important to direct you in the path to go as a professional who wants something great out of softball. You can work around that monster hit you’ve always wanted, only if you found a better bat like this.