Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Review


The Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Youth Softball Mitt is a glove that possesses it all. An unusual discovery among gloves, it is designed with the right technology to enable your youngster create the best clips of their lives while putting on the mitt.

It arrives with an unusual design that authorizes better accuracy, better safety, better strength, and an all-around better game. Nothing can and will compel your player love the game better than the comfort of utilizing the Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Youth Softball Mitt.

Mizuno Prospect Glove the Mizuno Prospect glove is the exact starter glove that. It illustrates the significance of a guarding glove wear at the youth ages. Starting out your job with a versatile size and player thoughtful run saver enables you stand out on the field.

Mizuno Prospect Gloves are suitable for younger players peeking for their first baseball glove or softball glove. With nearly no break-in, each model is manufactured for stability and to formulate catching easier. Examine customer Prospect glove reviews or purchase the most famous Prospect gloves.

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The Mizuno GPL1200F1 prospect Fastpitch Series Youth Softball Mitt is manufactured with Power Close technology which is constructed to make it a bit simpler to catch the ball, particularly for young players who are still struggling to attain the hang of the game. Being eligible to easily shut down the glove on the ball manufactures their confidence, enabling additional love of the game. Creating more hitches with this Power Close technology similarly will govern to improved player stats more snags, fewer errors and better all-round gameplay.

Apart from that, it is further made with Power Lock technology which makes it obvious that it keeps up secure and conforms to your child’s hand throughout the game, every moment he or she comes out onto the field.

Despite this technologically progressive strapping characteristic, the glove is still very simple to put on. Even the youngest junior league players possess no difficulty conserving it on their snatching hand.

The Mizuno GPL1200F1 Mitt’s V Flex Notch is yet another method characteristic that facilitates your player to render the precise catch every time.

To couple with its ease of catching the ball, the Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Youth Softball Mitt also arrives with Para Shock palm padding that oversees to underrate the sting of grabbing by lessening the shock from the effect of an oncoming ball.

So, you earn the best of both worlds guaranteed satisfaction on top of snatching precision and efficiency. And your child will get to appreciate the game for an extended time without encountering any pain with the GPL1200F1.


Easy or fast break-in period. Matches well on a youth player’s hand.

Nice when new.

Fine equilibrium between soft, quickly playable, and strength.

Precise for playing outfield in baseball.

Suits well. Appear good.

Warm fit. Easy break in. Big pocket.


Belt on the back is a slightly hard and rubs.

Not the vast strong leather.


Where is this glove manufactured?

The Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series: GPL1200F1 Youth glove is designed and produced in the Philippines.

Is this glove leather?

Yes, this Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series (GPL1200F1) Youth glove is prepared from leather from a cow. The Youth models that accentuate product codes that commence in GPP will be designed from Pigskin Leather and retain a delicate feel.

Are the colours on the lettering and the Velcro exact?

The colouring on the Velcro and lettering on the Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series (GPL1200F1 Youth) are similar.

Is there a discrepancy between a youth 12 or 12.5-inch glove and a normal or adult glove?

Yes, the distinction is going to be in the hand region. Youth gloves are going to retain smaller hand spaces and finger stalls for an ideal youth suit.

What is the distinction between the GPL1200F1 and GPL1200F2?

The largest distinction between these is cosmetics. Building part, they are almost indistinguishable.

What is the controversy between this glove and the Jenny Finch model GPL1205F2?

There isn’t a lot of difference between the Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series. GPL1200F1 Youth and the 2017 Mizuno Prospect Finch 12″ Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove: GPL1205F2 additional than the colour plans on the two gloves.


If you need a starting glove for a young softball player, the Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Youth Softball Mitt possesses all the important calls to attention that give them a decent game. It arrives with all the technology your kid needs to guarantee them a good game and optimal in-game performance.

The Power Close technology will assure he or she earns the most of every catch; the Power Lock protects the mitt ensured to the hand for augmented stability throughout a game, and the Para Shock technology conserves them satisfied and wary from pain or injury.