Wilson A500 Softball Glove Review


Hardly will you see any sport that allows you to catch flyballs without protecting your hands; gloves are important pieces in sports like that. The purpose of wearing a glove isn’t to look all fancy and modern; it is designed to prevent hand-stings while providing good comfort. If you go for the best glove brand on the market, you will understand better what it means to be a better catcher in any game that involves one.

Softball is definitely one of those elite sports that require using gloves. They are defined in two types depending on the game – fastpitch or slowpitch; hence, you will have to pick your glove based on this criterion. Let’s see the Wilson A500 Softball Glove review to know what it feels like to have a great glove for softball.

Wilson A500 Softball Glove


Wilson is never out of control; it always has something in store for athletes, especially Softball players. This brand makes products for professional leagues, and it is no surprise they are quite recognized by approving bodies like ASA, USSSA, etc. Indeed, Wilson is one ticket away from getting ahead of the competition.

Wilson A Series, over time, has been described as one of the best collections of softball gloves as it combines performance with strength. Currently, there are gloves like the A1000, A2000, etc.; however, you may find a more versatile type like the A500. It should do exactly what you want, following the description of its features below.

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Material Construction: Wilson A500 Softball Glove has a stellar performance, which is all attribute to its soft cowhide material that ensures comfort and durability. It is improved with EZ Fit and EZ Snap technology to enhance a more comfortable feel and good control during a game season. It is also pre-treated so that the break-in period is short and easy.

Design: This glove has a Dri-Lex lining that enhances its breathability, making it nice and cool. This feature is also responsible for moisture absorption to ensure a sweat-free performance. Furthermore, there is a direct embroidered design on the glove to make it look more appealing.

Additionally, the Wilson A5000 glove comes with a modified web crown that helps you gain more control of the ball and prevent hand-sting. It also guarantees a game-ready feel. It is indeed a young player’s most confident choice.


The ideal choice for young, ambitious softball players

Flexible and Versatile

Helps to gain more control of softball

Lightweight and Comfortable

Breathable and Gets rid of perspiration easily

Quite appealing

Custom- and Snug-fit

Short break-in period




If you need answers about the Wilson A500 Softball Glove, see below.

What Makes the A500 Special?

Several things make the Wilson A500 Softball Glove special; one of them is its material quality. Having a cowhide leather material means it is tough and can withstand the fiercest conditions. Further, this glove’s craft is outstanding, as its heel helps you get a good grip on balls. Additionally, it is breathable with a custom and snug fit.

Who Needs the Wilson A500 Softball Glove?

People who need the Wilson A500 Softball Glove aren’t any other than softball players looking to improve their skills. Over the years, younger players have been so interested in getting ahead of the competition; they are ambitious. The brand considers this and made sure the right set of features is packed into the enhanced performance glove.

Is the Wilson A500 Glove for Slowpitch or Fastpitch?

Sometimes, most players think the Wilson A500 Glove was designed for fastpitch games because it resembles most big-league gloves. Unfortunately, it is a slowpitch glove, as it is only a transitioning glove or one to ensure that a player becomes better. However, that doesn’t stop the glove from delivering a game-ready feel.


If you need a glove that is comfortable, breathable, and crafted to ensure you get around softballs always, this Wilson A500 Softball Glove review is yours to read. As it gets through the description of the various features, you should have a new perspective on what you want from a softball glove and whatnot.