DeMarini Prism Review

Introduction If you are an athlete and you already have vast experience in the sport, then you should use playing equipment uniquely designed to bring out the best of your game. As a fastpitch softballer playing in a hitter position, your bat should have a balanced feel that allows for easy control and a barrel … Read more

Mizuno Crush Review

Introduction The 2020 Mizuno Crush end-loaded USSSA slow pitch softball bat that’s a considerable option for power hitters staring for an end-loaded bat to maximize ball length and velocity. This bat is manufactured with the standard 2- and 1/4-inch Barrel Diameter and a 12-inch barrel length, and a two-piece formation. This bat is designed with … Read more

DeMarini Paradox Review

Introduction If you are a professional athlete, you probably don’t have to worry about jerseys or playing equipment because your club has it covered. However, if you engage in a game for fun, you would have to get your playing equipment, and you will perform better if you buy high-quality equipment. Softballers that play in … Read more

David Ortiz Batting Gloves Review

Introduction If you are a softballer and you happen to play in a hitter position, you would need special gloves to perform well on the field. These gloves are known as batting gloves, and they allow you to hold and swing your bat effectively. If you use low-quality batting gloves, you automatically produce low-quality shots … Read more

Mizuno Craze Review

Overview If you want to win any game, be sure you have the right equipment or tools ready to stay ahead of the competition. The difference between two competitive players is not only the skills; the game accessories are another. In essence, you have to be intentional about what you purchase regarding a game, especially … Read more

Mizuno 9 Spike Swift 3 Switch

Introduction The Mizuno 9 Spike Swift 3 Switch is originally made for girls who carry their fastpitch softball greatly. It’s manufactured for utmost performance and convenience, but at least that’s how they’re presumed to operate. The 9-Spike Swift women’s softball cleat ensures significant performance on the diamond. It captions an assortment of Wave and VS-1 cushioning technologies … Read more

DeMarini Nihilist Review

Introduction At each level of your athletic journey, you would need playing equipment uniquely designed to help you and boost you up to a higher skill level. As a beginner, you need equipment designed for comfort and forgiveness. As an intermediary player, you would need playing equipment designed for higher performance and game improvement. However, … Read more

How to break in a softball glove? Does steaming work?

Introduction Softball gloves are large than baseball gloves because softball is large than baseball. Softball gloves differ for different positions. Softball gloves include catchers’ mitt, first baseman mitt, pitcher gloves, infield glove, and outfield glove. Catchers use catchers’ mitt while first base players use first baseman mitt. Second base, third base, and shortstop players use … Read more

Combat Avarice Review

Introduction All athletes will have some experience shopping for sporting equipment. After some time, you discover how hard it is to get high-quality products at affordable prices. Even when you come across such products, they might not fit your unique style of play. If you are a slowpitch softballer and play in a hitter position, … Read more

How to Throw a Rise Ball in Softball

Introduction If you want to get better at any game, you have to be ready to put in the work to learn more skills and get better every day. Softball is not any different, and there are a plethora of skills for you to learn before you can become a standard player. You would have … Read more

Top Softball Slowpitch Hitting Drills

Introduction There are two categories of softball, and they are slow pitch and fastpitch. In slow pitch softball, the pitcher throws the ball at a speed of about 25mph, while in fastpitch softball, the ball’s rate is about 50 to 60mph. This difference in speed is due to the windmill motion present in fastpitch softball … Read more