Best Softball Pitchers


In softball, pitching is regarded as an art of instilling fear, and those who have mastered the arts have certainly become one of the best pitchers out there. As fans of softball, we know that pitching can increase or decrease your team’s chances of winning the game and truly separates good and greats teams in all sports levels. Whether the pitcher is right-handed or a southpaw specialist, pitching talents are in great softball numbers today.

With so many talented pitchers in softball, it is currently difficult to pick the best from the rest. Still, I have compiled a list of particular orders in the best softball pitchers based on stats, performances, and awards. To learn more about softball game you can check out:Softball

Best pitchers in softball

Jennie Finch (Arizona—1999-2002)

There are many overly talented pitchers in softball, but no one came close to what Arizona Jennie Finch achieved in 2001 when she achieved a 32-0 and won the national championship. During an interview after the title game, Finch said it was “A perfect ending to a perfect season. ” Finch is arguably one of the most know softball pitchers in the history of the game. During her time 2001 and 2002, she dominated, winning back to back Honda awards and setting a record for the highest winning percentage and most consecutive wins.

Michele Granger (California — 1990-1993)

Next is Michele Granger. She might not have won a Honda award, but still proved herself to be one of the best softball pitchers out there. Granger holds an NCAA record for most carrier no-hitters till today with a 25 no-nos. During her time, Granger dominated the strike record of that time with 1,640 and finished with a .46 ERA.

Lisa Fernandez (UCLA — 1990-1993)

When you are talking about an absolute legend in softball, then Lisa Fernandez should come to mind. She won the Honda awards 4 times during the whole time she played in the UCLA. That is what you call total domination. During her time, she dominated and won two titles for the Bruins and finished with a .22 career ERA. In addition to her four Honda awards, Fernandez also won the Honda Broderick Cup, not for softball best player but the best female collegiate athlete. When we talk about Fernandez and Finch, you should note that both achievements were in different periods.

Nancy Evans (Arizona — 1994-95, 1997-98)

Nancy Evans is also another Arizona Pitcher just like Finch and did something the same as Finch that no one achieved as a collegiate athlete, winning three national championships. Evan’s 124-8 pitching record Is number one in NCAA history till today, and on top of that achievement, she won the Honda award in 1998 and finished with a .98 ERA.

Cat Osterman (Texas — 2002-03, 2005-06)

She is certainly one of the best pitchers in softball. Like all great pitchers, Osterman left an incredible legacy in Texas softball and is currently leaving her marks now in the US softball team as a pitcher. She won the National player of the year three times and won back to back the Honda award for the best college softball player. Osterman has made 2,265 strikeouts in his career and holds the best strikeout ratio record in NCAA. In addition to that has the highest number of perfect games, which is nine.

Courtney Blades (Nicholls State — 1997-98 and Southern Mississippi — 1999-2000)

Southern Mississippi Courtney Blades also make a list. She might not be on the team of great pitchers that won the National Championship. Still, she has proven to be one of the pitchers winning the Honda award in 2000 and also in that same year breaking Michele Granger’s previous record of NCAA Division I career strikeout. She led the Southern Miss to the WCWS and finished with a tally of 663 strikeouts bringing her career total to 1,773, a record which stood until 2006. Blades currently holds the highest win in the NCAA record with 52.

Danielle Lawrie (Washington — 2006-07, 2009-10)

Danielle Lawrie should certainly be on the list of the best softball pitchers, and what she achieved proved that this is true. She struck out 1860 batters plus 521 in 2009, leading Washington to their first National title. She won the USA player of the year award consecutively and winning the Honda award twice in 2009 and 2010.

Monica Abbott (Tennessee — 2004-2007)

Monica Abbott is another on the list of best softball pitchers. Abbott is an NCAA strikeout king with a total of 2,440 strikeouts. She currently holds the highest record with the most strikeout in a single season, which is 724. With this, Abbott won the National player of the year and also the Honda award. In addition to this, she currently in NCAA the most victories and shutouts, and she is surely one of the best pitchers in softball.

Alicia Hollowell (Arizona — 2003-2006)

Arizona is notable for bringing out great pitchers because Alicia Hollowell is yet another one of their own. Hollowell may not have won the Honda awards, but she led Arizona to a National title in 2006 and finished with a .87 ERA, and made 1768. With these achievements, no wonder she is regarded as one of the best softball pitchers out there.

Rachel Garcia (UCLA — 2017-19, 2021)

The last on my list of best softball players is Rachel Garcia. She deserves mention although her collegiate career isn’t over yet, winning the Honda Broderick Cup in 2019 certainly makes her deserve mention to be called one of the best. Garcia gained her popularity from her ability in the battery box. She is currently the ace of the present reigning champions and has been dominating the softball game for some years now. Garcia has won back to back Honda Awards, and more is yet to come from her.


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