What are some Funny Softball Team Names?


Softball is a popular outdoor sport in the United States in which millions of men and women play for a team in local leagues all over the country every weekend. The sport is also popular with teenagers (boys and girls). It isn’t surprising that Softball is a significant varsity sport for female college and university students all over the fifty states of the country. However, only one thing sets the game apart from the rest, which is the funny softball team names. To know more about the game Softball, check out; Softball

Difference between Softball and baseball

As an American, you should know that professional baseball is a game played by talented baseball players and is watched by millions of fans around the country on TVs and in ballparks. The skills of baseball players are quite exciting, and the games are always exciting. However, the sport is played by athletes that are paid a large amount of money. Baseball is an extreme sport and allows little room for humor in teams’ names in the game.

However, Softball is different. The game isn’t played by professional athletes but by amateurs who love the game and are just having fun playing the game. Softball is different tan baseball in the way it is played. Unlike baseball, which requires the pitcher to use an overhand motion to throw the ball to the catcher, Softball requires the pitcher to use an underhanded method to throw the ball to the catcher. N addition, a softball is a lot larger than a baseball. Softballs are roughly the size of a grapefruit. So when they are hit, the ball doesn’t travel as far as a baseball, which is why fields in Softball are smaller than that of baseball.

Another critical difference between Softball and baseball is that girls don’t play baseball but only play Softball. Girls in Softball perform at a very high level, but sometimes team names are often ”over the top,” but those ”over the top” names make the sport exciting and enjoyable for both the players and spectators.

Funny softball team names

There are more female teams than male teams (and yes, they are male softball teams that play in ”beer” leagues on weekends) in Softball. Since males prefer playing baseball, which has overhand pitching, then Softball, which has an underhand one. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are more funny female team names in Softball than that males. So here are some funny softball team names for girls.

Funny team names(girls)

Aces of Bases


Attention Deficit

Bar Be Eyes


Curvy Crushers

Dirty Ball Bags

Disciples of the Plate

Fever Pitch

Hit for Brains


Home Run Heroes

Ice Cold Pitchers


Lab Monkeys

Lady Rangers

Lady Tigers

Master Batters

Poppin’ A Homer

Angry Chicks

Rat Busters

Red Balls

Silver Bullets

Swing and Miss

The Bomb Squad

Bitchy and Bossy

The Swinging Shepherds

Abusement Park

Alley Oops


Backdoor Sliders

Bad Intentions

Ball Busters


Base Desires

Bat Rage

Blood Bath & Beyond

Blue Ballers


Chaos Chicas

Chaw ‘Nuff

Chick Music

Cleats and Cleavage

Cuties From the Block

Diamonds and Tiaras

Diamond Divas

Dirt Eaters

Disco Ninjas

Farmer’s Daughters

Divas, Achievas, Believas

Fast Girls

Glove Love

Hot Squad



Killers Dolls

Leather and Lace

Mean Girls

Mound Mermainds

Infield Diamonds

Multiple Scoregasms

Naughty Girls

Nice Snatch

Pink Sox

Pitch Slap

Ponytail Express


Thunder Bunnies

Salsa Girls

Sugar and Spice

Summer Girls

Sweet Spot


Swingin’ Singles

The Breaking Balls

The Grass Stains

The Wet Wedgies

Queen Bees


The Y-Nots

Vicious and Delicious

Victorious Secret

Voodoo Dolls

Weakened Warriors

Whole Enchilada

Funny softball team names(men)

of course, men play Softball too, not as much as females do buy they play both the slow pitch and the fastpitch own, and like female softball teams, they also have funny team names

Big Test Icicles

Quit Your Pitching

Thunder Down Under

Where my Pitches at?

Inglorious Batters

Saved by the Balls


Balk Out

Balls Deep

Team No-Glove, No-Love

Balls to the Wall and Pitch Stay

I’d Hit That

Pitches Be Crazy

The Odd Sox

Broke-bat Mountain

Funny softball team names (male and female)

Softball is so popular in the United States that they are also funny teams for both males and females. Here are some of the funny team names for male and female

Caught Looking

The Fighting Amish

Home Run Heroes Scared Hitless

Chickson Dix

Smolkin’ Bases

One Hit Wonders

Walk-off Warriors

The Soft Serves

The Beer View Mirrors

Bad Attitudes

cool softball names

There are not only funny softball team names but also some cool names in Softball. Here is the list of some cool softball team names

The Magic – a side with a magical team play.

1 Hit Runners – home runs on the first try.

Dream Killers – opposition stands no chance against this team.

Natural Selection – selected by nature to be the best.

One Pitch Nightmares – strike fear into the opposition after the first pitch Is thrown.

Pitch Perfect – pitching is always perfect.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place – Is where opposition teams find themselves when they play against this team.

Prison Rules – They make their own rules

Open Season – slowly hunting other teams one by one.

The Grim Reapers – hope the oppositions have their affairs in order.

Apocalypse – losing the Softball will lead to the end of the world.

The Earthquakes – they shake the earth when playing.

Aftershock – When they hit the ball, you will feel shockwaves through the air

The Aluminum Alliance – they are always united in team spirit.

The Elite – The team is made up of the best players in the game.


Softball players might not be paid a massive amount in the game, but they certainly have cool and funny team names that make the game funny and enjoyable. For more information on Softball, you can check out;

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