How to Throw a Rise Ball in Softball


If you want to get better at any game, you have to be ready to put in the work to learn more skills and get better every day. Softball is not any different, and there are a plethora of skills for you to learn before you can become a standard player. You would have to master game moves like the changeup, fastball, drop ball, curveball, drop curve, etc. However, one of the most important skills you can learn is how to throw a rise ball. Throwing a rise ball is one of the most complicated pitches to master, and only experienced softballers can pull it off under game pressure. Throwing a rise ball requires you to ignore gravity and get the ball high up into the air in a backspin motion. Ultimately, throwing a rise ball is a risky move, and it will either give you a huge game reward or a major loss. You would be happy to know that you can perfect this game skill over time, even though you might not pick it up in one day. We have compiled the best steps you can follow to learn how to throw a rise ball. Enjoy!

Practical steps to throwing a rise ball

If you want to learn how to throw the perfect rise ball consistently, you should follow this practical step-by-step guide.

  • Perfect your grip

This step does not apply only when you want to throw a rise ball; it also applies to other kinds of pitches. When you want to perform a rise ball, you should make sure you hold the ball with a comfortable grip. This grip should be well-fitted to fit your unique hand shape and size. There are many kinds of softball grips. However, most players prefer to hold the ball with a ‘C’ type grip. This grip is well-suited for throwing a rise ball because your thumb and four fingers form a ‘C’ shape around the ball. You can also decide to opt for a four-seam fastball grip or other kinds of grip.

  • Make sure to have a long stride

After you have the grip firmly secured, the next step you have to take is to make sure to have a long stride. When you make your stride longer, you bring down your body lower than you normally would when throwing other types of pitches. Your hand should feel close to the ground when you are making the throw, and this should help you release the ball slightly lower so your backspin can be perfect. Throwing a rise ball involves working against gravity, and this where that process comes into play.

  • Get into the right posture

When throwing a rise ball, you should keep in mind that your posture is everything. After you have a firm grip and are in the perfect position for a long stride, you should make sure your head is well-positioned. The position of your head and shoulders will greatly affect the quality of your rise ball, and you should aim to have the perfect posture when you eventually throw the ball. Your posture should be slightly leaned back, so your head and shoulders are pulled backward as you throw the ball. If your posture is perfect, you should be looking at the sky.

  • Throw the ball right

The difference between throwing a rise ball and throwing other kinds of pitches is the throw’s backspin. This backspin is selective with your hand orientation, and it is a little difficult to master. For right-handed softball players, you have to make sure your hand is facing the third base, and if you are a left-handed golfer, you should make sure your hand is facing the first base. After you have practiced this motion movement and perfected the above steps, you are finally ready to take the shot.

  • Power through the throw

When you are ready to throw the rise ball, you should power through the throw. You should also make sure that you quickly spin your hand back after you release the throw. After this, the hand movement will be clockwise, and you will give the ball the necessary power it needs to rise.


Softball is a relatively new game compared to football, basketball, and the likes. However, it is very interesting and rewarding when you have mastered the game rules and playing techniques. This article shows you how to earn one of the most difficult moves in the game. Throwing a rise ball might not come easy or naturally. However, if you follow these steps, you would find that your performance on the playing field will improve, and soon, you will play softball like a professional. We have given you a guide to follow, and we advise that you practice until you get it right. Cheers!