How to Clean White Softball Pants


You might have perhaps gaped at what to do with those white softball pants after a sport, since, the likelihood is, you want them to be white and shiny again. Possessing clean pants is actually very significant, it is the key treat of your unique image and the image of your team, hence, possessing a clean and well-presented uniform is key. Retaining a clean uniform offers you status, while wielding the old, stained one, might make you appear sloppy and again, might fetch you issues with your team.

Accordingly, you might be marvelling, what is the appropriate way to clean white softball pants? Well, there are various methods to wash your softball pants, here we bring you with an overview of some of the most prominent means to get rid of those crazy stains effortlessly and admire shiny white pants also.

After a game pants might be smudged with dirt in the best scenario, and with red clay in the terrible. The first thing approved to do, is to perform some dry cleaning of the pants before relating any type of water. The first thing you should do is to scrub it of, you can do this with a sponge or a brush. You’ll like to do big strokes, and attempt to eliminate as vast dirt as you can with this technique. You can furthermore try to stir up your pants afterwards, the notion is to remove some dirt before starting up with the wet procedures.

Now, that you’ve finalized the dry cleaning, you can begin by selecting a method to take care of the stains. Here is a list with the most prominent procedures to eliminate stains each of them with a unique product.

Steps to cleaning your white baseball pants

Rinse the Uniform

After the game, clean off the uniform with cold water in a utility sink, basin, or bucket to eliminate as much easy dirt and mud as probable. You can furthermore dangle the uniform pieces over a clothesline and sprinkle them down with a hose.

Pre-soak to Lift Dirt

Pre-soaking is important in making a baseball uniform neat. Put in the sink or a bucket with warm water. Put in 2 tablespoons heavy-duty laundry detergent that comprises sufficient enzymes and surfactants needed to lift out stains. You can furthermore put in 1 cup baking soda to support with odour decrease. Enable the uniform to soak for at limited one hour and up to 24 hours. Longer soaking yields in better stain-removal outcomes.


After soaking, stock up the washer with warm water, put in a heavy-duty detergent, and set the dial to the permanent-press cycle. Don’t employ hot water. Even if the uniform is white and you’re not worried about fading, heated water can result in the lettering and quantities to recede and break down.

It may be enticing to use chlorine bleach on white uniforms, but it’s not a helpful whitener for polyester fabrics and can steady devastate the material. Chlorine bleach can strip off the external layer of the threads and uncover their yellow core.

There are plenty of different laundry soaps out there developed particularly for whites and occasionally even sports gear with bigger than normal stains.  Simply throwing your white softball pants into the wash after the dry brush wiping is super simple and usually obtains all the dirt and grass stains out, we also approve air drying rather than employing a dryer.  

In case you are encountering stains that are not that bad, you can simply use some dishwashing soap over them. The best way to do this is to dry clean your pants as much as possible. After the dry cleaning, you can leave them soaking in warm water with some soap already. Take them out of the water after 5 to 10 minutes and use more dishwashing soap exactly on the areas that require it and scrub it. You can afterwards put the pants in some bleach and later in the washing machine. This method is good and low effort if you are facing slight stains.


Sling the uniform to air-dry on a clothesline or drying rack, a hanger or spread it flat on a neat surface or towel away from immediate sunlight. If you must dry a uniform promptly, tumble on low heat, and eliminate while still narrowly damp. Never lay a sports uniform in a hot clothes dryer. High heat results in shrinking, sets stains, and fades colours.


How do you get red dirt out of white baseball pants?

Pour liquid dishwashing detergent onto the stain to coat it.

Wipe the detergent into the red clay dirt smudge and enable it to sit overnight.

An old toothbrush functions well as a small scrub brush for smudge reduction.

Can you bleach white baseball pants?

Wash out the pants and soak in cold water with colour-safe bleach. Chlorine bleach can be utilized for chronic stains if the pants are colourfast.

How Often to Clean Baseball Uniforms

Clean a baseball uniform anytime it’s dirty, which is usually after each game. Constantly rinse it before keeping away after the period. It’s suitable to set apart a day or additional for uniform washing to permit for air-drying. Scheme ahead to be sure you retain adequate time to prepare the clothes before the following training or game day.


When stains are not appropriately cared for on white baseball pants, even clean pants will appear dirty and deformed. Utilizing accurate stain treatment and laundry methods can help keep the pants appearing clean all time long.