12 Best Softball Sunglasses in 2021

Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses

Under Armour Changeup Sunglasses Wrap

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a type of protective eyewear that prevents bright sunlight from damaging the eyes. Softball is an outdoor game, and there is exposure to sunlight; it is, therefore, necessary for players to utilize sunglasses. Sunglasses provide protection for the eyes as well as a stylish look. The right sunglasses improve a player’s performance, and there are different factors to consider before purchasing sunglasses. These factors include types of lens, frame, brand, and player’s position.

Lenses for sunglasses differ, and they include high index plastic lens, glass lens, and polycarbonate lens. Other types of lenses are a polarized and photochromic lens. High index plastic lenses use high index plastic with a coating that provides complete protection against UV light. High index plastic lenses are thin and light. Glass lenses are heavier and thicker than high index plastic lenses and provide optical clarity. The glasses require an extra coating to provide UV protection, and they can shatter easily on impact. Polycarbonate lenses can absorb impact, and they provide 100% UV protection. Still, the lenses require extra coatings to minimize reflections and scratches. Polarized lenses filter glare and light reflections. The lenses allow the user to see colors clearly, and they are suitable for outdoor use. Photochromic lenses adjust to light. The lenses become darker on exposure to UV light, and they become more transparent on exposure to dim light.

Sunglasses for softball have different parts, and they include the frame, lens, lens color, temple arms, nose pads and ear socks. The frames are the most significant part of sunglasses, and other parts of the glasses are attached to the frames. Frames should be sturdy and rugged because if the frame breaks, the rest of the glasses are useless. Another part of the sunglasses is the lens. When purchasing sunglasses, players should look out for a lens that protects the eyes from the sun, blocking out UV light, and aids a player in spotting the ball. Lens colors determine the ability of glasses to block out the sun and glare. Some lens color is not suitable because they can be distracting. Hence, players should look out for glasses with interchangeable lenses to quickly swap to suit lighting conditions. The temple arms are the part of the glasses that extend beyond the face and rests on the ears. Glasses with straight temples provide a more secure fit than curved temple arms. Nose pads are the part that rests on the nose and prevent the glasses from sliding. They can be from rubber or plastic. Rubber nose pads are more comfortable than other materials. Ear socks are at the end of the temple arm, and they make the temple arms rest comfortably on the ears. Ear socks can be adjustable or removable. Accessories that come with softball sunglasses include a protective case, a cleaning cloth and extra lenses.

The brand is another factor to consider before purchasing softball sunglasses. Top brands include Oakley, Nike, Easton, Rawlings, Rivbos, and Ewin. Oakley softball sunglasses are the most expensive but technologically advanced softball sunglasses on the market. The designs are durable, and they are from materials that improve player’s performance. Oakley softball sunglasses include Oakley Flak 2.0 XL, Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL, Oakley Radar EV Pitch, etc. Nike is a famous sports brand, and their sunglasses are one-piece lenses that create a more extensive line of sight on the field. Top athletes wear Nike, and they are also expensive. Nike softball sunglasses include Nike Tailwind S, Nike Skylon Ace XV, Nike show X2, etc. Easton is a leading sports goods manufacturer. They have products that suit youths and young players by improving their sunglasses with innovations. Easton softball sunglasses include the Flare and zbladz. Rawlings sunglasses are high-quality products that fit into a budget. They have models suitable for players across all levels, and Rawlings sunglasses include Youth sport sunglasses and Adult sport sunglasses. Rivbos is another manufacturer that makes sunglasses ideal for all sports. Their glasses are durable and affordable. Ewin is similar to Rivbos. Ewin makes effective sunglasses that are cheap.

The rule of a game is also a critical factor when purchasing sunglasses. Softball rules allow sunglasses for all positions. However, an umpire may decide that a pitcher’s sunglasses is distracting for the batter. Therefore, for pitcher positions, avoid bright lens color. It is best to buy sunglasses with designs for baseball or softball when purchasing sunglasses. Sunglasses that are not specifically for softball may not have shatterproof lenses, which can be dangerous.

A player’s position is also an important factor in purchasing sunglasses. Outfielder’s sunglasses should have large orange lenses to maximize the field of vision and locate the ball against a sunny backdrop. For infielders, secure, lightweight sunglasses are ideal. Secure sunglasses won’t slip off when the infielder bends to scoop a grounder. Infielder’s sunglasses should also be green, gray or black. These colors help a player track the ball in the grass. Batters also require a green or black lens to be able to track incoming pitches. Pitchers rarely use sunglasses to prevent causing distractions for the batter. However, gray or black sunglasses are suitable for pitchers because they eliminate glare. Catcher’s sunglasses should have blue or dark lens because the blue color aid in tracking the ball in the sky.

The right sunglasses improve the player’s performance while providing comfort and a stylish look. The factors above help in choosing the right sunglasses. You may be interested in the following articles about other softball accessories;

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The Best Softball Sunglasses are Reviewed Below

Below is a review of the twelve best softball sunglasses in no particular order. Kindly follow through to select the one that best suits your preferences.


Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Flak sunglasses have plutonite lenses that offer UV protection. It also filters out all UVA, UVB and blue light up to 400mm. The lens material revised clarity, comfort, and protection against impact. The Flak sunglasses also have PRIZM lens technology that enhances color, contrast and detail. This technology helps players track the ball quickly by boosting the best colors for a position and blocking out distracting colors. The lens offers a good color separation, and the light transmission is 15%. The lens has an 8.75 base geometry and a width of 59 mm. Another feature of the Flak sunglasses is a patented high definition optics (HDO) that offers clarity and a sharp vision at every angle. Other features include an O Matter stress-resistant frame and unobtanium ear socks and nose pads. The O Matter stress-resistant frame offers a lightweight and all-day comfort and protection. The frame is from molded thermoplastic, and it has improved strength and flexibility than traditional acetate frames. The O Matter frame also withstands shifting and deformation over time. The Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads increase performance and increase grip even with perspiration while providing a custom and secure fit. The Oakley Men’s Flak sunglasses are available in multiple colors and frames. They also have both polarized and iridium lenses, come with an authentic prescription and are suitable for outfielders.

Key Features:

  • Plutonite lenses
  • 59mm lens width
  • PRIZM lens technology
  • Patented high definition optics (HDO)
  • O Matter stress-resistant frame
  • Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads
  • Polarized and iridium lenses
  • Multiple frames and lens colour
  • Oakley’s authentic prescription
  • Protective soft vault


  • Brand: Oakley
  • Width: 59mm
  • The lenses offer high UV protection by filtering out UVA, UVB, and blue light
  • The glasses are comfortable and offer clarity and protection against impact
  • The lens is high and wide, which provides a wide range of vision
  • The PRIZM lens technology enhances color, contrast, and detail
  • Light transmission is 15%
  • Efficient color separation
  • Razor-sharp vision in all angles
  • Solid and flexible glasses that can withstand shifting and deforming
  • Secure and custom fit during perspiration
  • Multiple frames and lens colors suit players preferences and optimize the experience
  • Available in polarized and iridium lenses
  • Oakley’s authentic prescription glasses for players
  • Protective soft vault protects glasses
  • Suitable for outfielders
  • Some reviewers complain about the durability of the glasses
  • The lens size may be too big for smaller players


Under Armour Changeup Sunglasses Wrap

The Under Armour changeup sunglasses has a 135mm lens width and features such as a UA tuned lens that enhances contrast and improves ball tracking. Another feature is the dual-sided UA storm lens coating that protects the lens, repels water, oil, and mud, and aids easy cleaning. The glasses also have UA auto grip temples that are comfortable, flexible and also provides a secure fit. The frames are ultralight armour fusion, and they have maximum strength and durability. The glasses also have a nose pad and screwless cam-lock hinges. The nose pad is adjustable, and it provides a custom fit while adjusting to different shapes. Simultaneously, the screwless cam-lock hinges the temples lock securely to offer a sturdy and lightweight fit.

Key Features:

  • UA Tuned Lenses
  • Dual-sided UA storm lens coating
  • UA auto grip temples
  • Ultralight armour fusion
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Screwless cam-lock hinges
  • Available in two colors


  • Brand: Under Armour
  • Lens width: 135 mm
  • The glasses enhance contrast that improves ball spotting and tracking
  • It is easy to clean, and there is protection against oil, mud, and water
  • The glasses give a comfortable and secure fit
  • Ultralight armour fusion increases strength and durability
  • Adjustable nose pads provide a custom fit
  • The temples lock securely for a lightweight fit
  • Available in limited colours and styles
  • There is just one size, and it may not be suitable for all players.


Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The Duduma Polarized sunglasses have a filter that reduces glare from reflecting surfaces. The sunglasses are lightweight and durable, and they have features that include a 100% UV400 lens that blocks UVA, UVB, and blue light. They also have anti-scratch coatings that make the glasses harder and stronger. They are available in multiple colors. They come with a soft microfiber pouch for protection and soft glasses cloth for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Glare filter
  • 100% UV400 lens
  • Anti-scratch coatings
  • Soft microfiber pouch
  • Soft glasses cloth
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Brand: Duduma
  • Lens width: 64 mm
  • There are different colors to suit player’s preferences
  • The glasses block out UVA, UVB, and blue light up to 400 mm wavelength
  • The anti-scratch coatings prevent scratches and make the glasses harder
  • The soft microfiber pouch protects the sunglasses
  • The soft glasses cloth is suitable for cleaning the glasses
  • The glasses are ideal for people with broad faces
  • Some reviewers complain about the durability of the frame


Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 XL Rectangular sunglasses

Oakley’s half jacket is 69 mm wide, and it has plutonite lenses that offer high protection against UV light. The lenses filter out UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light up to 400 mm wavelength. The glasses are comfortable, offer clarity and protection against impact. The lenses are interchangeable and optimize performance in any environment. The half jacket features an O Matter stress-resistant frame that provides lightweight comfort. O Matter is from molded thermoplastic, and it increases the flexibility and durability of the glasses. Another feature is the patented high definition optics (HDO) for sharp vision at all angles. The ear socks and nose pads are from Unobtanium, and they increase grip and provide a custom grip during perspiration. The glasses come with a micro bag for cleaning and storage. They are available in several colors and styles to suit all positions. Users can choose between polarized, iridium or photochromic lenses, and there is also an option for prescription lenses.

Key Features:

  • Plutonite lenses
  • High definition optics
  • O Matter stress-resistant frame
  • Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Multiple frames and lens system
  • Oakley authentic prescription lenses
  • Polarized, iridium and photochromic options


  • Brand: Oakley
  • Lens width: 62 mm and 29 mm
  • Lenses filter out UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light
  • Comfortable glasses with clarity and protection from impact
  • High definition optics offer sharp vision at every angle
  • O Matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight, durable and provides all-day comfort
  • The O Matter is from molded thermoplastic, and it provides flexibility and strength that can withstand deforming with time
  • There is a wide range of styles and colours for players to choose
  • Players can use the glasses with prescription glasses
  • The lens is interchangeable to suit different environment
  • Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads offer comfort and increase grip during perspiration
  • The glasses are available in 29 mm and 62 mm to suit players of all levels
  • The Sunglasses are expensive


O2O Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The O2O polarized sunglasses are incredibly lightweight sunglasses that provide a custom fit. The polarized lenses prevent glare, and the lenses are optically crazy. The glasses are UV proof and resistant to impact. The frame of the O2O polarized sunglasses is Tr90 which is non-slip and strong. The glasses are scratch-resistant and windproof. The glasses allow air to circulate through them and reduce fog. The glasses are available in several colors, and there is a 30- day money-back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, scratch-resistant glasses
  • Optically correct, polarized lenses
  • Eye armor
  • UV proof
  • Tr90 non-slip frame


  • Brand: O2O
  • The lenses are optically correct, offering a clear vision
  • The glasses are lightweight, weighing less than one pound
  • The eye armor is made up of the frame, lens, nose pads, and ear socks protect the eyes, and they are impact resistant
  • The polarized sunglasses filter 100% of UV light
  • The non-slip frame is firm and provides a secure fit
  • There is air circulation that prevents fog on the lens during perspiration
  • The glasses are available in different colors, and the colors are durable
  • There are a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty
  • Some reviewers complain that the glasses are not sturdy


Nike Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses

Nike is a renowned brand for quality sports apparel. The Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses have a one-piece lens that enhances contrast and gives a wide range of vision. The lenses are interchangeable, and they have Nike + Zeiss optics that provide clarity and perception. The sunglasses are well ventilated, with a self-adjusting nose bridge that offers a custom fit. The glasses are lightweight, and they have rubber channels in the temple arms. The rubber channels prevent fogging and moisture during perspiration, and they increase airflow and grip.

Key Features:

  • One-piece design
  • Nike + Zeiss optics
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Self-adjusting nose bridge
  • An aerodynamic combined lens frame
  • Rubber channels in temple arms


  • Brand: Nike
  • The one-piece design improves the range of vision
  • The Nike v+ Zeiss optics provide clarity and perception
  • The lens is interchangeable to suit different positions
  • The nose bridge is self-adjusting, giving a custom fit
  • The aerodynamic combined lens frame provides wind resistance
  • The rubber channels in the temple arms give enough ventilation to prevent fogging and moisture during perspiration
  • The rubber channels also improve airflow and grip
  • The Sunglasses are expensive


Easton Ultra-lite Z-bladz Junior

The Ultra-lite Z-bladz junior sunglasses are specifically for young players. The lenses are from polycarbonate material, and they are shatterproof. The sunglasses are lightweight, weighing less than one pound, and the lenses are orange in color. These lenses suit outfielders. Another feature of the Ultra-lite Z-bladz junior sunglasses is the 100% UV protection that blocks UVA, UVB, and blue light.

Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Orange lenses


  • Brand: Easton
  • Dimensions: 6.5 × 3.5 × 2.6 inches
  • The glasses suit outfielders because of the orange lenses
  • The polycarbonate material makes the sunglasses shatterproof
  • Lightweight sunglasses
  • There is 100% UV protection
  • Only suitable for young players and small faces


Rawlings Youth Sports Sunglasses

The Rawlings youth sports sunglasses have lightweight, flexible frames that provide comfort and durability. The quality lens protection and mirror coating filters out UVA, UVB, and blue light. The sunglasses offer high clarity and a secure fit with their wrap-around frames. The sunglasses have a semi-rimless design that is easy to clean and provides an unrestricted view. The Rawlings youth sunglasses are available in several colors and stylish designs.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, flexible frames
  • Quality lens protection
  • Mirror coating
  • Wrap-around frames
  • Semi-rimless design
  • No-slip performance


  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Several color options to suit players preferences
  • Stylish designs
  • Semi-rimless design aids easy cleaning and offers an unrestricted view
  • The lens filters out UVA, UVB and blue light
  • Wrap-around frames provide a secure fit and no-slip performance
  • The sunglasses are comfortable and durable
  • The glasses do not come with accessories such as a case for storage or a soft cloth for cleaning
  • The nose pads fall off
  • The sunglasses are only available in small sizes.


Flex Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The flex polarized sunglasses are premium sunglasses that offer a universal fit with an adjustable nose piece. The lenses are wide and ultra-clear with natural vision. The frame is from TR90 Swiss technology material that is tough and flexible. The glasses are suitable for all head shapes and players across all levels. The lenses offer UV protection, and the TAC material provides better clarity. The flex polarized sunglasses are available in three colors. Accessories that come with the glasses include a hard clam case for storage and a soft pouch for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable nose pads
  • TR90 Swiss technology material for an ultra-tough frame
  • Superior clarity HD lens
  • TAC material for lenses
  • UV protection coating


  • Brand: FLEX
  • Dimensions: 17 × 15.1 × 4 cm
  • There are three available colors to suit player’s preferences
  • Adjustable nose pads provide a secure fit and optimize comfort
  • TR90 material makes the frame Ultra-tough and strong
  • Superior clarity lens provides an ultra-clear lens with natural vision
  • TAC material improves clarity
  • The UV protection coating blocks UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light
  • Hard clam case with clip keeps the glasses safe
  • Soft pouch is suitable for cleaning the lens
  • It is ideal for men, women, and teenagers
  • The Sunglasses are affordable
  • The glasses do not fit snugly


JiMarti Sunglasses Sports Wrap

The JiMarti Sunglasses have a TR90 material that makes the frame sturdy and rigid. The glasses weigh less than one ounce which makes them lightweight. The nose piece is padded and provides comfort. Other features include a flexible frame and UV400 lens that offers UV protection. The lenses are from polycarbonate, and they are shatterproof. The glasses are suitable for low light conditions, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the glasses. The sunglasses also have a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame and lens.

Key Features:

  • TR90 memory material
  • Flex frame
  • UV400 lens with mirror
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Padded nose piece


  • Brand: JiMarti
  • The glasses offer comfort and a custom fit
  • It is suitable for low light conditions
  • Flex frame is durable and comfortable
  • TR90 memory material makes the sunglasses lightweight and sturdy
  • UV400 lens provides UV protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof
  • Padded nose piece gives a secure fit
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime breakage warranty covers the frame and lens
  • The glasses are not polarized
  • There are limited color options
  • It is not scratch resistant


Ideaplus Sports Sunglasses

The Ideaplus sunglasses are shatterproof, anti-reflection glasses. They have polarized lenses with UV protection that blocks harmful UV and blue light. The glasses have three anti-glare lenses that are interchangeable, and the Lenses are 0.6 inches wide. The lenses offer an optimal viewing angle, and they are anti-scratch. Other features of the glasses include a ban innovative tilting frame design which aids adjustment of the glasses in three different angles. The frame is from a novelty flex resin which improves the fit and makes folding for easy storage.

Key Features:

  • Anti-scratch shatterproof glasses
  • Polarized UV lenses
  • UV protection
  • 360-degree protection
  • Three anti-glare lenses
  • Tilting frame design
  • Flex resin frame


  • Brand: Ideaplus
  • Width: 0.6 inches
  • The glasses are sturdy and shatterproof
  • The colors do not scratch
  • The polarized UV lenses and UV protection filter UV and blue light while protecting the eyes
  • The lens is wide enough for an optimal viewing angle while providing 360-degree protection
  • There are three interchangeable anti-glare lenses to suit environmental conditions
  • The tilting frame design offers an active system for adjustment in three different angles
  • The novelty flex resin frame is comfortable and allows folding and easy storage
  • The installation and disassembly of the lens require patience
  • Too much pressure during disassembly can damage the lens


Rawlings 26 Mirrored Sunglasses

The Rawlings 26 Mirrored Sunglasses are from plastic material, and they have polycarbonate lenses that are shatterproof and resistant to impact. The lenses are hydrophobic and repel dirt, water and oil. The glasses have a semi-rimless wrap style for a wide viewing range and rubber temple arms for durability and a comfortable fit. The glasses also offer 100% UV protection, and they have rubber nose pads for a secure fit. There is a one year warranty on this sunglasses, and it is available in orange lens.

Key Features:

  • Plastic material
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Semi-rimless wrap style
  • Rubble temple arms
  • Hydrophobic, coated lens
  • UV protection
  • Rubber nose pads


  • Brand: Rawlings
  • The glasses are durable, shatterproof, and resistant to impact
  • The hydrophobic, coated lens is resistant to water, dirt, and oil
  • It is easy to clean
  • Wide range of vision with the semi-rimless design
  • Rubber temple arms offer comfort and a secure fit
  • There is protection against UVA and UVB light
  • Rubber nose pads provide a non-slip and secure fit
  • There’s a one year warranty on the glasses
  • The lenses are available only in orange colour

Buying Guide Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about softball sunglasses. Do well to follow through.

What are the best sunglasses for softball?

Softball sunglasses protect the eyes during a game by blocking out UV rays. The best sunglasses for softball include Ewin E11, Oakley Radar EV XS Path, UA Tuned Changeup, etc.

Can softball pitchers wear sunglasses?

There is no rule forbidding a pitcher from wearing sunglasses. However, the glare from sunglasses can distract the batter. Therefore, it is best practice for pitchers to wear clear glasses or sunglasses that do not shine distracting light on the batter or umpire’s face

Are Polarized sunglasses good for sports?

When the sun hits shiny surfaces, there is a rebound of light at 900 to create horizontal, polarized waves. Polarized sunglasses do not allow these horizontal waves to pass through them. For sports involving water, polarized sunglasses are essential. In ball sports, there is brighter, direct sunlight than polarized light. It is recommended that players use glasses with mirror coating and lens tint to enhance vision.

Can you wear glasses while playing softball?

You can only wear sports sunglasses when playing softball because regular sunglasses do not stay secure on your face during a game. The best sunglasses for a match are secure ones without needing adjustments after every play.

Do catchers wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be uncomfortable and also affect the field of vision of a catcher. It is best practice for a catcher to use sun visors because they stay on the helmet.

Why can’t pitchers wear sunglasses?

Dark sunglasses can shine distracting glare on a batter or umpire’s face. It is best if a pitcher uses clear glasses or sunglasses that do not emit a distracting glare.

Which brand of polarized sunglasses is the best?

There are top brands that produce high-quality polarized sunglasses. The five best brands include Oakley, Nike, Rawlings, Rivbos, Easton, and Ewin

What are the disadvantages of polarized sunglasses?

Although polarized sunglasses block out glare, some of them do not block out UV light. Other disadvantages of polarized sunglasses include not being suitable in low-light situations and for looking at LCD screens. Polarized sunglasses are also not ideal for people whose sight may be sensitive to how the lenses change the lighting.


Sunglasses not only protect a player from UV light and glare it is also stylish. This article is a review of the best softball sunglasses and some buying guide questions. Kindly follow through to select the suitable sunglasses that suit your preferences.