Wilson A800 Softball Glove Review


Every athlete has a gear they hold dearly, regardless of how small or large it is. Softball is an elite sport with different playing positions; that means, what matters to each player differs in this sport. For batters or hitters, having a good bat is significant to take hits without missing; for catchers, a great glove is the most consequential.

If you buy a glove today without checking in with specific features to ensure it is the right choice, you may end up regretting that decision. With a proper guide, such as this Wilson A800 Softball Glove review, you should have a better understanding of a safety net. If you aren’t interested in getting a fastpitch glove, you should know that this article is not for you before proceeding.

Wilson A800 Softball Glove


Wilson won’t describe itself as a mediocre brand because it combines excellence with affordability so that every player on a Softball diamond can get something useful to use. They make their products with some of the best materials available to achieve durability and strength at the highest maximum. It isn’t a surprise that there is much rivalry between Wilson and several other sports brands (especially those in Softball) on the market today.

Wilson A Series is nothing less than exceptional because the various models are designed for fastpitch and slowpitch enthusiasts. The A800 Softball Glove is another fantastic glove designed for professional players that want a game-ready and out-of-the-wrapper performance. This glove can get you through any game season, as long as you are ready for it.


Material Construction: Wilson A800 Softball Glove is a fastpitch catcher’s mitt made of exclusive ecco leather, which guarantees comfort and easy maneuverability. Ideally, not many gloves can provide such an exquisite feel, but this glove does; hence, it is always worth the money. It is crafted further with a unique patented Dual-Welting Finger design to ensure a more stable pocket and the shape-retaining ability for long-time use.

Padding: Following this glove’s high-quality leather, it has a Sorbothane, shock-absorbing palm pad for great comfort and hand protection. It is a feature responsible for resisting impact; thus, you can catch flyballs coming at a high velocity with much confidence without hand sting. Additionally, it has a 2x Palm construction with a palm liner to ensure great comfort further.

Heel: Wilson A800 Softball Glove has a low-profile heel to ensure that a player catches bad-hop ground balls easily.


Comfortable and Lightweight

Decently durable

2x palm construction for enhanced strength

Improved performance with low profile heel

Delivers a game-ready feel

Built with a stable pocket

An ideal choice for catching bad-hop ground balls


Break-in takes a little more time


How Durable is the Wilson A800 Glove?

The A800 Glove is different in several ways. One of the factors that make the difference is its durability, as it comes as an all-leather design – ecco material. Due to the quality of this material, it maintains a good amount of comfort with a normal breaking-in time while being useful for a long time.

What is the Difference Between the Wilson A600 and Wilson A800 Glove?

Often, most amateur players find it difficult deciding what to use between two almost-similar gloves like the Wilson A600 and A800. However, the differences are right there to tell what’s perfect or not. The A800 is a fastpitch glove with a low-profile heel, while the A600 is a slowpitch glove with a decent performance.

See the Wilson A600 Softball Glove review here.

What Makes the Wilson A800 Special?

If you consider various factors, you will discover Wilson A800 is a special glove. For instance, it features a Sorbothane palm padding to ensure comfort and provide shock and impact resistance. It also has a dual-welting finger design to enable pocket stability so that balls at a high velocity are easy to catch.


Having read this Wilson A800 Softball Glove review, there is no doubt that you will be more convinced on why you should go for the brand and none other. There is so much Wilson has to offer, even if this fastpitch glove isn’t what you’re looking for.