8 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats in 2021

Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All Association

Easton Ghost2 ASA

Easton Rival Slowpitch Softball Bat

A bat is an essential kit that is common to both baseball and softball. The bat’s primary function is to hit the ball pitched towards the batter in a Softball. You can say the Bats are as old as the softball game itself, although there are games that made use of bat during the Egyptian era. However, none of them gained widespread popularity, like the game of softball and baseball.

Softball started as an indoor game in 1887 and was popularly referred to as mushball or kitten ball. However, in 1888, it gained so much fame that it had to be taken outdoor. The softball game is said to have originated from baseball, hence their similarities. The Softball and baseball kit are so similar and can only be differentiated upon closer inspection of some of the equipment, play style, and rules associated with both games. These similarities can be overwhelming, but a few factors are still used to differentiate the two games. For example, bats used in baseball are shorter than those of softball. The name softball was given to this newfound game in the year 1920; the formation of the Amateur softball association of America in the year 1933 also helped boost the popularity of the game.

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The bat is an integral part of the softball game that should be taken with utmost seriousness as a player; When getting a bat, it is paramount you are familiar with the history of bats, be it baseball or Softball. Also, certain things should be considered before getting a bat, things like manufacturer, materials used in construction, strength, and durability and most importantly, your budget.

Slowpitch is a pitching style in Softball and is achieved when the ball is thrown without the typical spinning motion that comes with a fast pitch; slow pitch balls are thrown much slower than fastpitch. In most softball organizations and leagues, the slow pitch ball is expected to be thrown in a 6-12 foot high arc; if the pitcher fails to meet this requirement, the umpire can deem the pitch illegal and rule it out. Achieving a slow pitch in softball requires a lot of practice and utmost precision. In softball, before a bat can be approved in a game, it has to be certified by different bodies. There are five major governing bodies for fastpitch and slowpitch Softball. These organizations include the United States specialty sports association(USSSA), Independent Softball Association(ISA), Amateur softball association(ASA), National softball association(NSA), and the International Softball Federation(ISF). All leagues and tournaments will abide by one or more of these governing bodies; the certification of your softball bat depends on the body governing the league you play in; for your softball bat to be certified, it has to be tested. The bat can only be approved for use when it bears the stamp of the governing body of your league. The largest of these governing bodies are the ASA and the USSSA. Once your bat is approved, it means it has been built to the governing bodies’ required standard, assuring two things, Players’ safety and a leveled playing field equipment-wise.

The Best Slowpitch Baseball Bats Are Reviewed Below

There are different types of significant bats out there, and choosing one is a difficult task, especially bats that boost the execution of some styles. Aside from practicing, achieving a slow pitch in softball requires the right bats too. To flawlessly execute this move, you need the right bat in your arsenal. Here are some best slowpitch baseball bats in 2021


Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All Association

The miken exclusive 2021 chaos slowpitch softball bat is a piece designed explicitly for the slowpitch game. This piece is made from a hundred percent alloy which increases the durability and longevity of the bat. Getting this bat guarantees you long-lasting and efficient use. This bat is made for adults in the game, and it boasts of top-notch design, performance. The bat also features a reflex technology alloy composition, which improves performance and increases the barrel flex. If you are on the lookout for a durable and efficient bat, this is the bat for you; it maximizes bat speed and hitting distance, thereby enabling you to improve your overall performance as a player. Another great feature of this bat is that it is made up of a whopping fourteen inches barrel length and a 0.5 oz XL endload that increases the hitting power of this bat. If you are a softball player looking to improve your hitting range, you should consider this bat; it will help you boost your range and give you a sense of improvement in no time. This bat is perfection at its peak; whether it is being used in a competition or during a fun game, this bat is sure to add extra value to your game. This bat possesses a large sweet spot, good pop and can be referred to as an all-rounder as it is excellent in almost every way. If you are looking for a durable and efficient bat, then you should consider the miken exclusive chaos is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • It possesses fourteen inches barrel length.
  • it features the Eflex technology alloy composition
  • Bat made of 0.5 oz XL endload


  • Brand: Miken
  • Model: Exclusive 2021 Chaos all association slowpitch softball bat
  • Dimension: 86. 36 x 5.08 x 5.08, 748 grams.
  • Bat is durable and efficient
  • It possesses a large sweet spot
  • It boasts of a long-hitting range
  • Bats helps in adding more power to your swing
  • The bat is approved for use in all slowpitch softball leagues.
  • Long break-in period.


Easton Ghost2 ASA

As said earlier, when getting a bat, one of the things you should consider is the brand. Some brands are well known for producing quality sporting kits; one of those famous brands is the Easton. Once you see an Easton product in the market, be rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Although their product might be a bit high on the cash side, you will be getting serious value for your money. The Easton ghost2 is undoubtedly one of the best bats on the planet; this masterpiece boasts quality construction and top-notch design in its making. The XTX extra tough resin matrix used in its construction boosts the bat’s strength; this particular factor ranks the bat higher than its counterparts in the market. The Easton special double-barrel design is utilized to produce this bat with the patented two-piece connexion + technology. Mere looking at the materials used in the construction of this bat, one will see the quality in its construction. This bat also boasts maximum performance, thanks to the optimized swing weight with great barrel flex and sturdy carbon zero handle, which provides players with more comfort when the bat is in use. The grip of the bat is impressive, and at the same time, boast of comfort unlike no other. This bat features a barrel length of 13.5 inches designed to provide you with maximum performance. The Easton ghost2 ASA is approved by the ASA, USA softball, and the ISF. Although this bat is a bit costly, if you are armed with some extra cash, you can go for it! It will provide you with the required quality a softball bat is meant to have. Also, the durability of this bat is outstanding. If you are on the hunt for a bat with superior construction coupled with fashionable design, then you should strongly consider this masterpiece produced by Easton.

Key Features:

  • Double barrel design
  • Made with the XTX extra tough resin matrix
  • Bat possesses 13.5 inches barrel length


  • Brand: Easton
  • Model: Ghost2 ASA slowpitch softball bat
  • Dimension: 34 x 2 x 2 inches,1.7 pounds
  • The bat is durable and efficient
  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • The bat features quality materials in its production
  • It is approved by ASA, USA softball, and the ISF
  • It helps in increasing players performance
  • It takes a long period to break-in


Easton Rival Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Easton brand is a brand that needs no introduction; they are well known for their quality sporting kits. The Easton rival softball bat is a one-piece bat made out of ALX50 military-grade alloy. The barrel length of this bat is 12 inches. This bat is economical because it is affordable and provides you with excellent quality for your money. This bat also helps softball players in improving their gameplay as it maximizes bat speed and hitting distance. This bat features a large sweet spot that makes it easier for you to hit the ball as it increases the odds of a pitched ball hitting its center. The bat design is well balanced, making it easy to use. Players’ comfort is considered as you can use the bat for an extended period without worrying about vibrations that occur when hitting the ball. The Easton rival softball bat’s handle is ultra-thin with an all-sport grip for cushion that aids its use in any weather conditions. You won’t have any problem using this bat in a major tournament as it has been certified by ASA, USA, ISF, USSSA, NSA, and ISA. This is a must-get-quality bat for softball players and a go-to bat if you need a top-quality bat that is affordable.

Key Features:

  • 12 inches barrel length
  • One-piece bat
  • Made out of the ALX 50 Alloy


  • Brand: Easton
  • Model: Rival slowpitch softball bat
  • Dimension: 21 x 12 x 4
  • The bat is easy to use
  • Nice sound and pop
  • It is approved for all leagues
  • It is affordable
  • It is efficient and durable
  • The player might feel a slight sting when using this bat.


Miken 2021 Last call USSSA Maxload

The miken max load is a great bat that boasts excellent control and balanced. This bat helps increase your confidence as a player as it is equipped with so many features that will help you maximize your potentials in softball. This bat is made with the miken’s triple matrix core technology that increases the sweet spot of the bat, thus boosting its performance. The maxload’s sweet spot is quite large, making it easier to hit the ball with it. The balanced feel and excellent control of this bat result from the technology used in its construction and the sweet spot. A large sweet spot ensures that the ball hits the right part of the bat and goes off in the hitter’s projected direction giving the hitter absolute control over the ball. This bat is also equipped with the F2P barrel flex technology and the 100 COMP composite fibers That help increase the durability, strength, and performance of the bat—this bat boasts a 12 inches barrel length and 26 oz bat weight. The 100% carbon fiber barrel helps increase the performance of the bat by shooting the ball to the farthest distance once the ball comes in contact with the bat. The durability of this bat exceeds expectations as the bat can be used for a long time and in any weather condition. This bat is advisable for players that travel a lot and are not sure of what the temperature in their next stop is going to look like. Overall the miken max load is a great bat that can be used in playing recreational or competitive slowpitch softball. Players, coaches, or softball enthusiasts looking to get a durable bat with high performance in any weather should strongly consider this bat.

Key Features:

  • The bat is made from the triple matrix core technology
  • It possesses 12 inches barrel length
  • It is equipped with F2P barrel flex technology
  • It has a 100% carbon fiber barrel


  • Brand: Miken
  • Model: Last call USSSA maxload
  • Dimension: 34 x 3 x 3 inches.
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • It is durable and efficient
  • The bat is easy to use
  • It possesses a large sweet spot that makes hitting easier
  • 12 inches barrel length is a bit short
  • The bat is expensive


Demarini Nautalai USA Endload

When talking about brand that produces excellent sporting kits, the DeMarini brand is one of them. The Demarini brand is like a household name in the world of Softball and baseball; they are pretty famous for their dedication to producing top-quality kits that will serve players for a long time. This same dedication is shown in the production of the nautalai. The bat features a continuous fiber barrel wall that gives you an outstanding performance from the moment you start using it till you decide to change the bat. With this Demarini bat, you will have no cause to complain over anything. The toughness of the bat is increased as a result of the ZnX alloy material used in making the handle. This material not only increase the toughness but also improves its durability. This material helps boost the overall performance of the bat; this bat is end-loaded, making control easier and more comfortable for you as a player. Once the ball comes in contact with this bat, it sends the ball in the direction the hitter wants. This 13 inches bat possesses various designs that distinguish it from the other bat and enable people to have different designs. Overall the Demarini nautalai is a great bat and should be considered by softball players looking to get a quality bat.

Key Features:

  • The bat handle is made from ZnX alloy material
  • Bat boast of 13 inches barrel length
  • Bat is equipped with continuous fiber wall


  • Brand: Demarini
  • Model: Nautalai USA Endload
  • Dimension: 29.81 x 2.94 x 2.94 inches, 1.65 pounds
  • The continuous fiber wall provides the bat with impeccable performance.
  • The bat is easy to use
  • It is efficient and durable
  • It boasts of a massive sweet spot
  • It helps improve players Hit
  • A bit high on the pricey side.


Mizuno 2021 Crush-Endload

The Mizuno 2021 crush endload is easily among the top slowpitch bats. However, it is a bit expensive, but in return you have an excellent bat. This bat boasts an end long swing weight that helps add power to your hit and send the ball to the farthest distance on hitting the bat. The detonator cor, which is the Mizuno patent design, helps create low barrel compression, which helps increase bat performance and reduce the bat’s impact sound. The Dual frequency dampener present in the Mizuno crush is made by utilizing two different materials; this feature reduces the vibration felt by the player when the bat comes in contact with the ball boosting the player’s performance. This bat boasts a short break-in period, making it better and different from most bats in the market. The short break-in period and durability of this bat result from the black onyx carbon materials used in the construction of the bat. The triple wall present in the bat construction helps give the player maximized bat performance. Also, the large sweet spot helps give more power and control over the ball. As a player, you should consider getting this bat.

Key Features:

  • A Dual-frequency dampener is present
  • Triple wall
  • Black Onyx carbon used in the bat


  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Model: Mizuno 2021 Crush endload
  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 Inches, 1.9 pounds
  • It boasts durability and efficiency, all thanks to the black Onyx carbon used in its build.
  • It is easy to use
  • It boosts players hitting power
  • It is easy to control and comfortable to use for an extended .period
  • Bat is costly


Combat Virus Plague USSSA Slowpitch Bat VipG4

This bat is one of a kind; It is a great bat; players should note this bat as it will serve you well in the long run. The bat is made with combat-proven seamless construction and is fused with a strand of fibers that run the length of the bat that helps give the bat uniform strength and consistent performance. This bat also features a large sweet spot which provides the player with a confidence boost, optimized hit, and effective swing with a game. This bat is made of composite materials, which gives the bat durability and solidity; even when used roughly, the bat will still last a couple of seasons. The handle of this bat features the ultra-premium lizard skin in its production; this enables players to have a firm grip and absolute control over this well-balanced bat. The combat virus is approved by the USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA. Getting this bat will help improve your gameplay as a softball player.

Key Features:

  • The handle is made out of ultra-premium lizard skin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Bat is made out of combat-proven seamless


  • Brand: Combat
  • Model: Virus Plague USSSA slowpitch bat VIPG4
  • Dimension: 6.99 x 6.99 x 90.17cm, 952.54 gram.
  • Bat boast of a large sweet spot, which makes hitting easier
  • It boasts of combat-proven seamless, which gives bat high durability and efficiency
  • It is easy to control and comfortable to use as a result of the ultra-premium lizard skin used in the handle of the bat
  • Bat is Approved by the NSSSA, ISF, NSA, ISA, which means the bat can be used in any competition or tournament.
  • The player feels slight vibration once the ball comes in contact with the bat.


Louisville Slugger Z-4000 Backman Shoppe Powerload SBZ416U Slowpitch Softball Bat

Louisville is a famous brand in baseball and Softball, this brand has been around for a long time, and they are well known for producing quality kits in the sporting world. This brand is tested, trusted, and approved. All products from this brand are made from quality materials. Although Louisville products might be a bit expensive, there is guaranteed quality on all products from this brand. As a softball player aiming to get a reliable bat, Louisville is a brand you should be on the lookout for. This bat boast 100% composite material used in its construction; the barrel of this bat is large, which is suitable for heavy-duty performance in a slowpitch softball game. You wouldn’t have any problem hitting the ball as the bat comes with a large sweet spot. The composite material used in the production of this bat runs throughout the 12 inches length of the bat, which makes the bat sturdy, durable and efficient. This Louisville bat boasts a three-piece design that ensures solid insulation between the handle and the barrel. This design causes vibration generated from the barrel to be redirected back into the barrel instead of the player’s hand. This phenomenon boosts the comfortability of using this bat as the user will feel little or no vibrations on their palm. This bat is equipped with aggressive swing weight, making it more suitable for power hitters; this bat’s large sweet spot makes hitting easy and increases the players’ range. This bat is fun to use in recreational and standard competitions. This bat can be used in softball games as it has approval from the USSSA, NSA, and ISA. If you are a power hitter or looking to increase your hitting range, then you should go for this masterpiece produced by Louisville.

Key Features:

  • 12 inches bat length
  • 100% composite material used in the make of bat
  • Large sweet spot


  • Brand: Louisville Slugger
  • Model: Z-4000 Backman Shoppe Power load SBZ416U Softball Bat
  • Dimension: 7 x 7 x 90.2 cm
  • It is suitable for power hitters
  • It helps improve players hitting range
  • It is easy to use
  • It is durable and Efficient
  • 12 inches barrel length feel short
  • The bat is a bit high on the cash side.

Buying Guide Questions

The answer to common questions asked by people on getting softball bats is provided in this section. This should provide you with the adequate knowledge you need to get your own softball bat.

What is the best slowpitch softball bat on the market?

This is a frequently asked question in Softball, But there is no conclusive answer because there are so many functional and quality bats with different attractive features that will blow your mind. However, there are qualities you must consider in a bat; design, budget, efficiency, functionality, durability, and brand. When a bat possesses these qualities, then it can be considered as an excellent bat. Although the best bat is objective as people pick different bats to fit the best, this depends on the qualities they are looking for in a bat.

What is the hottest slow pitch softball bat?

The hottest slowpitch baseball bat is of varieties; various bats on the market are of excellent quality. There are brands like Miken, Easton, Louisville, and Demarini dedicated to producing quality bats. These are the brands at the top of the food chain when it comes to bat production. Their products are referred to as the hottest in Softball.

What softball bat has the most pop?

This is a frequently asked question in Softball; There are various bats with great pop out there; however, one stands out as it possesses a huge sweet spot and produces maximum pop and incredible sound. This bat is none other than the Louisville Slugger LXT X20. However, there are other bats with great pop. To get a bat with great pop, you should consider the Louisville, Easton, miken, and Demarini brands.

What is the best softball bat for hitting home runs?

The best bat for hitting a home run is a question that is frequently asked; in this category, the miken and Demarini are both kings. As a player, you should strongly consider these brands as they are very suitable for home runs more than other softball bats.

What bats are legal for slow pitch softball?

In Slowpitch softball, the bats that are considered legal, that is, bat that can be used in any competition, are bats with the USSSA stamp to show they are USSSA approved. These are the only bats that can be used across all competitions in slowpitch softball.

What is better, ASA or USSSA bats?

ASA is considered the most strictly regulated association in Softball; ASA bats stick with 98mph batted ball speed standard while the USSSA approved bat with over 100 mph batted ball speed standards, making them much more efficient than ASA approved bats.

What is the hottest ASA softball bat?

The best ASA-approved bats include the Demarini Flipper OG, Miken freak Platinum, Easton rival slowpitch softball bat, and a host of others. One will notice that the names popping up are from the major brands; this should give you a sense of what to expect from these brands and give you a basic knowledge of what to go for when getting your own bat.

How many hits can a softball bat take?

This is a significant question As most people want to know the number of hits a softball bat can take to break it in. To break in a softball bat will require about 150 – 200 hits at half power to break in the bat’s fiber for regular use and most pop.

Does softball bat lose their pop?

This is a question that usually pops up; sadly, yes, the bat does lose their pop. The pop is one factor that shouldn’t be compromised in a bat; when the bat loses its trampoline-like effect, you should strongly consider replacing it.


Knowing the right bat for you is essential, also knowing what to look for in a bat and the right brand is crucial to you as a player. Before getting a softball bat, you should do extensive research so you won’t make a decision you will regret. A list of the best bats in the market has been compiled to help you in your quest to find the best slowpitch softball bat for you.