Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Series Review


As a catcher, you wouldn’t go into a Softball or Baseball game without ever considering the choice of your gloves. It is a significant thing to consider since the entire game depends on your ability to catch fly balls. On the other side, a player isn’t ready to give it all up to your team winning; hence, he gets the best bat he can lay hold on to take speedy shots.

With the best hand gloves, you can catch balls without being affected by the impact because there are features in place for protecting your fingers. For instance, you should look out for features like webbing, pocket depth, and laces if you want the glove to serve a great purpose. See this Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Series review for more details.

Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Series


Mizuno has never been prouder of becoming one of the best manufacturers of sports equipment and accessories. The brand ensures there is a great provision of these items to athletes for a hassle-free experience. Some of the sports items you will find on the brand’s collection include Bats, Hand gloves, Shoes, etc.

Mizuno GCF123 Classic Series Glove is every catcher’s choice, particularly those interested in fastpitch games. It has the perfect styling and fit to ensure flying softballs are easy to catch. More importantly, the hand glove is integrated with one of the best materials and webbing to ensure it stays in shape at all times.


Material Construction: Mizuno GCF123 Classic Fastpitch Series is a special glove made of originally pre-oiled Throwback leather for great durability and texture. It is one of the richest materials in making hand gloves, especially one that concerns Softballs. Overall, it makes the perfect fit for every adult female player.

Ultra Pro Soft New Palm Liner: The glove is further packed with a liner and vertical laced heels that ensure a decent and seamless break-in. These features enhance its appearance, giving it a smooth finish. They also ensure that the glove is a customizable fit because of its break-in hinge.

Pattern and Webbing: Mizuno GCF123 Glove has an open back design and a 2.5-inch pattern, making it the most suitable choice for female Softball players. Furthermore, it has a Roll Welting feature to ensure proper support for the fingers; it works hand-in-hand with the Deep 8T web to keep fly balls from getting away.


Easy to use

The ideal female fastball glove

Integrated with Roll Welting for improved structure

Smooth and Soft Finish

Durable and Reliable

Adjustable Comfort Strap

Superior handcrafted design



Limited support for the fingers

The break-in period requires a little more time than usual


Is this the Glove for Little Girls?

Every game is categorized into different groups depending on the skills and ages of the players involved. In turn, pitch measurements and sport accessories vary in size. In Softball, kids and adults are welcomed to play, but there are specificities. First, kids will need smaller accessories or equipment designed solely for their ages; next, pitch size will be a little smaller than standard.

That being said, Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Series Glove is a choice for adult female players; hence, it isn’t ideal for little girls.

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How Long Do I Wait Till Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Glove Breaks In?

Depending on the manufacturer, gloves take a few days or weeks to finally break-in to a player’s demands. Unfortunately, Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Glove takes a few more days than usual, even as it is a customizable fit. Within that time, you must constantly put it to use.

How Durable Is This Glove?

One of the best-selling features of this glove is its excellent durability due to its Throwback Leather material. This material has also been pre-oiled to improve its texture and quality for great performance both during and off-season.


What you may have been looking for in a glove all this time could have been one of Mizuno’s best creations. With this Mizuno GCF1253 Classic Fastpitch Series review, you should be able to make the right decisions for yourself against your next Softball game.