Worth Legit Highlighter Review


The sports brand, Worth, has never stood in the way of the success of many players because it understands the essence of winning. Likewise, it makes sure softball hitters get a chance at better swings without being compromised in any way. Currently, there are different editions or models of the brand’s bat, in which the Legit series is the best-seller.

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Worth Legit Highlighter is one of many models from this brand; however, it is a limited edition. Following the construction of this bat, as it will be described below, it is a USSSA-approved slowpitch bat suitable for tournaments because of its consistency. If you are a power hitter and need a slowpitch bat with a long barrel, the Highlighter is ideal.


Material Construction: Worth Legit Highlighter, like every incredible bat from the brand, and others in the industry, is made of 100% carbon fiber. This material is strong, durable, and with a good advantage so that it makes consistent hits. It has a 13.5-inch barrel with an extended, reactive sweet spot that moves across 360 degrees and maintenance ultra-level consistency.

Design: This two-piece bat features the brand’s 220+ Advantage Technology for the sole purpose of maximizing the carbon fiber volume by 5%. The purpose of doing that is to ensure that the wall seams are eliminated by carbonization. Furthermore, the Highlighter series has an alloy handle with Vulcan bat grips, packed with Flex 50 technology for comfort, flex, swing speed, and barrel loading.


The ideal choice for power hitting and monster hits

Optimized flex and control

Great handle and grip

Incredible swing speed

End-loaded for excellent power

Maintains consistency by extending the sweet spot

Durable with optimal barrel loading


Only 1,500 of these bats is available


The features packed into this Highlighter bat raises some questions; below are a few often-asked ones.

Who Uses the Worth Legit Highlighter Bat?

This bat is designed for power softball hitters interested in making faster hits – more than they ever did. It is packed with features such as 220+ Advantage Technology and Flex 50 Technology to ensure it is possible. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is used in many tournaments.

Why Is it a Limited Edition?

The Worth Legit Highlighter Bat is only meant for a selected few; not everyone deserves to use this powerful slowpitch bat. As simple as it looks, only professionals can handle it following its long length, fast swing speed, and end-loading. Only 1,500 of these bats are currently available on the market; hence, it is a limited edition.

How Consistent is the Legit Highlighter Bat?

The consistency of hits is one of the reasons why most softball players buy Worth bats. However, there is something even more interesting about this Legit Highlighter series – it is extremely reactive. The bat is also designed so that the sweet spot can extend across a 360-degree surface, which means superb consistency.


Worth Legit Highlighter review doesn’t only teach you what to check out in a bat when you’re about to buy one; it also describes what makes models different from each other. If this long barrel bat is what you need, you should make concerted efforts to get one out of the 1,500 available.