Worth Legit Purcell Review


Worth is one of those brands with utmost commitment to make sure athletes, especially softball, get gloves, bats, etc., that is the perfect size or gear for them. It is one of the reasons why the brand has been top-rated for many years. Moreover, according to their signature moves, some of the brand’s bats and gloves were even named after legendary softball players.

Worth Legit Purcell is a more extraordinary bat designed for power hitters so that they get something strong and durable to maintain monster hits. The amount of power required to handle this bat directly shows that it isn’t designed for just anybody. Furthermore, this bat has an attractive appearance but doesn’t limit its performance on a softball diamond.


Material Construction: Worth Legit Purcell is crafted out of 100% composite carbon fiber material for durability and great performance. It is a 2-piece bat with a standard barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inch. It is also lightweight with a heavy end-load so that that swing speeds can be at their best.

Design: It also incorporates three types of technology for industry-leading performance – Flex 50, True1 Tech, and 220+ Advantage. Each of these technologies plays independent roles to ensure it is only the right choice for seasoned players.

Flex 50 is responsible for eliminating negative vibrations and provides shock resistance, as it improves flex and comfort. True1 Tech gives the bat a seamless feel so that the barrel can move across 360 degrees while ensuring top-notch durability. Lastly, the 220+ Advantage maximizes the carbon fiber volume to improve 5% better than the conventional bat.

Swing speed: 1 Oz. end-load

Warranty: 1-Year

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Provides shock resistance

Improves flex and barrel loading

Durable and Lightweight

Maximizes bat volume for seamless performance

Eliminates vibration and hand sting

Ensures maximum consistency

Offers more control

Packed with more power


A limited-edition of bat


If you already have questions about the Worth Legit Purcell, see below for answers.

Why Is the Worth Legit Purcell Bat Scarce?

People often don’t get why there is a limited supply of certain equipment or gear, especially one with sports on the market. If it is truly a must-have gear, why should it then be scarce? The truth is: this bat is not for everyone, only for a special set of people. You can be a professional hitter and may not have to use the Worth Legit Purcell; however, if you have to, then you shouldn’t hesitate to buy one out of the 1,500 available.

Who is the Legit Purcell Recommended To?

As mentioned earlier, the Legit Purcell Bat is not for everybody, only for seasoned hitters. Even at that, some hitters can and cannot use this bat because of its speciality. If you are a hitter that desire rocket hitting performance with a heavy endload, this bat is an ideal choice. It has a good barrel with integrated technology for insane performance.

Can the Bat Be Used in Fastpitch Games?

Regardless of how impressive this bat is, following its end load power and technology set, it is only regarded as a slowpitch bat. It is not the ideal choice for fastpitch games. If you need one for fastpitch, other options or series from the brand are available on the market.


With a slowpitch bat like this described in the Worth Legit Purcell review, you may never have to worry about a thing again. As a seasoned hitter in need of monster hits, this bat does so much to offer you the best performance.