Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt Review


Becoming a game-ready player goes a long way in your profiling as a Softball player. You have several things to consider, including your choice of brand for accessories and sports items. If you have everything in place against your next game season or practice, you are already a step ahead of the competition.

Sometimes, being an all-ready player means having the best hand gloves to catch fly balls. It should be the only thing you are worried about as a catcher because there are many unauthentic brands not interested in whether you catch it or not. However, maybe you will find the most appropriate choice for you in this Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt review.

Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt


Most male and female Softball players are quite specific about the brands they would go for if they ever had the chance to choose out of several options. The only logical reason could be how comfortable and convenient the brand’s accessories are; however, some sports brands are exceptional and make a good choice for everyone. One of many is Mizuno, known in the sports industry for its superior quality and lifelong accessories.

Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt is one of the highly recommended gloves for comfort and convenience. It is every adult female’s choice because of its professional-grade styling and structure. Its lasting durability and always-ready performance are two other reasons why it is outstanding.

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Material Construction: Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt uses a BioThrowback Pebbled Leather material that guarantees durability, strength, and performance. This material is further equipped with professional-level lace so that it fits comfortably and nice. As impressive as the Softball glove looks, it is relatively affordable and effective.

Ultra-Soft Palm Liner: This glove features an ultra-soft palm liner that provides a good and soft feel when worn. It is lightweight and comfortable due to its Ortholite Parashock Plus Palm Pad. It also comes with a V-Flex Notch and a Closed-back with PowerLock wrist strap feature that allows its easy closure without going off.

Pocket and Webbing: Mizuno MVP Fastpitch Glove has a deep pocket with a 34-inch pattern and an H-web for catching balls at high velocity. The pocket is designed under the forefinger so that the glove’s performance won’t be limited in any way. More importantly, it features a Double Hinge heel to ensure it is perfect for every adult lady to wear.


Comfortable with a snug fit

A short break-in period

Durable and Reliable

Excellent impact absorption

Easy closure


Not so great for players with larger hands


See below for questions on Mizuno MVP Fastpitch Glove.

How Durable is the Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Glove?

A significant thing that may never go wrong with most Mizuno products is durability. The brand’s gloves are made out of the finest leather materials that combine lifelong durability and ultimate comfort and convenience. However, durability is in grades/levels, and the Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch glove is only on average.

Is It A Good Choice For Every Female Player?

Undoubtedly, Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt is a glove designed primarily for female adult players so that they can “up” their skills and performance in a game. This glove is packed with all the essential features, such as a deep pocket and an adjustable wrist strap to ensure it fits snugly. The only limitation is: it is not suitable for young girls or people with larger hands.

Can You Use the Mizuno MVP In a Slowpitch Match?

Mizuno MVP is more of a fastpitch glove than a slowpitch’s. It has some crucial features that can only be found in fastpitch gloves, so catching fly balls will be made easier. If you ever decide to use this in a slowpitch match, you may not find it so comfortable; hence, you should go for the appropriate glove for the task.


As a leading manufacturer, Mizuno has done so much in the world of sports; you can see from this Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt review. If you are a lady looking for a glove to catch as many flyballs as possible in a fastpitch game, this glove is a worthy investment.