Wilson A950 Softball Glove Review


There are only a few things you would hold dear to yourself if you are an athlete. Besides basic personal needs, your sports gear and equipment are next; you cannot afford to go any less in your performance. That is why you see many popular athletes constantly checking out the latest gear from their favorite brands.

Softball has over 50 incredible brands dedicated to manufacturing incredible accessories and equipment; however, only a few of them are truly outstanding. Moreover, the ratings are based on the type of products available and their qualities. For instance, if you are looking for the best catcher’s mitt, there are only about 10 brands that assure you of excellent quality. See this Wilson A950 Softball Glove review for more information about the brand and their A-Series collection.

Wilson A950 Softball Glove


Wilson is one of those brands people underrate so much; they are remarkable and intelligent in pure honesty. This brand’s commitment is exceptional because it makes gloves, bats, and many other accessories that will assure fantastic performance during practice or gameplay. For softball players that are still in the dark on the brand they should patronize against the next game season, Wilson won’t be a bad choice to consider.

Wilson A950 Softball Glove is another popular glove choice from the A Series collection. As this brand manufactures different models, like the A1000, A2000, A600, A800, that have all proven to be efficient and incredible, this new type promises to do more. It does everything expected of a fastpitch glove; thus, there isn’t anything to worry about.

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Material Construction: Wilson A950 Softball Glove is every youth’s fastpitch glove, as it helps to make them better players. It is crafted out of a superior quality, grain Cheyenne Penny Leather that guarantees ultimate durability and an incredible game-ready feel. It is also packed with a Dual Welting technology that helps retain the shape and keeps the pocket around softballs all the time.

Design: This glove doesn’t only stand as one of the most durable choices, but it also features a standard open back design for good comfort. It also comes with a low-profile heel, enhancing maximum forgiveness and making it easy to catch “bad-hop” ground balls. Furthermore, it is custom fit, making it suitable for different wrist sizes due to the Velcro wrist strap feature

Padding: Finally, the Wilson A950 Softball Glove features a Victory Web design and a Double Palm padding for additional comfort and improved performance.

Guarantee: 100-day Guarantee


The ideal fastpitch glove for ambitious, young players

Great durability and performance

Ultimate comfort and lightweight feel

Game-ready feel


A good choice for pitchers and outfielders

Minimal Break-in




Why Should You Go for the Wilson A950 Softball Glove?

Every player has a position they play on a Softball diamond. Now, this positioning determines what kind of glove or gear they can use and whatnot. If you don’t use the correct gear, you may experience difficulties with playing or practising. For a Wilson A950 Softball Glove, any pitcher and outfielder might find it very effective to use.

Who Needs the Wilson A950 Glove?

Your skills are a description of the player you are. If you take practice seriously, coupled with using the right set of gear, you will become a professional in only a short time. However, you must be passionate and ambitious to get to that level. The Wilson A950 Glove can help along the way since it was designed primarily for young, ambitious players that want their game moved to the next level.

Is Wilson a Good Brand?

If you check the top-rated Softball brands online, there is no way you won’t find Wilson as one of them. This brand is not only a good brand, but it is interested in a player’s game performance and progress. Irrespective of the model of softball gear, i.e., glove you get, it will always be worth it.


This Wilson A950 Softball Glove review should leave you with some answers and clarity. Many young, amateur players that find it difficult deciding what to use can go ahead with this glove, as it delivers precisely what is expected.