Shoeless Jane Softball Glove Review

Overview The goal of every Softball player is to become a professional or better at the sport. In a world where your progress depends on you and your gear, you need to put a lot of effort into ensuring you are among the best sportsmen alive. However, not everyone can become professionals; that is why … Read more

Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves Review

Overview You won’t become a great batter if you don’t have the necessary things to qualify you for one. Batting goes beyond having the best composite bat to help you hit softballs with ease; sometimes, the glove you wear has a role to play. Batting Gloves look almost cliché, but they are essential if you … Read more

Easton Rival Review

Introduction It is no secret that specific playing equipment is uniquely designed to solve particular problems that players experience. The design of most products is tailored towards solving specific problems or helping players perform better on the pitch. If you are a slowpitch softballer and play in a hitter position, you need a bat that … Read more

Miken Rev Ex Review

Introduction The Miken Rev-Ex Maxload is a special slow pitch softball bat with a hot out of the wrapper execution, manufactured for power hitters who are peeking to hit the ball out of the park with more density than ever before. This bat is constructed with Miken’s symbol 100 Comp formula, which utilizes 100% aerospace … Read more

Miken Pro Series Softball Gloves Review

Overview The next essential piece of accessory after balls and bats in Baseball and Softball is the Glove. Depending on your position in the game, you need quality hand gloves that will help you easily catch balls, thereby improving your winning chances. It is also important that they break in nicely before use to be … Read more

Miken NXT Review

Introduction The Miken NXT Freak is a -9, 100% amalgamated bat that integrates proprietary technologies to expand barrel flex and improve the size of its precious spot for maximum performance. This bat combines a developed grip layering policy with Miken’s symbol Hyperbolic Barrel Flex technology for an active out of the wrapper bat that’s evolved … Read more

Miken Maniac Bat Review

Overview With a bat, there is nothing impossible for you to do in the game of Baseball or Softball. It is a valuable piece of equipment for hitters to ensure a winning game. Now, if you don’t have a good bat, everything you’d expected may all come to naught; hence, you need to shop for … Read more

Miken Koalition Glove Review

Introduction The Miken Koalition Slowpitch Softball glove series is an outstanding, convenient glove, which incorporates different structures and techniques that will assist softball players glancing to improve in their league and contend at greater levels. This glove retains an amazing sense to it right away and is out-of-the-wrapper prepared for play. The Miken Koalition series … Read more

Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax Review

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Miken Heavy Metal Review

Introduction The 2019 Miken Heavy Metal Slow-pitch Softball Bat is an incredible bat. This one is part of the recent and curiously limited recognised prototypes of the Miken brand. For this version, they agreed to cobble together all of the decent characteristics of their prior bats. In a limited word, don’t let its absence of … Read more

Miken Freak X Review

Overview Staying ahead of the competition has always been the mantra for many outdoor sports like Football, Baseball, and Softball. In a game that involves different teams competing to win, there are several things needed to achieve that – besides being skillful and consistently practicing to be a better player, your choice of equipment or … Read more

12 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves in 2021

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Check Latest Price Nokona X2 Buckaroo Series Check Latest Price Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove Check Latest Price Softball and baseball are similar outdoor games. Softball requires a small field and a larger ball. There are two types of softball, and they are Slowpitch and fastpitch softball. The difference ... Read more

Miken Freak Primo Review

Overview Having a great bat is everything you need for exceptional performance on a Baseball pitch or a Softball diamond. Don’t get it wrong – you need other equipment and accessories, but none beats that of a bat. For instance, you have to consider factors like vibration, appearance, speed, control, barrel loading, etc., to settle … Read more

Miken Freak Maxload Review

Overview Nothing beats having a good bat to make your game extraordinary. Softball or Baseball is a competitive sport, which means getting all the necessary resources to ensure you are on the winning side. It is always a means to stay ahead of the competition and also to improve your skills. Bats are significant because … Read more


INTRODUCTION Think of the Softball game as a child of Baseball. Here’s why; the game stemmed from indoor Baseball, and it started in Chicago, 1887. So, yeah! It sure might look a lot like Baseball. However, it is not Baseball, as there are notable differences between a softball game and a baseball game. For instance, … Read more

Miken Freak Black USSSA Review

Overview Baseball or Softball could never have got better without the right sets of equipment for a game. As usual, the softball is one of the most important accessories to get started with the game; the following is the glove which could either be slowpitched or fastpitched. Finally, the bat is a substantial piece that … Read more

Worth Legit ASA Review

Overview One of the things you shouldn’t gamble with as a sportsperson is your gear. As often as possible, it would be best if you went for the latest model of sports gear so that your performance can be at best always. It is one way to stay ahead of the competition, especially if you … Read more

Worth EST Hybrid Review

Overview For those new to the game of Softball, you may be lacking some pieces of info about the sport – it’s not all balls and bats. As you approach game seasons or turn up for practice, there are a couple of things you may need to replace or add to your collection of sports … Read more

Miken Freak Patriot Review

Introduction This Freak Patriot shows off the masterwork stabilized swing weight feel with a vast sweet spot. Now conjoined with the recent S3R Technology, this strong stick develops an even longer hold for crazy hitting distances. Miken also integrates the Triple Matrix Core, which is the technique of boosting aerospace grade substance volume by 5%. Boosting that … Read more

Worth EST Comp Review

Intro If you know exactly what you want out of something, you will do everything within your reach to make sure you achieve it. Being a sportsman goes beyond calling yourself one; it is getting the right gear and practising consistently to become a better player. One of the things you would need to do … Read more