Miken Koalition Glove Review


The Miken Koalition Slowpitch Softball glove series is an outstanding, convenient glove, which incorporates different structures and techniques that will assist softball players glancing to improve in their league and contend at greater levels. This glove retains an amazing sense to it right away and is out-of-the-wrapper prepared for play. The Miken Koalition series glove is formulated from pre-oiled ample grain leather and utilizes palm lining to allow players from the glove’s pocket to their fondness.

This glove furthermore comprises full-grain leather lacing to render it a pm durable glove that can be utilized in serious play season-after-season. The Miken Koalition was similarly composed with PORON XRD Technology to loosen up the ball’s effect and eradicate hand sting, for the most livable cathing knowledge.

With a 13-inch structure and altered T-Web, this glove is extensive and can be utilized in any position on the softball diamond.

The Miken Koalition is a very great glove that is worth the undertaking to maintain you playing at the prime of your game season-after-season. No requirement to buy a fresh glove yearly. The Koalition will hold you happy and your game competent for an extended time to come.

During the prior few years, important softball players have glimpsed to Miken Sports for bats that deliver the increased degrees of performance and durability. Our relentless emphasis on both technology and the needs of players has rendered Miken the most demanded row of softball bats today.

Although composites are the recent movement in softball bats, the technology has existed as the heart of Miken’s accomplishment since the company’s beginning. Miken inaugurated the modern high-performance amalgamated softball bat in 1998 and has shoved the results with every prototype since. No other bat organization has steered design as hard, and the outcomes are certain. Stare around. If a player is considerable about softball, they are most inclined to twirl a Miken bat.

The attainment of Miken Sports has been propelled by two influences, design and an enthusiasm for providing what players request. The outcomes are apparent. Players have agreed that composites are the fate for bats, and no one accomplishes composite like Miken.

The new Koalition Series line of gloves from Miken has the softball world craving comfort! These new patterns are designed for serious softball players looking for a glove with an outstanding feel. USA tanned leather laces pull together the soft, full-grain leather shell for a game-ready feel that is lightweight, soft, and durable.

Features of the Miken Koalition Slowpitch Softball Glove:

It was developed employing PORON XRD Technology that drastically alleviates the effect of the softball whacking your glove to eradicate hand sting and build a highly satisfying ordeal.

This glove is made with entire grain leather laces.

It is also created with a full grain leather shell.

It possesses a wide pocket to resist the ball from bouncing out upon effect.

Retains leather palm liner.

13 Inch pattern

Formulated with pre-oiled leather for a hot-out-of-the-wrapper feel, needing the least break-in time.

Stylish red, white, and blue American colour technique.

It is built with an H-web.

It hasv100 day warranty, if you don’t like this glove, deliver it back for repayment.

It is free shipping.

Modelled for softball.

Permanent and long-lasting.

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Miken Lightweight, Soft, Full-Grain Leather Shell for Game-Ready feel

Poron XRD Palm Pads considerably lessen ball collision.

USA tanned leather laces for stability.

Incredible looking glove. Fine quality, fast break-in time.

Susceptible to break in. Convenient to put on after breaking it in.


Become dirty quickly.


How does this glove correlate to a Rawlings Heart of the Hide or a Wilson A2000?

This Miken Koalition Series (KO130-PH RWB Softball Slow Pitch Glove) will be formulated of impoverished leather quality than both the Heart of the Hide and the A2000 gloves Heart of the Hide and A2000 gloves are extremely comparable in leather quality. If you were peeking to receive a mitt of the same quality of leather as a Heart of the Hide or A2000 mitt, it will be difficult to do so without spending in the $200 – $250 price spectrum that both glove line’s rates normally range within.

How does this glove correlate to the Mizuno Soft Series?

In respect to leather excellence, we would perhaps say that the Mizuno Classic Pro Soft possesses a slightly bit adequate leather quality than the Koalition gloves. Nonetheless, these Miken Koalition Series (KO130-PH RWB Softball Slow Pitch Glove) still accentuate quality leather and are considered for Slowpitch usage with the 13.00″ length.


The Miken Koalition Series Softball Glove is manufactured for those athletes peeking for a compact, soft, full-grain leather glove with a game inclined sense. The Koalition Softball Glove is built out of full-grain leather and accentuates PORON XRD palm padding to rapidly decrease the ball effect on your hand. This particular USA themed Miken Koalition Softball Glove shows a large 13 structure with a Pro H web which is constructed so that outfielders could discern through the web to make hooks and safeguard their eyes from the sun.