Miken Freak Black USSSA Review


Baseball or Softball could never have got better without the right sets of equipment for a game. As usual, the softball is one of the most important accessories to get started with the game; the following is the glove which could either be slowpitched or fastpitched. Finally, the bat is a substantial piece that needs to be in great form at all times for an incredible game experience.

Bats are great, but do you know you could be with the wrong one? Bats aren’t just designed so you could hit a baseball or softball; it is technologically engineered so that it plays a part in your winning. Let’s check out Miken Freak Black USSSA review and find out what the bat has to offer.

Miken Freak Black USSSA


Miken is one of the biggest softball brands on the market, especially in manufacturing top-grade bats. They design different models of bats that are useful either for slowpitch, fastpitch or both games. If you are interested in nothing less than high-quality, you should see some of this brand’s bats – for instance, the Miken Freak Black USSSA.

Miken Freak Black is a bat developed for slowpitch games due to its user-friendly grip, excellent speed, and great power. It is designed with an advanced Triple Matrix Core technology that contributes to its aerospace-grade composite fibers for more optimal barrel flex and speed. Indeed, it is a fantastic choice for barrel loading and maximizing speeds on a Softball diamond.

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Without further ado, let’s discuss some incredible features built into this high-grade baseball/softball bat.

Material Construction: Miken Freak Black USSSA bat has a good, seamless multi-wall design due to its 100% premium aerospace-grade composite fibers. It is one of the finest and durable choices due to this material quality, alongside the absence of seams and weak spots that may affect performance. Additionally, it features a Triple Matrix Core Technology that expanses the composite volume by 5%, leaving it with a robust sweet spot.

Barrel Length: The two-piece bat approved by USSSA, and other bodies like NSA, ISA, has an optimized flex and speed, owing to its barrel length – 14 inches.

Barrel Diameter: 2 1/4 inch

Swing Weight: 0.5 Oz. End Load.

Warranty: 1 Year


The ideal beginner-friendly bat for use

A Power hitter bat with excellent performance

Easy to control and Reliable

Excellent Durability and Speed

Increases the composite volume

Topnotch quality with a vibrant appearance

Great distance coverage with decent vibration

Seamless design with advanced technology

An enormous sweet spot for great optimal contact

Helps to improve skills



Buying Guide Questions

Undoubtedly, the bat looks incredible in structure and performance; however, there are a few questions about its existence and uses in Softball. Here they go:

Why is the Miken Freak Black USSSA a slowpitch bat?

Before buying a Miken Freak Black bat, you will be told two things – it is a two-piece bat and best-suited for slowpitch games. It is only integrated with a Flex 2 Power Technology that only guarantees barrel flex at an optimal level; however, the speed gets through the zone. The combination of these two factors – speed and flex only make it suitable for a slowpitch game.

What makes the Freak Black USSSA special?

The Freak Black USSSA is an approved brand in baseball and softball not only because it is from a USA manufacturer; it can help a power hitter hit a plateau effortlessly. Moreover, it has one of the robust sweet spots so that you are in control and in contact with the ball at all times. It is indeed a game-changer.

Is Miken Freak Black Safe to Use?

Following the material construction and design, i.e., aerospace composite and multi-wall, it is a safe bat to use. However, it should only be used during game seasons and not for other purposes. Generally, bats can be dangerous when used to hit someone.


After reading the Miken Freak Black USSSA review, not only will you be interested in improving your Softball skills but always looking forward to your next game season. In summary, nothing can ever go wrong with a great choice of a bat from a trusted brand.