2021 Marucci CAT FX Connect Review

Introduction Marucci hadn’t utilized a new softball bat in a while, so it’s acceptable if many thought they’d given up the field in exchange for baseball. However, this was not the scenario as it played out. Rather, Marucci has spent the past two years working on a modern and upgraded concept for this newest fastpitch … Read more

9 Best Softball Helmet in 2021

DeMarini Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet With FastPitch Softball Mask Check Latest Price RIP-IT Vision Pro Softball Helmet Check Latest Price Mizuno F6 Adult Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet With Mask Check Latest Price Softball is an exciting game; most people believe that the name softball means the game is easy. However, the softball game is ... Read more

2021 Easton Ghost Double Barrel – 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Introduction For a forthcoming softball game, the Easton Ghost (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat provides an amazing design, feel, and sound. The Easton Ghost softball bat has a double-barrel configuration that provides optimum output without the necessity to break in. The Easton Ghost softball bat has a double-stamped design that improves longevity, versatility, and barrel strength. … Read more

10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Softball

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DeMarini FnX Rising Fastpitch Bat Review

Introduction Every athlete has their style of playing. If you watch two soccer strikers play, you will notice they move differently and have different scoring methods. The same applies to softballers. If you compare two hitters in fastpitch softball, they would have their preferred method of swinging and making contact with the ball. If you … Read more

DeMarini Flipper OG Review

Introduction When you start playing any sport, you need to use equipment uniquely designed to cover your flaws and improve your game. However, as you advance in skills and training, you must switch to equipment that adequately reflects the status of your skills. This will allow you to know what to correct and eventually get … Read more

Best Softball Hairstyles

Introduction One of the most annoying things while playing softball game is having hair stick on your face or disturbing your game. In this article, we will be analysing some of the favourable softball hairstyles that will make you appear stylish on the field, but also importantly, that will also help to maintain your hair … Read more

DeMarini Dinger Slinger Review

Introduction If you are a slowpitch softballer and you play in a hitter position, then you should need a bat designed to allow you to maximize your results on the field. There are different bats available for this purpose. However, it would be best to opt for a high-quality product that can improve your game … Read more

Best Softball Pitchers

Introductions In softball, pitching is regarded as an art of instilling fear, and those who have mastered the arts have certainly become one of the best pitchers out there. As fans of softball, we know that pitching can increase or decrease your team’s chances of winning the game and truly separates good and greats teams … Read more