DeMarini FnX Rising Fastpitch Bat Review


Every athlete has their style of playing. If you watch two soccer strikers play, you will notice they move differently and have different scoring methods. The same applies to softballers. If you compare two hitters in fastpitch softball, they would have their preferred method of swinging and making contact with the ball. If you play in a hitter position as a softballer and prefer power strikes, you need a bat uniquely designed to allow for this game style. This FnX rising fastpitch bat designed by DeMarini is one such product, and it comes with amazing features that power hitters love. We have reviewed this product for you in detail. Enjoy!

DeMarini FnX Rising Fastpitch Bat Review

Key Features

High-performance fastpitch bat

If you want a fastpitch softball bat that will help you perform better on the field, you should check out this product. This bat is lightweight, and it is easy to swing and control. It also comes with a large sweet spot that allows for more forgiveness on your mishits.

Parastack Composite Barrel

This bat is designed with a para stack composite barrel that gives the bat an amazing balance and a stiffer feel. The barrel is heavier than regular ones because it is designed for a power hitter. This barrel is designed with a continuous fibre that is durable and strong.

Direct Connection Handle

The best part of this bat is the uniquely designed two-piece direction connection handle. When you swing with this handle and impact your ball, it provides maximum power transfer that allows for massive power contact. This why power hitters love this bat. They can easily swing it and achieve full power on impact. This bat is sure to knock the ball out of the park.

Seismic End Cap

We would especially recommend this bat for all power hitters. Apart from the two-piece direction handle that this bat allows for maximum power transfer, this bat also comes with a seismic end cap that allows for energy transfer on contact.

Approved by major softball organizations

If you plan to use this bat in a tournament or league, you should go ahead. This bat is approved by major softball organizations like USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF and NSA. If your league plays under any of these organizations, then you can use this bat and perform excellently on the field.


Brand name



It comes in different sizes


Designed for strength and distance

Suppose you want a bat that will allow you to strike and make maximum impact with the ball. This bat is uniquely designed for power hitters, and it is built for distance. The bat comes with a special barrel and an end cap that allows you to perform excellently on the field.

Lightweight barrel: easy to control

When you use a bat that you can easily control, you can achieve faster swing speed and make perfect contact with this ball. Even though this bat utilizes a heavier barrel than others, it is easy to swing for power hitters.

Elegant bat; comes in a beautiful design

If you want a classic bat that will make you stand out from the crowd, then you should check out this product. This bat comes in a white, black and red design that stands out on the field.

Built for durability

This bat is built for durability. It is built with a material that allows for more strength, and you can use it out of the wrapper. If you happen to need a bat that will stand the test of time, then you should get this product.


This bat is expensive

If you want to buy a cost-effective bat, you should consider buying another DeMarini product. This bat comes with a lot of value, and that reflects in the price.


If you are in the market for a fastpitch bat that will help you improve your performance on the field, then you should consider buying this product. This bat is specifically designed for power hitters, and you can make monster hits comfortably. If you are sure that this product will serve you well, you should go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!