Wilson Onyx Fastpitch Glove Review


Will you rather remain an amateur player or do everything it takes to become one of the best players out there? If you are for the latter, then you must understand the need for high-quality sports gear. Depending on the type of sports or activity you participate in, you should ensure to visit the best brand on the market for your needs.

Softball, for example, is a good sport that requires various accessories or gear, such as a bat, gloves, cleats, etc. If you developed a passion for the sport but haven’t found the best place yet for great quality gear, you need a guide like this. In this Wilson Onyx Fastpitch Glove review, you will be introduced to one of many incredible brands in the softball sports industry and its exclusive fastpitch glove.

Wilson Onyx Fastpitch Glove


Fastpitch gloves are so easy to come by than Slowpitch types; however, you will need to be cautious because there are many cheap brands. One of the brands that will disappoint neither in quality nor in performance is Wilson. For many years, it has been known to be one of the sole manufacturers of softball gloves great for either slowpitch or fastpitch games.

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Unlike the popular Wilson A-Series collection, this brand comes with another exceptional glove – the Onyx Fastpitch Glove. It is a professional-grade mitt packed with premium features to deliver long-lasting performance and improve skills over time. It is also set to change the Softball world by helping players get ahead of the competition using some of the latest glove technologies.


Material Construction: Wilson Onyx Fastpitch Glove is made of Double Play leather material to ensure top-notch durability, unparalleled strength, and shape-retaining ability. It also guarantees a superior game-ready feel while offering good maneuverability and attachment to softballs. More importantly, this leather material helps players make fast softball transfers without limitations.

Design: This glove is crafted with a Rolled Dual Welting technology that makes the break-in period shorter and faster. It also features a Double Palm construction to enhance maximum comfort and protect the hands from flyballs moving at a high velocity. It can also be said that hand stings are eliminated through this feature so that there is great confidence in catching balls with ease.

Guarantee: 100-Day Guarantee


Built with the finest possible material

Custom-fit and Lightweight

Durable and Maneuverable

Comfortable with excellent impact resistance

An ideal choice for infielders

Short and easy break-in

Eliminates hand sting and boosts confidence

Provides a game-ready feel with easy and quick ball transfer




If you would like to see, some of your questions about the Wilson Onyx Glove answered, see below.

Does the Wilson Onyx Softball Glove Use any Special Technology?

If you buy any sports accessory, the chances that you will find it packed with technology is high. The purpose of having such a technology is to improve performance, for better use, and to beat the competition. The Wilson Onyx Softball Glove, for example, uses a special Rolled Dual Welting Technology for easy break-in and a game-ready feel.

What Makes the Wilson Onyx Glove Different?

Wilson’s gloves are extraordinary, depending on the type you get. It doesn’t matter whether it is for fastpitch or slowpitch game; there is always something unique and different about them. Wilson Onyx Glove is a fastpitch glove; however, it is different from its Double Play premium leather material for long-term use and Double Palm Construction to eliminate hand sting. These two features are responsible for the glove’s performance.

How Comfortable is the Wilson Onyx Glove?

What differentiates a good glove from a bad one in most cases is the level of efficiency and amount of comfort it offers. Wilson Onyx Glove provides great comfort following the material quality, eliminating perspiration, and guarantee a sweat-free experience.


If you are satisfied with what you’ve read in this Wilson Onyx Glove review, you mustn’t waste so much time before you go for it. As you are told, Wilson’s sports accessories are always worthy investments.