Barehand gloves review


Gloves in baseball are as important as the bat; although all kits are important, they all have their particular functions in baseball. The glove is used to catch the ball once hit by the hitter; there are different types of gloves in baseball, and sometimes it is based on the position being played. The types of gloves include infield glove, catcher’s mitt, fielders glove, outfield glove.

The barehand glove is a type of glove used in baseball that fits perfectly over the palm of the player and at the same time provides the player with comfort. Most baseball players opt for the barehand glove because they find it comforting and easier to train with; unlike the other gloves, the barehand provides the player with a firm and comfortable grip.

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As a baseball player or sportsman, regular exercise is needed for you to keep yourself in perfect shape; in baseball, some major workout will involve the hands and palms actively, such exercise include throwing exercise, hitting exercise. In most cases, these exercises result in calluses or hand blisters when your palm is not properly protected; the barehand gloves help protect your palm from blisters and calluses while giving you a comfortable workout experience. Calluses form when the outermost layer of your skin becomes dense due to workouts with high pressure or friction on the palm, which ultimately leads to skin tears. This can be a very unpleasant situation; however, it can be avoided using barehand gloves.

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Barehand gloves review

The barehand glove is a useful kit for baseball players and other athletes involved in sport or exercises that can cause them blisters or tears on their palms. This glove is built in such a way that it helps reduce the blisters and prevent calluses from forming on the palm of players and at the same time prevents tears. The barehand gloves help prevent calluses and tears on the palm because of some features present in the glove, and these features make this glove unique.

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Hand protection: One thing that makes this glove unique is how it protects the skin while creating a comfortable feel when working out, unlike other gloves. This comfortability of the barehand gloves results from the materials used in the production of the gloves. This glove boasts of two-layer construction; this two-layer construction helps eliminate friction between the glove and the palm. In other words, the inner layer sticks to the palm while the outer layer sticks to the bar. This helps to protect your skin from the rough surface of exercise equipment.

Grip: The barehand gloves help provide a good grip when exercising. The glove sticks to the skin and provides a good grip when exercising, especially when weightlifting. It helps reduce the pressure on the wrist when exercising at the same time protecting your palm.

Comfort: The barehand glove is made of thin but durable materials that provide you with enough comfort during your workout session; when using a barehand glove, you barely feel its presence due to the thin materials it is made from. The design of these gloves helps provide users with a comfortable natural grip. Although most gloves are 1.3mm thick, they are the best solution to achieving comfort during exercise.


They are thin and comfortable.

Protects against skin calluses and tears

Helps improve grip during the workout

Not too thick

It is affordable


Limited durability, three months to a year before worn out

Needs to be readjusted occasionally.


The barehand glove is a great glove that provides sportspeople with many benefits; the design of this glove makes it possible for people to achieve a lot of things during their workout session. Although its primary purpose is to protect the palm against skin tears and calluses, it also provides the user with adequate grip and comfortability during the workout. The unique design of these gloves makes it possible to achieve all this in a single glove. As a player looking to get a glove that will help protect your skin against wear and tear during exercises, you should consider the barehand gloves as this glove can help you achieve a lot of things while protecting your skin at the same time.