Nike Motion Adapt Bra Review


Putting on something comfy and appropriate while participating in any sport is one of the interesting things about being a good player. In any way, you don’t want to limited from doing or performing certain skills peculiar to the game because of what you wore; hence, getting the right wear matters. If you don’t know what to wear, check out the accessories list and wear appropriate for that sport; you should find your answer there.

For example, in softball or baseball, there isn’t much of a big deal about what you wear. However, you must make sure you get rid of every other thing that could injure you during practice or a game. That being said, let’s take a look at one of the most acceptable wears for women in any of these sports – a Sports bra.

Nike Motion Adapt Bra


Sports Bra is one of the most significant wears approved for women, especially those who are busty – there are others for normal sized bust. It is only quite unfortunate that women with larger bust find it hard to find the perfect fit, which often jeopardizes every chance to enjoy Softball. However, Nike is one of the best brands to identify this problem and provide something exceptional for this category of women with an ardent passion for the sport.

Nike Motion Adapt Bra is a great choice designed with a wide underwire to support women’s bust – those with larger ones. It is a comfortable sports bra with a more secure fit, available in different sizes, depending on preference. By reading this Nike Motion Adapt Bra review, you may find what you may have been looking for all this while.


Construction: Nike Motion Adapt Bra is a robust and elastic choice of women’s sportswear; however, all of that is due to its intense structure. It is made of a 65% nylon, elastic chest band, responsible for aiding compression and providing support, mostly to larger busts. It also features Dri-FIT technology to get rid of moisture and prevent excess perspiration for more comfort. Furthermore, there are mesh vents and bottom-front perforations integrated at certain high heat zone areas of the body to ensure a relaxed, sweat-free experience.

Design: This sports bra comes with a scoop neckline, pullover styling, and standard back closure design, making it custom fit with enough room for adjustments. This design allows it to respond only to workout intensity level using adaptive compression. More importantly, its wire underwired feature provides great support for the busts.

Size: The bra is available in different sizes, up to 34DD.


Comfortable and Convenient

The ideal choice for larger busts

Custom-fit and Adjustable design

Gets rid of excess perspiration and moisture

Easy to pull over

Great support and top-notch compression




If you have questions about the Nike Motion Adapt Bra, see below for answers.

Can I Wear the Bra To Practice?

Sports bras are designed so that women will have a more comfortable and enjoyable time while playing games. In Softball, these bras are pretty useful because it allows you to worry less about your busts falling out and focus more on your game. So, if you would like to wear it to practice, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Check out Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra here.

Do I Need to Wear a Jersey Over the Bra?

Every woman has a way she styles herself when it comes to playing sports games. For some people, a light jersey is good enough to get through any game; for others, a sports bra is perfect. However, some like to combine both. If you would be doing that, it is only important that you regard your comfort over anything else.

Is Nike Motion Adapt Bra Great for Small Busts?

Following the Motion Adapt Bra description, you could say it was primarily designed for larger busts. Surprisingly, it is available in different sizes; so, you may be lucky to find yours even if you have a small bust.


Softball is quite overwhelming, and you don’t want to be lost in the experience. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to what you wear for a great sports game. With this Nike Motion Adapt Bra review, you should have no worries about securing your large busts anymore.