Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra Review


With women constantly understanding the need to put on the right set of accessories and wears for games, it is no surprise that sports games are getting better. The importance of wearing the ideal clothes peculiar to a sport cannot be overemphasized; thus, rules and guidelines bind what to wear. However, there are only a few exceptions where you can choose what to wear as long as it makes you comfy.

Softball is an enjoyable sport that requires a mechanical motion, speed, and great skills. With different parts of your body in active participation – whether you are a catcher, batter, or hitter, etc., you need to wear something comfortable and breathable. As a lady, a sports bra is your best option.

Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra


Every day, women find every means to lead an active lifestyle and become better athletes; one way is wearing quality sports bras. They are one of the easiest and convenient clothing for sports, and it isn’t a surprise that it is highly recommended in Softball. Now, the problem isn’t wearing the sports bra; instead, it is finding a good manufacturer to precisely deliver what you need.

Nike is one of the highly respectable sports brands worldwide with thousands of accessories on the market. The Pro Alpha Sports Bra is one of their best inventions yet due to its excellent support, stability, and comfort. It is also highly versatile, as it supports several other sports or activities without making you feel less of yourself, like a lady.


Construction: Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra is a high-impact bra built with molded cups for stability and definition. This bra offers an outstanding level of comfort and compression due to the integrated elastic chest brand feature. Unfortunately, this bra doesn’t come with perforations or high heat vents; instead, it has a thin, light, breathable fabric material to allow easy airflow.

Design: This sports bra has a unique design, as it features racerback straps to minimize bounce and aid easy movement. Likewise, this strap feature incorporated with built-in stabilizers offers a full range of motion so that you are not limited in any way during a Softball game. Additionally, it is secure with a firm, customizable fit for ladies of different bust sizes.

Size: The molded cup supports different bust sizes up to 34DD.


Adjustable and Customizable

Provides a full range of motion

Great stabilization and high definition

Supportive with minimized bounce

Non-overloaded thin, light fabric for good airflow

Comfortable with superior compression


No breathable vents on high heat zones


Find out some of your dying questions about the Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra below.

Is Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra Really Comfortable?

The essence of having a sports bra is to ensure maximum comfort while you are out there playing a sports game or practising. It is a secure choice of sportswear because it protects the bust and minimizes bounce so that you can focus well enough on your game. The Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra is one of the most comfortable options you have due to its light body material.

Does the Pro Alpha Sports Bra Support Larger Busts?

Some sports bras are only suitable for people with medium- or normal-sized busts; others support larger ones. Now, you may need to check out the different sizes available online regarding a sports bra before deciding if it’s a choice to go for or not. The Pro Alpha Sports Bra supports different bust sizes; however, if you have a larger bust, the Nike Motion Adapt Bra may be the best option.

See here for Nike Motion Adapt Bra.

Where Else Can I Use This Bra?

Two things Nike never failed to add are the molded cup and racerback strap. These are powerful features to ensure stabilization, definition, and support. With these features, it is possible to use this sports bra for other activities, apart from Softball. For instance, you could use it in Yoga, Gym workouts, etc.


If you are convinced about this Nike Pro Alpha Sports Bra review, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one from any trusted online store. It will definitely be worth it for your next game practice or season.