Custom Softball Gloves


Softball is a game of modified baseball, and it consists of 9 players with different positions. These positions include; the pitcher, the catcher, left, right, center field, shortstop, first, second, and third bases. These positions have different roles on the field, and they are also skillful positions. When playing softball, gear or equipment are necessary. This equipment is for players’ safety and protection. Softball equipment includes a helmet, gloves, chest protectors, cleats, knee sliders, ball, bat, and uniform.

Softball gloves are large than baseball gloves because softball is large than baseball. The primary use of softball gloves is to catch balls. However, there are different gloves for different positions. Softball gloves include catchers’ mitt, first baseman mitt, pitcher gloves, infielders’ gloves, and outfielders’ gloves. When you have the right measurement, you can purchase softball gloves from the shelf or make custom gloves. Check out Top Softball Glove Brands. Leather or synthetic plastic are the raw materials for making softball gloves. Leather gloves are more expensive than synthetic plastic gloves, but leather gloves last for more extended periods. Leather gloves also need to be break-in to obtain optimum satisfaction and usage. Check out How to Break-in softball gloves? Does glove steaming work? and How to soften leather softball gloves

Softball Gloves

There are different types of softball gloves. They include catchers’ mitt, pitchers’ gloves, first baseman mitt, infielders’ gloves, and outfielders’ gloves.

  • Catchers’ mitt

Catchers’ gloves are mitts because they do not have distinct fingers. The fingers are together like a web. This webbing also provides security. These gloves also have an open back and provide support for the wrist. Catchers’ mitts have larger pockets than other softball gloves, and the size ranges from 29.5 inches to 35 inches. The size is the circumference measurement and not the length measurement. Due to their large size, these mitts have padding, providing extra protection from the ball’s pressure. To measure catchers’ mitts, open the gloves as wide as possible, press the glove downward with the palm side face down on a flat surface. Next, use a measuring tape to measure the perimeter of the mitt. The measurement is the glove size.

  • Pitchers’ gloves

Pitchers’ gloves should have the ability to hide the ball to avoid tipping the opposing batter about a pitch. Pitchers’ gloves also have closed webbing, which shields the ball from the batter while in the glove. There are also different sizes of pitchers’ gloves. The size of pitchers’ gloves ranges from 11 inches to 14 inches. To know the right size, measure the glove along the length. Leather or synthetic materials are also the materials for pitchers’ gloves. The leather gloves are also more expensive than the synthetic gloves, but they last longer. To measure pitchers’ gloves, use a measuring tape to measure the index finger’s tip through the palm until you get to the heel’s bottom. Always keep the tape measure on the glove at all times.

  • First baseman mitt

The first base has an abbreviation 1B, and the player is responsible for securing the first base. First baseman gloves are also known as mitts because the fingers are together like a web. First base mitts have a design that allows players to scoop poorly thrown balls. To measure the first baseman mitt, use a measuring tape to measure the index finger’s tip, along the inside of the pocket, and then to the glove’s heel.

  • Outfielders’ gloves

Outfielder’s gloves have deeper pockets because they have to secure fly balls. Outfielders’ have the most extensive gloves out of all softball positions, and they range from 12 to 14 inches in length. The large size of outfield gloves allows a more extensive field range and diving for players. The measurement for this glove is the same as the measurement for pitchers’ gloves.

  • Infielders’ gloves

Infield gloves are shorter in length than outfield gloves. They typically have a size range between 11 to 12 inches. This short length helps the players scoop up ground balls. The glove also has a shallow web, enabling players to transfer balls from the glove to hand very quickly. Measurement for this glove is also the same as the measurement for pitchers’ gloves.

Custom Softball gloves

Custom softball glove design follows specifications, and the gloves provide a perfect fit, which improves performance. You can either choose pro custom gloves or specify size, color, material, and type. Rawlings is a top softball and baseball, glove maker and they have been making gloves since 1887. Rawlings gloves are quality gloves because they last for a long time as long as there is proper care for the gloves. When ordering a custom glove, you can use the Rawlings glove designer.

To design your custom glove, choose the type of glove you want depending on your playing position. Next, select the type of fit you like. Fit can be standard, narrow, or youth pro taper fit. The next step is to choose the player’s throwing hand, which can be right-hand or left-hand. The next step is to select the player position, which can be infield, outfield, first base, catcher, or pitcher. Afterward, choose the pattern you want. The size pattern of softball gloves ranges from 11.75 inches to 34 inches. You can also select the web and mesh from the various available options.

After choosing the type of glove you want, you can customize the glove. The following are the customizations to be selected from;

  1. Logo patch color
  2. Shell black color
  3. Shell palm color
  4. Web color
  5. Laces color
  6. Lining color
  7. Trim color
  8. Stitching Thread color
  9. Palm pad
  10. Stamping color
  11. Index and middle finger

After selecting different customizations, you can personalize the glove by choosing embroidery color, text, or a number.


Softball gloves are essential when playing softball, and using perfectly fit gloves are critical to winning a game. Custom softball gloves have a design peculiar to the player. They can last long and make a player feel more confident when made to specification.