How to soften leather softball gloves


Baseball and softball is a game that goes way back in time. Baseball is a game that has been around for over a long period; The softball game originated from baseball. The baseball and softball game have the same origin, giving rise to the game’s similarities and the Equipment used in playing the game. In softball and baseball, the Equipment used In playing both games is essential to the game; without the Equipment, one can do next to nothing. One of the essential pieces of equipment used in both games is the bat. However, other Equipment is equally as necessary as the baseball bat. Equipment used in both games includes a helmet, bat, gloves, and other things. One of the essential Equipment in the baseball game is the gloves; as a spectator game, one might think the glove is of minimal importance to the game; however, that is a very wrong perception about the game as every piece of Equipment in the playing of baseball is very important and unique as they all have a distinct role they play in the game. In softball, the glove can be classified as necessary as the bat, although there are different gloves used in the game, with each having a specific function they perform.

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Types of gloves

There are different types of gloves in both baseball and softball. Although both have similarities, there are differences in the equipment. A more in-depth definition of the gloves type and their uses will be discussed in this government in this segment. Although the article’s central theme is how to soften leather softball gloves, you have to be very familiar with your glove types and their uses before you can soften leather gloves. Moving forward to the types of softball gloves we have;

The catcher’s mitt, The infield glove, the outfield glove, and the first baseman mitt

All the above listed are the types of gloves that are there in softball.

In choosing your glove for softball, there is some consideration that one should consider, one of the factors to be considered includes cost, the position of play and the web design of the glove.

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Uses of softball gloves

As said earlier, softball gloves have different uses; this segment will shed more light on this segment. The uses are highlighted below

Catchers mitt: The catchers’ mitt has extra paddings that funnel the ball into pockets and gives the pitcher a good target.

Infield gloves: This one tends to be smaller than the catchers’ mitt. They have a shallow pocket that allows the quick removal of the ball to allow quick throw to a base

First baseman glove: This does not have individual fingers; however, they are long to allow them to scoop balls not properly thrown from infielders.

Outfield gloves: This is a long glove with a deep pocket to help catch a ball in motion and scoop the ball up from the ground without totally bending down.

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How to soften leather softball gloves

The softball leather gloves are essential to the game; The softball glove is made of leather, which can be very uncomfortable for the player if not correctly broken and not well softened. Like the bat, every catcher or player feels connected to the glove as the gloves help protect your hands as a player during the game. Every seam and crease has been worked through several catches. It is appropriate to soften your gloves to make them more comfortable for you to use as a player. The softball gloves should fit your palm perfectly without any form of discomfort; the glove should fit and feel like a part of your hand. Softening your glove increase cohesion, eliminate any form of unwanted rigidity or stiffness and hardness. Softening the glove also helps to create a firm pocket used in holding the ball.

To soften a softball glove, there are specific techniques that you need to be familiar with as a player; this technique will be discussed below.

Moisten the leather, work the most rigid part of the glove, soften the glove, shape the glove, play catch

  1. Moisten the leather: To soften your gloves using this technique, pour hot water in a little amount on the glove to make it softer; you can use glove oil on the glove with a sponge. Never apply glove oil on a glove directly as it can leave it soaked and heavy; also, never use detergent on your glove.
  2. Work most rigid part of the glove: After using hot water on the glove, squeeze the glove by bending the thumb, the pinky towards one another and apart, repeat the process about six times before the glove dries.
  3. Soften Glove: A glove can only be softened through extended use, and to boost this process, one can use a small hammer to hit the pocket used in catching the ball; the web should be pounded. Pounding the glove helps it fit perfectly over the hand.

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  1. Shape glove: This is a simple procedure as all you need to do is put ball in the pocket of the ball and wrap with about three rubber bands. Allow the glove to sit this way for five hours; this process will help the glove take shape that you prefer.
  2. Play catch: Playing catch is another way to soften your glove; through playing catch, your gloves begin to take the form of the hand, the leather loosens the more you play. Playing a game of catch is one of the best ways of softening your gloves without having to use oil or hammer. It is also fun to do


In conclusion, to have your glove perform at its best and serve you well, one must soften the glove, Soften a glove to increase the glove’s efficiency, and increase the user’s comfortability highlighted above. This article is a must-read for anybody out there going through a challenging time in softening their glove as this article is packed with easy ways of getting the job done with little or no stress.