Mizuno Premier 14-inch Adult Softball Glove Review


Nice quality adult softball gloves are difficult to see these days. It can be tough to discover the right variety of characteristics and usefulness that can match every player’s necessities for each role on the field.

Fortunately, the Mizuno Premier 14-Inch Adult Softball Glove retains it all. It arrives with a nice shock-absorbing technique to hold your hand comfortable and safe, a securing belt, compact padding fabric, and is created from leather that is strong and productive at the same time.

Mizuno’s Premier Series gloves give a strong, full-grain leather shell that is game-ready and simple to close. The Butter Soft Lining is a PU palm lining for nicer quality, feel, and satisfaction. The Parashock Palm Pad consumes the shock of related usage by giving excellent safety and excellent hand comfort. 

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The Mizuno Premier 14-Inch Adult Softball Glove possesses a 14” length that can acclimate the majority of adult hand sizes. It arrives with an unusual Arched Tartan Webbing that is dissimilar to most formal softball glove webbings vacant. It’s furthermore matted in a reliable utility structure, so you can be optimistic that the glove will keep up as you improve your skills and gameplay proficiency. It also guarantees that despite its short cost, the mitt will survive a long time.

Apart from its unusual and strong structure, the glove is also composed of full-grain leather. It’s adequately ascertained that most of the tougher and more powerful softball gloves are formulated of real leather, so this is a significant detail endorsing the glove’s lifespan. Besides, it lands with mesh extras which make up for lighter weight play.

The glove assists to give you extra freedom and stability, permitting you to concentrate solely on the game instead of attempting to bear up a heavy softball glove. Its portability also implies you can move more promptly for quick catches and speedier throws while reducing wrist strain.

However, despite its compact material, the Mizuno is susceptible on the palm since it arrives with a unique Parashock palm padding to safeguard you from the ball’s impact, whether you’re grabbing a fly ball or fielding a normal grounder. Your hand is both sufficiently safeguarded and unstrained.

The glove furthermore arrives with a polyurethane Power lock strap that guarantees it stays secure on your hand all game long. You don’t need to bother about it slipping off, changing positions sideways, or conforming poorly, particularly if you are playing in an extra-strong fast-paced game.

The Mizuno Premier does possess a fit like the proverbial glove, and after utilizing it a while, it begins to feel like an addition to your body.

And ultimately, enhancing even more to the glove’s flexibility, the mitt arrives with an open-back technique that includes several sizes and shapes of hands. Nevertheless, of whether your hand is the Mizuno Premier has got you insulated.


It’s durable and nearly broken in and prepared to use.

It has a deep Pocket

Huge grain leather shell for outstanding vitality.

Infielder / Outfielder / Pitcher Glove

Mesh Inserts decrease all-around freight of the glove

Parashock palm pad – accumulates shock & provides excellent safety

Power Lock Technology – The simplest & most convenient fit vacant with pull tab

Sole finger shut back

Softball detailed structure

Right-hand throw


Webbing isn’t as big as the pic but it performs the chore.


Where do you gauge the length from?

The precise length of the glove to utilize for slow pitch will be the gauge by the role one plays as well as a player’s private disposition. A 14-inch pattern like the 2017 Mizuno Premier 14″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: GPM1404 is a nice universal size for all roles, therefore, a utility glove.

For someone who plays outfield and possesses a large hand has often appeared to have a tough time discovering a glove that their whole hand fits in. Any recommendations for a larger palm-size glove?

The 2017 Mizuno Premier 14″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: GPM1404 would be an enormous choice as well as the 2017 Worth Legit 14″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: WLG140-PH which would match your hands and possesses a modifiable buckle as well.

Is this glove made of all leather?

The 2017 Mizuno Premier 14″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: GPM1404 is not built with only leather because it will retain mesh inserts to decrease the all-around weight of the glove.


The Mizuno Premier 14-Inch Adult Softball Glove normally possesses all the characteristics you want from a fundamental softball glove.

It is portable gratitude to its mesh padding; it’s shock absorbent to safeguard you from tough effect; it arrives with a belt that snugly conserves it to your hand even when you’re in motion; and it is created of fine-grain leather that survives a long time, even with normal usage.