Easton Salvo Slowpitch Bat Review


Bats are necessary when playing softball. Softball is a game similar to baseball but requires a smaller field and a larger ball. There are two types of softball, and they are slowpitch and fastpitch softball. Bats for fastpitch and slowpitch softball vary because ball speeds in both games are different. Slowpitch Softball Bat manufacturers include DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, etc.

How to choose a softball bat

Finding the right bat for a player is essential to improving the player’s performance and skill. There are various slowpitch bats with different specifications. Examples of slowpitch Softball Bats include;

  • DeMarini Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • Easton Fire Flex 240
  • Easton Salvo

Factors to consider when choosing a softball bat include:

Bat length

Bat length is significant when choosing a bat, and the bat length depends on the height and age group of the player. To know the right bat length, a player should place the knob in the middle of the chest and stretch out the bat. If the player can touch the end of the bat with the fingertips, then the bat length is right.

Bat Weight

The weight of a bat is also known as the drop. Drop Weight is the negative difference between the bat length in inches and the bat weight in ounces. The right bat weight will amplify a player’s hitting techniques. A heavy bat is suitable for big players who have a good swing but want more power. These players are known as power hitters.

In contrast, a light bat is suitable for players working on their swing and needs the bat speeds. These players are known as contact hitters. To tell if a bat is too heavy, have a player hold the bat straight out, parallel to the ground. If the player can’t keep the bat in place for 20 seconds, then the bat is too heavy.


Various regulating bodies have standards for games. These standards are to ensure safe and fair play. For a bat to be legal for play in these games, it has to follow specific rules and have certification. Some of these regulating bodies include;

  1. Amateur Softball Association, ASA
  2. United States Specialty Sports Association, USSSA
  3. Independent Softball Association, ISA
  4. National Softball Association, NSA
  5. World Baseball Softball Confederation, WBSC
  6. International Softball Federation, ISF

Easton Salvo Slowpitch Bat

Easton Salvo is a slowpitch bat. The bat has an Ultra-thin handle, a 13-inch barrel length, and is legal for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA games. The bat has a 12-month warranty, and it has different features. These features include;

  • Two-piece composite bat

The Easton Salvo is a two-piece bat with a composite material that improves the bat’s durability, reducing hand stings and increases the trampoline effect. The composite material also aids weight distribution in the bat.

  • Balanced Swing Weight

A bat with balanced swing weight has an even weight distribution across the length of the bat. A balanced bat is light with fast swing speeds.

  • Connexion+ 2-piece Technology

The Connexion+ technology connects the barrel and the handle. This connection improves comfort and feels when swinging.

  • 2 ¼ inch Barrel Diameter

A small barrel diameter helps with even weight distribution in the bat. It improves swing speed and bat control in players.

  • 1.20 BPF Certification

BPF means ball performance factor. It is a measure of how fast a ball rebounds on a bat compared to a solid reference surface. The Easton Salvo has a 1.20 BPF certification which shows that the rebound speed is 20% faster.

  • First Generation Fire Flex Technology

The first generation fire flex technology makes the bat hot out of the wrapper. Hot out of wrapper means that the bat does not require a break-in period.

  • Ultra-long Elongated Fibers

The Ultra-long Elongated Fibers (UEF) gives the bat a large sweet spot that increases the hitting surface. This sweet spot improves the accuracy of the bat.

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The Easton Salvo is a two-piece, composite bat that does not require break-in. The bat has features that make it easy to swing and have a high performance. Easton Salvo is suitable for contact hitters, and it comes with a 12-month warranty