Mizuno Craze Review


If you want to win any game, be sure you have the right equipment or tools ready to stay ahead of the competition. The difference between two competitive players is not only the skills; the game accessories are another. In essence, you have to be intentional about what you purchase regarding a game, especially if it’s a sport like Softball.

Softball uses balls, gloves, and bats; each has its significance and is widely distributed among team players. If you are a batter or hitter, you should find this Mizuno Craze review helpful. This guide explicitly talks about owning one of the best bats for a Softball game, so you can perform exceedingly beyond what you used to.

Mizuno Craze


Mizuno isn’t new to the sports industry; for decades, they have constantly contributed to making sporting equipment with innovative designs and impressive quality. If you are careful to review each of their products, you would be impressed beyond words. However, it would be best if you got all carried away with the glamour; sometimes, you need to sit and properly choose what’s best for you out of the many options available.

As regards bats, the Mizuno Craze is an extraordinary choice you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This bat is one of the best innovations from the brand because of its superior durability, construction, striking effect, and other incredible features. It is solely designed for Softball players ready to take their game to the next level using powerfully controlled swings.


Material Construction: Mizuno Craze Bat is a single-wall slowpitch bat made out of one of the best materials – Carbon Fiber. This 100% Black Array Carbon Fiber bat is engineered with Techfire technology to produce a single-wall that enhances durability further. Overall, it offers a simplistic design but reliable body construction, making it suitable for slowpitchers.

Design: Furthermore, the Craze bat has a lightweight, balanced body design for powerful swings. The high tech engineered body works hand-in-hand with a Digi-grip handle wrap to ensure a comfortable and natural grip.

Barrel Length: The bat has a 13-inch barrel with a maximized, robust sweet spot for consistency in hits and improved control. Likewise, there is an increase in swing speed, raising its performance by 16% more than usual.

Barrel Diameter: 2 ¼ inch

Warranty: None


Improved control and power

Increased performance and swing speed

Consistent hits

It comes with a 30% lighter end cap

Integrated with Techfire technology for more flex

Durable with incredible feel

Comfortable grip

Packed with more resins than usual

USSSA-, NSA-, ISA-approved


No warranty

Not approved for ASA play

Buying Guide Questions

Mizuno Craze seems like one with a lot of questions. See below for some frequently asked questions about this bat.

Is the Mizuno Craze Really High Tech?

If there is a feature that Mizuno guarantees in all its products, it must be the advanced technology incorporated into equipment like bats. Mizuno Craze, for example, is incredible because it comes with a Techfire technology that enhances quick responsiveness, good swing speed, and better control. It will always be a great choice for power hitters.

What Competition Does the Mizuno Craze Bat Have?

Generally, Mizuno competes with several brands in the sports industry – especially those known for making equipment peculiar with Softball and Baseball. Some of its competitions include Nike, Miken, etc. Nevertheless, every player would have a brand they trust to deliver the exact choice for them – Mizuno is always one of the top-rated choices.

Why is There More Resin on the Craze Bat?

Apart from the tech engineering, the Mizuno Craze Bat has another distinctive feature that makes it different from its rivals and even other models from the brand – Resin. It has more resin – about 5% more than other Mizuno models. The purpose of this addition is to ensure it is as comfortable and durable as ever.

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Mizuno Craze review has provided everything you need to know about this model of a bat from a top sports manufacturer. At this point, you decide whether you want an extraordinary bat for more powerful and controlled swings or not.