Mizuno Crush Review


The 2020 Mizuno Crush end-loaded USSSA slow pitch softball bat that’s a considerable option for power hitters staring for an end-loaded bat to maximize ball length and velocity. This bat is manufactured with the standard 2- and 1/4-inch Barrel Diameter and a 12-inch barrel length, and a two-piece formation.

This bat is designed with Black Onyx Carbon on its Triple Wall barrel for absurd stability, so you can confidently utilize this bat season after-season for numerous games. The thin Micro-WhipTM Grip on this bat gives exceptionally satisfied traction that averts slippage when bringing about hard swings. And with its 2-piece LINKTM Technology, this bat eradicates adverse vibrations and hand hurt upon touch. The cylinder folding technique of this bat further augments its tremendous responsiveness and strength. The Mizuno Crush also utilizes an Optimized End Cap for a vast sweet spot, and an adequate cracking sound when generating touch with the ball.

The 2020 Mizuno Crush end-loaded USSSA slow pitch softball bat is authorized for play in the NSA, USSSA, and ISA. It arrives with a full-year’s manufacturer’s warranty. This bat was proudly manufactured and built right here in the United States with all bounty materials.

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Excellent bat for power hitters glancing to maximize their strength with a best end-loaded bat to create monster hits.

It was designed with a standard 2- & 1/4-inch barrel diameter.

12-inch barrel length.

Two-piece build.

Employs trademarked LINK Technology to eradicate undesirable oscillations and hand sting.

Designed with a cylinder seaming method for extra responsiveness and vitality.

Optimized end cap for a bigger sweet spot and big sound upon the ball’s effect.

Integrates Mizuno’s Black Onyx Carbon for utmost year-over-year stability.

Its grip encompassed a thin Micro-WhipTM Grip for exceptional convenience and management at the plate.

Safeguarded by a one-year exclusive Manufacturer’s warranty.

Proudly manufactured, arranged, and built right here in the United States.

This bat employs a single wall barrel layout on one end, and on the other end, DeMarini’s symbol RCK knob for utmost hand support and satisfaction, staving off slippage even when creating the toughest hits. It shows a one-piece, 100% aluminium building, crafted out of DeMarini’s premium SC4 alloy for long lingering season-over-season stability, and incredible pop on contact.


It has an RCK knob for full aid and satisfaction.

It’s a one-piece design.

It has a 100% aluminium pattern.

Premium SC4 alloy.

Year-over-year durability.

N2M end-cap to decrease drag.

Ultra-thin grip.


Customers said it is expensive.


Can this bat be utilized in an ASA tournament?

The Mizuno Crush End Load USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP20CRSH is just USSSA authorized so it would not be permitted in ASA games.

How satisfactory is this Mizuno Crush? 

It is great out of the wrap. Appears good and feels good. For anyone glancing for an equal bat with some pop, Mizuno delivers a considerable choice.

How much weight on the end load? Or is this bat guaranteed to ratify the contraction test for ASA leagues?

 The end load weight is within the range of .5 ounces and 1 ounce. Unlucky we’re not given the precise weight. The warranty is for one year from the date of possession. This just pertains to a cracked barrel, loose end cap, and a lot more. It does not encompass reduction testing. Nonetheless, you should possess no issues with it passing your club’s ASA/USA testing as long as the bat is not modified in any way.