Nike Pro Hero Sports Bra Review


The Nike Pro Hero is the property of Nike’s maximum support line of sports bras and is always contemplated to be the flagship category in this series. That’s because this bra gives all of the important features modifiable clasps, hook-and-eye clasps, a conformational chest collar, satisfactory padding all for an inexpensive rate.

To start with, the Nike Pro Hero utilizes adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye grips so you can constantly modify and customize the fit of your bra. It furthermore gives top-of-the-line effect aid due to a high-quality chest strap that reduces bounce and gives a convenient and comfortable status of contraction.

In eras of satisfaction, this bra gives a unique enormous padded lining, which is a unique feature that several other Nike sports bras don’t encompass. With an entire mesh padding enabling the bra to extend and stay cool throughout exorbitant use and moisture-wicking material, this bra does not just feel comfortable on the skin but staves off the accumulation of extra perspiration. This is further supported by the Pro Hero’s breathable material.

Investing high aid during even the most severe workouts, Nike Pro Hero Bra utilizes moulded cups, modifiable clasps and exquisite soft substance to distribute incomparable satisfaction.

Moulded cups give assistance and a contraction fit enhances description. Ultra-soft Dri-FIT nylon fabric assists to keep you dry and relaxed. Ladled back with hook-and-eye clasp layout for easy on and off.

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A portion of Nike’s ultimate support line.

Deemed the flagship category of Nike’s ultimate assistance series.

Modifiable shoulder buckles.

Hook-and-eye clasps create modifying on the fly simple.

Fashion feeling suit.

Enterprise leading effect help.

It has a high-quality chest band to assist eradicate bounce.

Satisfied level of reduction that gives support without shoving too tight.

It has a full padded lining.

Huge mesh padding for additional stretch, and to save you cool.

Moisture and sweat-wicking material.

Staves off additional sweat and moisture from accumulating.

Unique breathable fabric that saves you cool.


Comprehensive impact backing.

The amply padded lining of the bra puts into the breathing of the bra.

Relatively priced.


Some buyers explained that the cups are too pointy.


What stimulated the design of this comfortable bra?

The design is energized by sport and traditional underclothes formation, as evidenced in the sleek, beautiful invention that masterfully encompasses several stretch properties for outstanding assistance. The cups engage both contraction and encapsulation fit and have been enlarged to permit a close fit. Validating wings broaden around the side of the cups below the arm for extra coverage, earning multi-directional activity more convenient. 

Is this bra modifiable?

The bra likewise outlines padded, flexible shoulder straps with migrated thickness to give excess comfort and a custom fit. It will be attainable in 20 sizes, ranging from 30C to 38E.

The product is masterminded to the body through creative and explicit materials that permit stretch and breathability.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

So, what should you be looking for before you buy? Sports bras are not as modest as one-style fits-all, your desires will alter massively founded on your size and what activity you’re performing.

High effect sports like running compel a strong level of support, but for yoga, barre and other lower effect workout, you can push for something lighter. If you’re massively busted, additional hold in the structure of underwired cups, thicker straps to seize pressure off your shoulders and flexible straps for a custom-made fit can be useful.

Are spot bras that important?

It’s the most crucial piece of kit in your wardrobe, but discovering the best sports bra can be as tough as a 7am home workout when you accidentally stayed up all night.

Your boobs can stride up to 14cm during workout if left baseless. A good bra helps the skin and ligaments in the breast staving off harm to these areas that can result in sagging. But it’s not only about convenience, the right purchase can furthermore enhance your performance by decreasing the action of the pectoral muscles up to sixty percent. This implies less fatigue and additional strength.


Altogether, the Nike Pro Hero sports bra gives athletes a satisfied, breathable, and corroboratory choice that arrives at a great value.

This bra is designed by Nike and it is unnecessary to explain how good Nike sports bras are. This bra is developed of nylon and spandex. The bra emerges more like your normal push-up bra but with all the benefits of a sports bra. Though the bra possesses a thin strap nonetheless, it provides an excellent fitting.