Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove Review


Softball players are always in constant demand for equipment or accessories that they sure think will help improve their game for the next season. Many times, you’ll find some of them checking out different blogs and websites for a new piece of information about the latest sportswear, gloves, bats, mitts, etc. It is a good way to show commitment towards getting better at this sport; however, finding valuable info on the right channels is consequential.

For instance, gloves are consequential to catchers, and only the best of the bests is right for any game. If you’ve ever got to the point where you don’t know what to go for out of a long list of available options, this guide will help you. Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove review will always remain a lifesaver – see below for more.

Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove


Stepping up your catching game is one of the few ways to become a better Softball player. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in slowpitch or fastpitch games; all you’ve got to do is get the ideal glove for the occasion. Even though there are differences between gloves for both game types, it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to invest in some top-rated glove brands.

Read up on differences between Fastpitch and Slowpitch Gloves here.

Nokona is the brand for elite players. It is one of the top manufacturers that make life easier for Softball players because of its high-quality accessories and equipment. For example, the X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove an interesting choice, as it offers one of the shortest break-in periods and excellent comfort you can ever get.


Construction: Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove is the ideal catcher’s mitt made of handmade brown leather material with integrated technology and webbing for an easy catch. This glove has a 12.50-inch pattern making it much comfortable and fitted for fastpitch games. Since it is constructed from Top-Grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leather, its durability is great and top-notch.

Security: The glove comes with a closed-back design packed with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap for a firm feel and great security. It even delivers a game-ready feel because of its short break-in period. Overall, it is an excellent choice for pitcher, infield, and outfield events.

Padding: For more comfort, Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Glove has a Nolera composite padding to support the hands, particularly the palm, when in contact with softballs.

Weight: 720 g

Warranty: 2 Years


Great to use at different positions

Ideal for various occasions

Gives you less time to change gloves

Durable and Lightweight material

Stretchy and Strong

Quick and Easy break-in

Secure fit

It comes with Nolera Composite padding and closed, basket web


Lacing problems exist

Quite expensive


How Do I Know Nokona X2 is a Fastpitch Glove?

Before you use a glove for a Softball game, you need to discover what type of game you are getting involved in – fastpitch or slowpitch. The discovery of the game type determines the accessory, rules, or equipment to use. A Fastpitch game, for instance, requires a fastpitch glove; however, ways to tell the difference from a slowpitch glove include the pocket depth and break-in period. Judging from the description, Nokona X2 Buckaroo Series has a good depth with a short break-in.

Can I Wear Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Glove to Practice?

As long as you are interested in softball, there are some things you cannot do without – whether an actual tournament or practice. One of those things is a glove to help you catch flyballs with ease. So, wearing the Buckaroo Series to practice seems like a sane thing to do.

Is the Nokona Buckaroo Series Safe?

Using a catcher’s mitt’s comfort and safety are reasons you cannot afford to go for anything less. Nokona Buckaroo Series has good padding with secure, adjustable straps to help hold it together during a game; hence, it is a safe choice.


What you would expect from a reliable source about the best Softball gloves is what this Nokona X2-V1250 Buckaroo Series Fastpitch Glove review has provided. If everything goes well, you should get better at playing Softball in no time.

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